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Sunday, 16 November 2014


Hi there gorgeous people and welcome once again for my final post of the day. 

I have recently been sent 4 products from the Pantene Pro-V Breakage Defence range which is clinically proven to deliver stronger hair with up to 97% less breakage. With damage protection technologies to prevent abrasion of the hair's surface layers. The range also contains a root to tip complex to neutralise damaging impurities that weaken the hair building up on the fibres over time and breaking the protein structure from the core to the surface. With daily brushing and styling we all need some protection for our hair.

With it's root to tip strength complex it helps to maintain the hair's structural integrity. This product can be used daily. Massage into wet hair to create a lather and rinse. I washed my hair with this product 2-3 times a week washing it twice every time as the first shampoo for me is to remove excess product and the second wash is to clean my scalp.

Designed for daily use this product helps prevent breakage mainly on the lengths of the hair. Apply to the length of the hair working your way up to the roots then rinse. I applied this 1-2 times a week. It felt strange at first to apply conditioner on my roots, but it did not make my roots greasy. My hair is not generally greasy though so I do not know if that would be the same for everyone.

This bi-weekly intensive treatment makes hair 10 times more resistant against breakage. Apply to damp hair from the tips massaging upwards. After 2 mins rinse thoroughly. I applied this once a week. It does feel like a more intense treatment than the regular conditioner, but again it did not feel greasy or heavy at my roots. As you need to only leave it in for 2 mins it's brilliant as it works so quickly to smooth and protect the hair fibres.

A leave in treatment for extra strength against breakage and up to 40% more fullness. With Vitamin B3 and Pro-Vitamin B5 that deeply penetrate the hair. To be used daily to massage into the root before styling to prevent against damage. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Dries instantly and will not weigh the hair down. Spray 15 pumps to the roots from the ear line up and massage in with fingertips. I have tried using this on dry hair when not washing it, but it just makes the hair wet. I don't want to have to blow dry it on days when I'm not washing it so I only use this product after washing my hair and before blow drying. It works really well this way to give substance to the hair. It feels stronger and more plumped giving the hair density and fullness.

Overall I really like all of these products. The daily use shampoo and conditioner leave my hair feeling clean, strong and smooth. The intensive conditioner is a great boost for extra nourishment. The tonic feels like it gives my hair substance and protection perfect for blow drying, styling and brushing. It has the added bonus of a volumising effect also. All of the products smell wonderful too. My hair I would say has been less prone to breakage. My natural amount of fall out has been the same.

I have linked to Superdrug for all of these products as they are currently at a reduced price. So to protect your hair from root to tip I suggest you check out this range now!

Let me know your favourites from the Pantene Pro-V Breakage Defence range with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi lovelies. I am back to stop you frowning and I mean literally. I have been testing out a product recently to combat those frown lines that tend to appear with age due to our facial expressions.


Apply to cleansed skin. If moisturising before applying the patch ensure the moisturiser is fully absorbed into the skin. Peel the patch from the backing paper and smoothly apply to the centre of the forehead just above the eyebrows so that the diamond shape fits perfectly above them. Wear for a few hours or for the best results overnight on consectutive days. Peel off gently and discard the patch.

Each box comes with 30 hypoallergenic patches that are free of all natural latex and rubber. The patches come in pairs which are easily pulled apart. The box is a simple design with a rose gold top. I kept mine in a cupboard with the box lying flat, but I imagine you may find them to fall out of the box if travelling.

These were easy to use. I popped mine on at night before bed ensuring not to frown on application so that they could work well and smooth out the forehead nicely. The patches are clear in appearance and very comfortable. I did not feel restricted or uncomfortable wearing them and even forgot one morning until I washed my face in the shower that I still had it on.

So did they work?

I have to say yes they did. My lines have not dissappeared, but are definitely less obvious and that area of my forehead is much more smoothed out. The restriction of movement on the forehead is what re-educates the skin in that area. It's a muscle memory effect that relaxes and smooths out the skin. I have used these for 19 days so far and I am very happy that such a simple product can have such an effect.

My only regret is that because my frown lines extend at the sides further than the patch I would prefer them to be wider.

These patches can be used in conjunction with botox or alone. They are not recommended for use on acne or open wounds.


Are these patches something you think you would add to your beauty routine? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx



Hey sweets. Happy Sunday to you all. Where did this week go? I have no idea. 

I have recently been sent some nail polishes to try that are free from Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutylphthalate (DBP), Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin. Perfect for cruelty free and vegan friendly beauty lovers. HJ MANICURE has been created by model/session manicurist Helen J. 

So what do these products promise? A glossy, professional formula that is fast drying, highly pigmented and long lasting with a smooth application while reinforcing and protecting the natural nail. 

There are 4 collections aptly named HOLIDAY, CLASSIC, HJ SIGNATURE & NUDE. In the core range there are 16 vivid colours as well as 4 new shades and a Dual Top & Base coat.


Coco is described as a brown/pink shade. I would say it's a brown based nude with a pink undertone. It looks a deeper shade than the camera was picking up here, but not as dark as shown on the HJ website linked above. This is a great everyday shade for any occasion. Very wearable.

