Hi sweeties. The rain has stopped and now we finally have some sunshine to enjoy again. I felt like a pamper today so I tried out another face mask from the TIMELESS TRUTH range.

This mask aims to improve the quality of the skin's collagen and elasticity fibres while moisturising and plumping the skin. With a cloth made of natural silk fibre this mask will leave the skin clean and fresh while also having a whitening effect to remove age spots and freckles. Suitable for all skin types.

Before I used this mask I left it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. After cleansing I opened the sachet above and removed the white plastic backing from the mask. There were two layers of mask remaining which to me looked very similar in texture and colour. I applied the actual mask layer against my face and peeled of the blue plastic film. This was a little awkward at first because I found the textures to be very similar, but once they parted the outer layer came away easily. I adjusted the mask to fit perfectly around my face. It did fit really well and stayed in place throughout the treatment. It felt refreshing on my skin. It's meant to be left on for 15-20 mins 3 or 4 times a week. I only have this one which I left on for 20 mins. I removed the cloth mask and massaged in the residue as well as the remaining product in the pack, following on with my moisturiser.

 My skin does look a little more even than before using the mask, but I think more treatments would be needed as advised for a more noticeable whitening effect. It was refreshing, but this could also be because it had been in the fridge.

I will be reviewing the last mask from this range that I have been sent to try hopefully next week. For my previous TIMELESS TRUTH mask reviews see this link!

Let me know which of the face masks I have reviewed from this range appeals to you the most in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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