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Friday, 12 September 2014


Hi lovelies. I have one post left to share with you today. This time a skincare review.

Use to remove dirt and make-up including waterproof mascara. Leaves skin cleansed, toned and hydrated. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

These were really good at removing dirt and make-up. My skin did feel cleansed and hydrated after use. The quality of these wipes are quite thick yet very malleable. I don't generally use waterproof mascara so I could not say how it would work for that. These had a lovely scent too.

For all skin types to cleanse, remove make-up and refresh the skin in one step.

These wipes worked just as well for me removing dirt and make-up thoroughly. They are very hydrating, cleansing and perhaps more refreshing. They have a real 'pick me up' scent. They are the same great quality as the wipes above.

To see my face wipe review for sensitive skin types from Nivea click here where there is also a further link to the refreshing and fragrance free wipes.

To purchase the Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes see here and for the Pure & Natural Refreshing Cleansing Wipes see here.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know your Nivea favourites with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi everyone. I have another make-up item that was sent to me to review for you which I absolutely love.

Claiming to be the secret to healthy-looking, flawless skin. With light reflecting particles for a gorgeous, healthy glow. Offering a medium coverage while evening out skin tone and correcting imperfections. Skincare benefits include a hydrating formula to replenish the skin's natural moisture balance. The result is a luminous skin finish creating a 'lit from within glow'.

The coverage of this foundation I would say is medium/full as it's easily very buildable. I used my fingers to apply it without any patchiness. The result was a flawless finish without the need to apply as much concealer as I usually do. 

It does not feel heavy on the skin for this type of coverage and lasts really well throughout the day. It did not cake up on my dry areas, but there was a a very slight fade of product on my chin at the end of the day. Hardly noticeable to be honest though. 

The finish of this foundation I would certainly describe as flawless. It does look more natural on the skin than others that give this kind of coverage. More healthy, but not obviously luminous or highlighted. If a dewy foundation is what you are after this probably isn't for you. 

I do love the swirled look of the foundation (see above photo) as you can see how much you have left in the tube which is great. The pump works really well dispensing an easy to control amount of product. The pump part of the tube does look and feel a little cheap and plasticy, but as this would not affect how the product works this would not put me off purchasing it.

I would recommend this foundation for all skin types as I think it would last well on oily skin and not cling to dry areas. 

The shade warm almond was a little dark for me, but surprisingly not as much as I thought and instead gave me a healthy look. I would pick up the shade Light Ivory in the future I think. This foundation comes in 6 shades which is a shame as I am sure more people would try this foundation if there were more hues. 

Currently at a reduced price HERE!

I hope you found this review helpful. Let me know your favourite Max Factor foundations in the comments below with reasons why.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi there you beauties. Happy Friday to you all. I hope you are all smiling for the weekend :) I have been playing with make-up all week so I already have a smile on my face. I was sent an eyeliner to review for you and here it is.

Designed for precision and ease of use with a super stay formula to create eyeliner looks to suit your style.

I have been using this eyeliner pretty much every day this week and let me tell you from the first time using it I was surprised at how much it excited me. 

I have been using eyeliner felt pens for quite some time, but this eyeliner made application so easy. The pen is a perfect size to hold between fingers. It really did feel like I could just swoop it along my lash line without any mistakes.

Quick tip: Rest your pinkie finger on your cheek for a steady hand to apply eyeliner!

It is very precise and although quite black when I tested it on my hand at first it does not look as black on my eyes.

The tapered nib of the pen has bent just a little at the end (see middle photo) after using it a few times so that's a bit frustrating, but I have still managed to create the above line with it today.

This is super long lasting liner as I applied it in the week for work at about 6am and removed it around 7pm most days. It still looked perfect without any smudging, fading or patchiness.

This product also comes in shades of Blue Velvet and Twilight Purple. Perfect for Halloween eyes if you want a dramatic look.

Have you tried any NV COLOUR COSMETICS products yet? If yes, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also tell me your wish list products if they are a new brand to you.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Hey for the last time today! I haven't shopped in Mango for ages so I had a look over their website and wanted to share my favourite pieces with you.

A bang on trend shape with lace detailing and adjustable straps. Also available in strawberry.

With snap button fastenings and the option of rolling the sleeves up or down this is a very versatile piece that will also be great for layering in the A/W seasons.

Features a zip back fastening and inner lining. Perfect when worn casually as above or dressed up for the evening.

This flattering v-neck knit would suit most body shapes and comes in 5 shades. My favourites are forest green (above), black and dark grey. Also great for layering over leggings on colder days.

Have you picked up any bargains in Mango lately? Let me know in the comments below.

Images not my own.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi sweeties. I have two product reviews rolled into one post here so I hope you enjoy :)

My Mum gave me this sample and I finally got around to using it. The aim of this product is to exfoliate, polish and smooth out the complexion, while also removing dirt and oil for a clean feeling.

In the shower I massaged this into my wet face twice a week. Now I have to say that had this not been given to me I wouldn't have picked it up. I am not a fan of the Burt's Bees products I have tried so far because of the scent. This product was no exception, but I will say it did work. The scent I only noticed on application so I persevered and I was pleasantly surprised. My skin felt so clean and renewed. Definitely smooth and polished. This is currently at a reduced price on the Feelunique website linked above.

