Shopcade & Asos Blogger Competition!

Hey there beautiful people. How are you today? I am so sad that the weekend is almost over, but I guess we all are. Today I have a post for you about the website Shopcade. So what exactly is Shopcade?

Shopcade is a personal shopping app. You can search for items within the website and purchase them there and then or add them to your personalised wish lists for later. I think these lists would be really handy when gift shopping, especially around Xmas time as I would make one for each person that I buy for and add present ideas to their list. I can't count the number of times I have found an item on a website and forgotten where I found it and never bought it when I had the money becuase of this.

You can also install a Shopcade Add button to your bookmarks bar easily so that when you shop on a website you just click the button and it adds it to your Shopcade lists. You can make these lists as detailed as you would like. It's really up to you.

When items you have chosen are reduced in price Shopcade will send you an alert. Shopcade also give rewards of gift cards and free products. Now that sounds good to me.

Shopcade is free to sign up. You can do this online via Facebook, Twitter or email. You can sign in with Facebook on the mobile phone app.

So here is what the Shopcade trending page looks like. There are tags on the top left for easy searching. When you hover over the photos displayed there are WANT, TAG & SHOP NOW options. WANT means you can add the item to your want lists/wish lists. TAG to alert someone about the product/deal via Facebook, Twitter or email. SHOP NOW takes you to the website to purchase the item. There is also information displayed about what the product is, where it's from and the price.

This is the Your Feed page that shows the latest products, deals and rewards based on the brands, categories, people and friends you follow. This way it is tailored to you.

This is the page called Your Shopcade. It shows all of your lists with items added. As you can see I have already started adding my wants :) You can add a little bio about yourself and edit the theme when you collect points which is why I now have a spotty background. I have collected quite a few points already just from visiting the site, searching for items and adding them to my want lists.

You can discover brands to follow by using the A-Z listings and simply clicking follow. You can also type the brand name into the search bar to find them. There are categories to search by like fashion, travel, media etc. 

There is a Trendsetters page where can follow bloggers, influencers and style leaders. You can get in touch with Shopcade if you are a blogger so go for it of you are.

This is the rewards page so you can get an idea of the great rewards on offer.

This is the deals page with categories for easier searching options. The search bar is at the top of the screen if you prefer.

You can add products by copying and pasting the product link from a website you are shopping on using the Add button on the Shopcade website or from your bookmarks bar once you have installed the button. You can add lists to Your Shopcade page at any time using the Add button on the Shopcade website too.

Notifications will pop up in your Activity from time to time. This is in the envelope at the top of the screen. 

You can see your name and points displayed next to the envelope when you log in. There is a drop down menu where you can find friends, view your points and your settings. 

There is an option to install a widget to your website or blog too. I have already done this. It's very simple. You just choose how you want products to be displayed on your site and copy and paste the code. When someone clicks on something through your site you earn commission. You are alerted via email when you earn. The funds go into your Shopcade account and then you transfer the money into your PayPal account simple. As a blogger it can be hard sometimes when I desperately want to review products, but sometimes I just don't have enough money to buy them. Even if I only end up earning a few pounds a month from this widget I can't moan. 

In the more tab Shopcade tell you more about themselves and they have a blog as well as lots of other info. 

I have always been a shopaholic, but I am always very good at finding deals and saving too so if I can have fun and find the best prices with a little help from Shopcade then I say yes. Here is a link to the Shopcade website where you can sign up today for free!

Now for the exciting part. etail PR have teamed up with Shopcade and Asos to bring you this blogger competition! If you are a blogger you could win a £200 Asos voucher PLUS a £200 voucher for a retailer of your choice on Shopcade.

For more details about this competition and how to enter check out this link. Make sure you enter by 2pm on Friday 28th June! Good luck to all who enter :)

So I hope you have found this post helpful. I always love to shop and this shopping tool has me a bit addicted already. Have you been using Shopcade? If yes, what do you like or dislike about it? If no, will you be signing up? Let me know in the comments below along with links to your competition entries.

Love to you all

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