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Hello my Beauties. Today's post is a tag post called 'As Time Passes By'. In this post I have to compare either my very first NOTD, OOTD, EOTD or FOTD to my latest one of these. I have chosen NOTD (Nail Of The Day). I was tagged into this post by a lovely who you should definitely check out Bex-4-ever 

So here is my first NOTD post 15th June 2011 Nail Of The Day: Revlon Strawberry Electric

Here is my most recent NOTD post 13th August 2011 Nail Of The Day: Nails Inc. Tudor Way

The two things I am comparing in these posts are picture quality and my writing style. I used to use my I-Phone 4 to take photos, but now I use my Panasonic LUMIX FS15 12 Mega Pixel camera. I am no expert when it comes to cameras, but I think it's easy to see the difference. The colour is now more vivid and the outlines much crisper. I watermark my photos a little more faintly these days so that it is not such a distraction in the photos.

I think my style of writing in these two posts is very much the same. I try to take as clear a photo as I can with a description of the products name/number and of course the brand. I also try to describe how I think the nail polish looks in colour and of course if I like it. There are more photos in the first post, but I would prefer a clean, polished photo than three blurry ones.

These are the rules for Bloggers tagged into this post:

1) Add a picture from your first ever and most recent NOTD (Nail Of The Day), OOTD (Outfit Of The Day), EOTD (Eye Of The Day) or FOTD (Face Of The Day) posts

2) Compare two things between these two posts

3) Tag 8 other Bloggers

The 8 Bloggers that I am tagging into this post are:

Can you please let me know when you have posted this tag and I will make sure to check it out :)

Love to you all


  1. As much as I love my iPhone, I find the quality of the pictures really disappointing.

  2. @The Make-up Fairy - I didn't really notice it until I started blogging, but compared to my camera they are just not as good quality x


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