Midnight Sky is from the A/W Shimmer Collection. This is the signature navy blue shade at HJ MANICURE. It is a gorgeous deep blue with a fantastic, glossy shimmer.

I applied both of these shades at the same time to alternate nails for an effective contrast of subtle and deep shimmer.

It's advised to apply the Dual Top & Base coat first, followed by two coats of your chosen shade and finally the dual product once again. I did not have this dual HJ product so instead I used my own dual top and base coat.

These are very opaque and pigmented polishes that apply easily with a not too thick brush that covers the nails beds with the perfect amount of product. They both have a lovely finish. The shade Midnight Sky was a lot more glossy because of the shimmer effect. They did dry very quickly with a smooth application. I like the fuss free packaging that looks polished in itself and would sit well on display in any nail polish collection.

My only negative is that they did not last more than 2 days for me before chipping. I can not say if the HJ MANICURE Top & Base coat or another such like product would have kept the polish on for longer, but I have had other polishes last longer using my own dual top & base coat.

Let me know your favourite shades from the HJ MANICURE COLLECTION in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

Sunday, 9 November 2014


Hi lovelies it's good to know you are here. I have an exciting post for you today featuring great fashion, accessory and beauty brands that are new to me. I went to day 1 of the Bloggers Love Hub on Monday at the Mahiki club. I not only met great brands, but also bloggers and vloggers too.

I met on the left the lovely Helen (aka Melon Lady Baby) who vlogs, blogs and sings her heart out. On the right is the fabulous Leanne Lim-Walker who also has many talents including fashion photography, marketing and PR management as well as blogging and her YouTube channel.

I have been following these ladies on their social media for such a long time as they really know how to engage with their audience and of course have a great sense of style. So if you are not already following them (tut tut) click on the links above. You won't regret it!

The Blogger Programme that Helen and Leanne were there representing are a platform to connect bloggers and brands. It's free to sign up and promote your blog. There are many opportunities to work with brands, plus competitions and job opportunities as well as getting to know other bloggers.

Steam Chains Jewellery have a great line of upcycled and unique chains and pendants put together from old watch parts, trinkets, charms, coins and treasures. There is also the option to personalise your piece whether you want something special for yourself or as a gift.

Ndulge are a natural organic brand that specialise in soothing remedies for problematic and sensitive skin concerns. With both scented and unscented items in their range of handmade soaps, bath and skincare products as well as candles to add to the Ndulge-ent atmosphere we all want to create when pampering ourselves. Ndulge want to help relieve your stress invigorating your mind, body and soul with their cleansing, soothing and moisturising remedies.

D-Jewelsus have a very different style of jewellery than any I have seen on the market recently. Their geometric and 3D pieces are very cool, but the piece that stood out the most for me was the shimmery collar above with framed sections of soft mohair. I love that each side of the collar is different in shape and size. The light catches it brilliantly. There was also a studded version of this which I had my eye on.

Charcoal-Spa have a streamlined collection of products all made from charcoal. Why may you ask? Charcoal has detoxifying properties. Ancient Egyptians used it to keep wounds clean. There are 3 key items within this range including the detoxifying salt scrub, the detoxifying face mask and the charcoal soap. You can also purchase the detoxifying candle to cleanse the impurities from your environment whether at home or work. It does sound like 'Black really hits the spot'!

GlowBeads are a fascinating jewellery collection of handmade bracelets and necklaces that come in a rainbow of colours. They look very subtle in the natural light, but when flashed with light they glow amazingly as shown above. There are also items such as keyrings, home decorations and children's pieces available. I was very kindly gifted with a bracelet that I will be featuring on my blog soon so keep an eye out for that.

Madame La La are a new tanning range to me. I am told that this lightweight self tan mousse is very hydrating with anti-ageing properties. It comes in two shades of the regular Madame La La Tan for a deep golden colour and a light version for a subtle glow. Both develop within 3 hours and last for 10 days as if you have spent 2 weeks on a Malibu beach. It's innovative colour customising technology adapts to your natural skin tone. I am told that there will be a new and exciting product being added to this range so keep a look out for that. I was gifted with the light version of this so lets hope it works well.

Cheeky Poppins have the answer to your customising needs. Want to adorn your accessories, clothes or hair with items that are cute, dazzling or bright? You also want to be able to customise without commitment swapping your customising items around depending on your mood? Perfect! Check out Cheeky Poppins who have adornments to flatter your personality and make a feature of your chosen pieces. I was gifted with the Mary 2 Shoe Clips that I love :)

Made Of Carpet have a range of bags that would have Mary Poppins herself jealous of. The Voyage Elite and Express bags above were my faves. I prefer the square designs for a more modern take on the Mary Poppins trend. The bags are lined so protected from wet weather.

You guys can use this code for a massive 25% discount! ROCKERS

LinmiR create bespoke millinery including turbans, hats, fascinators, couture and bridal pieces. I was asked to choose a piece that I liked so that it can be made for me. I am very excited as the headband I chose can also be worn as a belt or necklace.

At the blogging cafe I met some lovely bloggers including Naddy from jewellery and accessory line Stella & Dot. We had fun chatting about of course blogging while taking Selfies with the instax camera.