I think I picked this up in the 99p Store. I am such a fan of Impulse body fragrances as they are compact, but last for ages. There is such a wide selection of scents for every mood. The click and twist lid is perfect for travel and they are so affordable. This scent is amazing and I would certainly buy it again. It's fruity, soft, floral and woody all at the same time. A perfectly uplifting and calming scent that makes me feel balanced, clean and fresh. This is currently 98p from Superdrug linked above.

I would love to know your favourite face scrubs and body fragrances in the comments below with reasons why.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi once again today my loves. I have another review for you, but this time of a make-up product from a brand that I met at the BLOGGERS LOVE #LFW PARTY IN FEBRUARY 2014.

As you can hopefully see in the photo the brush tip on this wand is flat on one side and curved on the other. The end is very flexible which I did not find to be a pro or a con in application. The product tube is a deep purple, but the mascara I have here is black. I do believe it also comes in the shade prune. I really like using mascara wands with plastic bristles as I think they usually give a much more defined, fanned out effect. This mascara did exactly that, separating each and every lash which would instantly give a very natural look. I however prefer a more voluminous eye look so I did apply many, many layers. It did not clump the lashes together and instead gave a full and defined beautiful lash effect. The only bad thing I can possibly say about this product is that because I prefer volume and separation it took more time to apply than perhaps other mascaras I have tried. 

This particular mascara I have seen on Ebay, but the newly revamped and improved version that is part of The ONE range you can now find here.

Oriflame is definitely a brand I will keep my eye on as they had other gorgeous products at the event mentioned above. 

Let me know your favourite mascaras with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hey lovelies Happy Sunday! Where did this week go huh? I have two Vaseline body moisturisers to review for you.

I received this product in my FEBRUARY 2014 BACK TO BASICS GLOSSYBOX where you can find product information and my first impressions. This I would describe as a very neutral body lotion and by that I mean I don't think that anyone would find it unusable. The scent is very creamy like a baby skincare product. I love that type of smell. As a moisturiser it worked really well leaving my skin soft, smooth and feeling nourished. I hate applying body moisturisers usually because I don't like that tacky feeling waiting for it to sink before I can get dressed. This lotion however has a non-greasy formula that absorbed into the skin very quickly. This is currently reduced at Boots.

I received this product in my MAY 2014 SUMMER BEAUTY EDIT WITH SUPERDRUG GLOSSYBOX where you can also see my first impressions and product information. This also absorbs into the skin so quickly and is easy to spray on those hard to reach areas. The click and twist top means the product is secure and no lost lids. This really is a non-greasy non-sticky product. The scent is absolutely lush. I really enjoyed moisturising my body with this as it was fast, reliable and gorgeous. This would be my favourite of these two products purely for the reasons just mentioned. This is also currently reduced at Boots.

These both leave the skin moisturised, hydrated, nourished, soft and smooth. It just depends on which product application is your preference.

Let me know your favourite body moisturising products with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

Saturday, 6 September 2014


Hey everyone and welcome. I have a photo filled post for you today as I attended a very exciting event on Tuesday evening at The Penthouse, Leicester Square. The gorgeous Danielle from Bloggers Love organised Bloggers Fashion Week which was held over three days and I attended day 1. I met so many great fashion brands and lovely bloggers too.

DJ Sarah Giggle always looks amazing. I so want her headphones.

Cool urban jewellery plus Gail has beautiful batik fashion designs and Carrie Bradshaw inspired skirts. Such a great mix of street and vintage items.

Each piece is individual featuring unique illustrations from fashion designer Maria-Katharina Richters. Very cool and playful designs that have already been a hit at festivals.

Stunning pieces to add glamour to any femme fatale.

I love Major London 05. They have such a great range with pieces that are so wearable yet will give impact. Street style at it's best.

Amazing hand crafted couture chick feather accessories.

Another brand I met previously. The CityRack has a great range of current on trend fashion. I love the 90's inspired cami dress with mesh detailing.

There were so many people crowded around this line and I could see why. The SCARLETT JUMPER DRESS looked great on. You can take a better look here at the MADDY TWO PIECE. Verity Anne Handmade Clothing is also available at ASOS MARKETPLACE.

Fantastic quality celebrity inspired hair extensions and add on pieces such as ponytails, headbands and buns as well as pieces for a volume boost.

Ruby Soho have a fantastic range of print pieces as well as bags. This was my favourite item on the night though.


Other brands on the night that I spoke with were ELLIE AIR JEWELLERY with a beautiful collection of handcrafted minimal jewellery. My favourite piece there was the ombre design FULL TWIST RING.

VINS BOUTIQUE have some beautifully crafted jewellery pieces and more statement fashion items.

LEIGHTON DENNY were also there. I love their nail polish packaging and they have some fabulous shades within their range.

RUSH were gifting bloggers with products from their hair selection so I am excited to try those out. I spoke with lovely girls from their team.

