Hey there beauties. I am so sorry that I was MIA last week, but I just got so busy. I wish I could blog full time, but those bills got to be paid until that dream comes true.

Anyway on to today's post. I was recently gifted with some Nivea products from their Sun Protect & Refresh Range as well as the Nivea Sun In-Shower Refreshing After Sun Lotion and asked to review them for you guys.

Before I start my review I just have to say how cute is my personalised travel bag with my name on :)

A non-sticky, ultra moisturising consistency. Enriched with menthol for a refreshing sensation on application. The silky powder and soothing oils nourish and protect against the sun. Water resistant with highly effective UVA/UVB filters.

I applied this to my face and neck. It absorbed very quickly, smelt gorgeous and was definitely not sticky or greasy. It is cooling and the menthol is definitely within the scent, but it's not like applying a heavy duty mouthwash.

A relaunched, much loved beauty must have with an improved formula. A cooling mist with a light, silky texture. No oiliness, stickiness or white residue and is quickly absorbed. With highly effective UVA and UVB protection. Water resistant.

I applied this clear liquid to my legs and feet. It absorbed quickly into the skin. The only thing I don't like is that it smells like hairspray on application, but you don't really notice it after a few minutes.

I did not try the factor 50 in this product as it's just a higher SPF and I was happy with using SPF 20.

The Beauty Editor's favourite gives an instant cooling sensation with this refreshing mist. With highly effective UVA/UVB filters and a continuous menthol spray action leaving a light even layer over the skin. No stickiness or white marks. Can be used at all angles. Water resistant.

I applied this to my arms, shoulders, hands, torso and back. This clear liquid absorbed very quickly also. This one also smelt a bit like hairspray, but again this was unnoticeable after a few minutes.

Again I did not try the factor 50 in this product as it's just a higher SPF and I was happy with using SPF 20.

Applying any lotion all over for me always seems like a chore whether it's just everyday moisturising or sun care. These products make light work of these rituals. For quickness I would use as a preference the spray or mist. 

They all absorb really quickly with no stickiness or excess residue left on the skin which ticks all the boxes for me. 

I am very pale and although I love to lie in the sun I am always fearful of burning. I had been laying in the sun from 3pm-5pm as it is advised that you avoid sun exposure between 11am-3pm. I noticed slight redness on my knees, face and arms after 2 hours so I was sensible and came out of the sun. These products protected my skin really well as although I had redness I did not burn.

The latest wonder product from Nivea offering intensive moisturising to help soothe skin. This water activating lotion is to be used in the shower to instantly cool and refresh the skin after sun exposure.

In the shower apply all of your usual products including your usual shower wash. While the skin is still wet apply this product all over. I applied it to my face also and it didn't do me any harm, but be careful if you have sensitive skin as I am not sure that it was meant for the face. Rinse off the lotion and you are free to get on with your day or night. No residue will be left on your towel.

This lotion absorbed quickly into the skin. The baby soft scent is amazing and the product formula is so moisturising. It feels like a layer of silk surrounds the skin after application. Even my face felt like a baby's bottom. Even if you don't use this after sun exposure I would say this is a great product for impatient people like myself who just hate body moisturising. It takes all the hassle out of it. No sticky feeling. No white residue. No need to stand around naked waiting for it to absorb before you can get dressed. I love it. 

I am very happy with all of these products. I will certainly be more likely to step out into the sun this summer :)

Please note that although the SPF factors I used suited my skin you should use the factors that you feel are best suited to your skin type and length of sun exposure as well as perhaps the time of day.

If you have tried any Nivea Sun Range products let me know your favourites with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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