In my Bloggers Love gift bag that I collected at the cafe I also received the Vita liberata NKD SKN matte wash off instant tan in medium as well as their tanning mitt.

Catwalk time. These were my favourite pieces from the Eva Cammarata show.

Eva Cammarata are an ethical luxury label produced in the UK and Italy using organic and biotech fibre. Combining traditional techniques with digital manipulation to create interesting prints and innovative knitwear.

Emily Darcy Adams was lovely to meet at the event giving photography advice to those wanting to have a better understanding of how to create the best images for their blog. Emily will hopefully be putting together a workshop for those keen to learn while trying out techniques with other bloggers.

Let me know your favourite brands and pieces from this post in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi once again loves. I have a mini review of an eau de toilette that I have finally used up and thoroughly enjoyed. It was a Xmas gift a couple of years ago that I have been using at work.

This scent I would say is woody and a little masculine, but with added powdery floral hints for feminine flair. It contains rose which is unusual for me to enjoy so it must be pretty great. It's quite sexy and although it lingers I would not say it's the heaviest fragrance I have worn. 

This capsule style bottle is transparent in the red section so that you can see how much product is left. The button to dispense the fragrance is at the top on the back. I found that holding the bottle with one hand and pressing down on the button with my other thumb was the easiest way to use it as the button takes bit of pressure to work.

I have linked to Amazon where you can purchase this 100ml bottle at a very affordable price.

Let me know your favourite scents with reasons why in the comments below as I may just add them to my Xmas wish list :)

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Howdy people. How are you all on this fine Sunday? I have a product review for you this afternoon of a bargain skincare product.

I picked up this 500ml body lotion in the 99p Store. It has lasted me for ages and so it is definitely worth the 99p I paid for it. It contains natural essential oils and moisturises well. My only bug bear with it is that it is one of those that you really have to work into the skin and wait for it to dry. Once sunk in though skin feels soft and supple. It has a creamy baby soft scent perfect for those not wanting an obvious perfumed smell.

Let me know your pound shop bargains in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

Sunday, 2 November 2014


Hi sweeties. My final post for today is all about the fashion once again. Fancy winning 2 tickets to this year's British Fashion Awards?

Simply vote for which of these individuals you think deserves The British Style Award. It should be the one who most embodies the spirit of British fashion and is an international ambassador for London as a leading creative fashion capital.


Let me know who you voted for in the comments below. I chose Cara which may be an obvious choice, but she is the first that springs to mind when it comes to the face of British Style for me.

Image not my own.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi lovelies I have another bargain post for you today, but this time we're talking new affordable make-up on the high street from one of my favourite bargain stores POUNDLAND.

With each item in the 100 strong range costing just £1 there are an array of products that I am dying to check out including:

Long lasting foundation with UVA/UVB filters

Volumising and lengthening mascara with conditioning formula

Quick dry nail polish

Sheer lip gloss with moisturiser

Pressed powder with Vitamin E

as well as concealer, eye make-up and lipstick.

Initially the range is being rolled out in 480 stores so check out this link to find the nearest for you.

If you have already managed to pick up some items let me know what you chose and your thoughts in the comments below.

Image not my own.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi lovelies. How are you all doing? I hope you are not stuck out in this awful rain. 

With Bonfire Night approaching this Wednesday I thought it would be a good idea to put together my perfect 'Outfit Of The Night' from BOOHOO. They currently have a 15% discount code on everything which ends at midnight so check out my picks below :)

I love the effortless style of this coat. I used to have one like this in blue in my teen/grunge days. It's perfect for everyday and because it's not bright yet still has colour it's a great mix and match piece. The hoodie is great if you are not up for wearing a hat or carrying a brolly and the large pockets mean you don't need a bag.

Picking up from the grey tones in the coat with the same sort of marl effect this is a perfect accompaniment.

These basics will keep you warm throughout the A/W season.

I love the faux fur detail for snuggly warm ankles. No sinking in the mud on bonfire night with these beauties.

Lost your gloves from last year or found that they are a bit bobbly? These bargain £1 gloves are a one size fits all style that will go with any outfit and can be rolled up for easy storage in your pocket or handbag.

I think this will pick up the pink/red tones in the coat well and what a gorgeous scarf for the season.

This does come in a neon yellow shade, but I wanted the scarf to be the accessory that stood out and go with black basics for the hat and gloves.

So that's my Bonfire Night styling.

Let me know your picks for Bonfire Night outfits and the bargains you picked up in the BOOHOO SALE CODE ENJOY with 15% off EVERYTHING UNTIL MIDNIGHT so go, go, go!!

Images not my own.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

Sunday, 26 October 2014


Hi you beauties. In my final post for today I want to share with you a favourite skincare brand of mine that are doing their bit to support breast cancer care this October.

10% of all sales from the already best-selling ROSE OTTO COLLECTION at BALANCE ME will be going towards the 'Moving Forward' Breast Cancer Care Programme which you can find more information about here.

The direct link to the Breast Cancer Care website is here.

For my thoughts on the ROSE OTTO HAND CREAM click here.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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