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Hello my Beauty Addicts. It's Friday so let's all have a smile on our faces :) Last week I mentioned that I had been sent quite a few products from Touch Media PR to review so I thought that I would combine a lot of them in a FOTD post to see how they work. They are all from StarGazer.

Left To Right: Eye Dust (45), Liquid Eye Liner (Red), Mascara (Red), Semi Permanent Lip Liner Pen (03) & Gel Glitter (Glitter Red)

This Eye Dust is so pretty, but as with all pigments open and close this on top of a towel or a tissue as the pigment does tend to travel, especially if you are clumsy like me and always knocking things over. I was tempted to try this on my eyes, but I swatched it on my hand before using and realised that the glitter particles in it seemed to separate from the powder so I thought I would try it as a blush instead. I used only the tiniest amount from the lid of the product as this is so intense. It gave a china doll/doll effect to my cheeks. This is a great pigment for just £3.00, Link. I think the glitter particles may pick up better if used on the eye with and eye primer/base. I will have to try that out. This looks very red in the pot, but it showed up as a very hot pink on my cheeks.

Now on to the Liquid Eye Liner. Let me just say that this product is amazeballs. I love it so much. Without fail I can say here and now that I want this in every colour they do and I hope StarGazer bring out more. The formula of this product is like a gel. The brush itself is fairly thick, but I was able to still create a thin line that I thickened more on the wing when applying this look. I wanted this colour to really show up which is why I applied it against a white eye shadow. I did not apply this all the way into the inner part of my eyes. I started about two thirds in and winged it out at the ends. I think this is quite a vampy shade that would have been great at Halloween, but I would wear this at any time of year. I only applied this to the top lash line so that I did not look like that bad morning after a good night, ha ha ;) I think this is so easy to use. I would even recommend this product to someone who is not too familiar with liquid eye liner. Of course you need a fairly steady hand, but because of the gel-like formula it just seems to glide on easier than other liquid eye liners. It does not dry or crack or drag product back off the eye if you go over the same area. Well done StarGazer. This product is an amazing £3.00, Link

Right so let me talk about the Mascara. From my experience of using coloured mascaras they don't usually show up that well unless perhaps the sunlight catches them. I tend to use a black mascara under them first and go over the tips with the coloured one. In this FOTD I used the Red Mascara on it's own on my bottom lashes and the Red Mascara over the top of my black mascara on my top lashes to see the difference. I found that the mascara did actually show up pretty well without the black underneath. My top lashes look a bit clumpy as I tend to get liquid liner on my top lashes when I apply it which makes them go like this. I did try to get it off before applying my mascara. The Red Mascara was a bit gloopy, but it's not the worst mascara I have ever tried. I think it's a bit of fun and for a product that I won't use every day due to the shade I don't think it's bad for £3.00, Link. I would like to see if it would show up better on top of a white mascara, but I don't have one. Perhaps that is something that StarGazer could bring out in the range or make each mascara as a duo with a white mascara at one end and the colour at the other?

So now it's time to talk about the Semi Permanent Lip Liner Pen. This product has been used by Jessica Wright from TOWIE. You can use this product to line the lips or fill in the entire lip. I have had this on for a couple of hours now and had a a coffee. When I kiss my hand there is absolutely no transfer, but some of the product has worn away in the centre of my lips. I think this is a great date night shade, but you will need to reapply it after about two hours, especially when eating and drinking. I would still recommend it though and other shades this comes in look fab. On the StarGazer website shade 04 looks quite natural and nude so that would probably be a better shade to go for if you don't want the fading of product to be as obvious or to reapply as often. This did look a bit streaky when I applied it, but with a gloss this is not noticeable. The tip is sturdy, but not hard. I still like this product and will probably wear it to my Xmas night out with work colleagues tomorrow. I applied a lip balm before applying any of my make-up as I get dry lips. I thought this might be a very drying product, but it's fine on my lips so far. You can buy this for £4.00, Link

I wasn't quite sure where I was meant to use the Glitter Gel, but I thought it might look quite nice over the top of the Lip Liner to make the lips look more pouty. It can be used on the face and body according to the StarGazer website. It turned my lips into a more vibrant shade of red. I think this shade is great for lips at this time of year. I applied this to my hand and then used a lip brush for this as it is a squeezy tube product with a very small nozzle so it might not be so easy to use on the go. It did wake up my lips though giving them a little seasonal sparkle. This product is £3.00, Link.

So here are some FOTD photos without the Eye Dust on the cheeks or the Gel Glitter on the lips ....

Now with the Eye Dust as a blush and Gel Glitter on the lips ....

So that's all the products. I hope you enjoyed the reviews. All of the StarGazer products mentioned above were sent to me for free to review. The other products used in this FOTD are:

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum SPF 15 (Light Ivory 40)

Natural Collection CoverUp Cream (Light)

E.L.F. Studio High Definition Powder (Clear)

StarGazer Bronzer (Bronceador)*

NYX White Eyesahdow From The Caribbean Collection Palette

17 Clear Definition Mascara

Blink + Go Long Lasting Black Mascara

*This product I was sent for free previously to review.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on them? Any favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


  1. Love the sound of the lip liner pen and the glitter gel, I haven't bought anything from Stargazer for ages, I may have to pick them up!

    1. Glad this review helped you find something you like :)

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    1. I am glad to let people know about the best deals I can find :)

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