Hi there everyone. I hope you are all happy and healthy. It's been one heck of a week let me tell you, but now I am taking a bit of time for me to blog, get more organised at home and spend some time with my boyfriend as we have next week off together. I haven't been off work since January and I could tell I was burning out so yay!

I do love to browse EVERYTHING 5 POUNDS daily. I have found some great pieces during my shopping experiences with them. Sometimes I have received items that have been faulty, but they allow you to send them back for free. I have had items that didn't fit and I haven's sent them back because I would have to send them back paying for postage myself so if it's say just one item I don't usually bother. If you exchange items for whatever reason they then post the exchange items to you for free.

In this haul I exchanged 3 tops in different colours that I didn't like the feel of the material and knew I would never wear for this item that I bought in three shades.

I love the style of this piece as it gives the effect of a lace top poking out from underneath the jumper. It's quite simple and can be worn with anything to add a pretty girly touch of lace. Because the jumper is singular in colour it doesn't add too much fuss to the piece and means it's so versatile to add to so many outfits. Although we are currently finally having a nice bit of summer this is the UK so I am sure these will come in handy at cooler times. If not they are great staple keepers for A/W. This jumper also comes in shades of pink, cream and grey. I think the grey and beige might be mixed up on the website so bear that in mind if you order either of these shades.

Let me know your recommendations from the EVERYTHING 5 POUNDS website in the comments below.

Images not my own.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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