DIDI'S BOUTIQUE featured in the catwalk show. DIDI'S GUN METAL CHAIN NECKLACE really caught my eye as shown above.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know your favourite brands and pieces in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

Friday, 29 August 2014


Hey everyone. I'm back with another post today of a PRIMARK haul. I haven't been shopping in what seems like forever. My last haul was in April I believe as I won a voucher. If only money really did grow on trees. Oh well enough rambling so here are my goodies.


With A/W season winging it's way and me travelling to work by bus these are perfect to stop me hopefully slipping over in the rain and snow when running for my buses.


Now these may not look too exciting, but trust me these are perfect for ladies like me who are shall we say well endowed on top and fear buttons popping on regular fit shirts. Primark bring these type of shirts back in time and time again and I will always by them. I usually wear a bodycon vest or top underneath as they are very see through. The sleeves can be rolled up or down. These ones are very long on me this time. Say about calf length at the longest point as they have a dipped hem so I could even put a bodycon dress underneath. I usually wear a size 10 in most items. These are very oversized so I bought them in a size 6 except the navy which is an 8 as there were no size 6 left in that shade.


I already have this in black and love it. So simple and a great transition piece between seasons. Very 90's inspired too. I have this in a size 8. I have mine left open as a long cardi, but judge the size for yourself if you prefer it done up as above. This is calf length on me.


Sometimes i find that I am in between size 5 and 6 in Primark flats. These however fit me perfectly in a size 5 my usual size as are the lace up shoes too. These will mainly be for work, but will work with skinny jeans too.


These are the perfect oversized, but not too oversized tops to pair with pretty much anything. They have a dipped hem at the back. The length is crutch/under the bum length. I think I will have to be careful with the zips on these though as they keep catching on the material. The quality of the material is great. Like something you would see in Zara. I bought these in size xs.


As a cheaper alternative to the above zip tops you could go for these although the material is thinner and they look a bit less quality, but they are still soft and great for layering in A/W. They are v-neck front and back with a lower v at the front. I got these in a size 10 and now think I should have got sizes 8 or even 6. I can't be bothered to exchange them though for the price so I will tuck them into high waisted items instead.

I hope you have enjoyed this haul. let me know your Primark bargains in the comments below in case I missed something ;)

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi gorgeous people. It's Friday so let us take a moment to say hooray for the weekend. Okay so mad moment over I will now move on to my review.

Product information:

An anti-oxidant and super plumping BB cream to firm and smooth away imperfections, address uneven skin tone, provide skin with a flawless, luminous finish and protect against the visible signs of ageing thanks to the natural titanium dioxide-based sun filter. 

It works to prime, moisturise and protect with SPF and deeply hydrate. A lightweight super silky cream for even sensitive skin types to brighten and condition. 

Contains a signature blend of essential oils for intense hydration and 100% hyaluronic acid for super plumping and resurfacing of the skin. Natural oils are included to really nourish and enhance the skin. 

This product does not have a whitening effect just a warming mineral based tint for a beautiful glow and light coverage to highlight. Designed for a wide range of skin tones. Also contains redness reducing ingredients.

My thoughts:

Okay so let me start by saying that I do like this product and am still using it as my current everyday make-up base, but I am going to be honest and say that I don't feel all of the above happened for me.

I found no plumping, firming or smoothing effect. By this I mean my skin still very much showed through as the tint of this product is so light to me it is more of a hydrating primer and moisturiser. The coverage would be great for someone who has great skin and just wants a healthy glow as in a skin highlight not a tan glow. I had to use more concealer than usual as I have uneven skin and blemishes. Therefore I can not say that this product gives a flawless finish, but it is luminising.

It is super lightweight on the skin and easy to apply with fingers as I did. I like the SPF factor and the scent is amazing. Very cleansing and relaxing. I love inhaling it every time I apply it to my skin.

Because of the hydrating feel I would say it is conditioning and due to the glow it is brightening. I usually have some redness on my cheeks, but I wouldn't say it was reduced by this product. Therefore if you have really obvious blemishes this product really isn't for you unless you are going to use it solely as a primer.

So in conclusion I do enjoy using this product due to the priming, moisturising, hydrating, highlighting effects and the lightweight feel. Plus it's an easy product to apply every day. SPF is included so that's always a winner for me. The scent relaxes me and prepares me for the day.

The downside is that it didn't plump, firm or smooth my skin. It took more work with concealer for the coverage I like, but it does claim to be a highlighting tint product and not a medium/full coverage product. Although a flawless finish is also claimed.

Let me know if you have tried this product with your thoughts on how it works for you and your skin type in the comments below.

Also balance me are currently holding their 'Beauty Voyage' competition until the end of August. Whether you off on holiday adventures or on a stay-cation as I am this week they want pictures of your favourite balance me products on your travels. Simply tag with either #balancemeaway or #balancemehome depending where you are. Then share it on @balancemebeauty Twitter and Facebook. The best pics each week will win some balance me prizes.

Good luck to those who enter!

 This was a pr sample sent to me for promotion and review purposes, but all opinions of this product are my own.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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