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Hi there everyone. The sun is shining brightly which makes me feel cheerful, but the chill in the air when I popped out this morning, ouch! I have a couple of hair removal mini reviews for you today so here I go.

Guinot Epil Confort Corps ~ Currently £23.19 for 125ml

The product linked above has different packaging now, but I believe it to be the same. I picked this up many moons ago from what was at the time a local beauty salon I would go to for waxing. They convinced me that this product would reduce the inflammation and swelling from waxing more quickly and cause the hair to grow back thinner, lighter and more slowly. Less often to go for waxing meant less pain so I handed over £25.00 for this product and went on my way. It has a gel formula which is blue. A bit like some toothpastes. Unfortunately it made no difference to my hair growth at all. This is probably why I gave up using it and the waxing which leads me on to my next product.

Boots Smooth Care Disposable Twin Blade Razors 4 Pack ~ Currently £1.26

I have to say that these are the best disposable razors I have used. The heads do not swivel so are very sturdy and the case for the blades slides on and off sideways so you are not pushing back down onto the blade to click it back on. The handle is easy to hold and control and the shave is very close without being too sharp. There is a moisturising strip, but I always feel better applying shaving gel before shaving so this isn't really important to me. I would definitely pick these up again.

So that's it for today's reviews. Do you have any favourite hair removal products that you would like to share? If yes, please let me know what they are and why you like them in the comments below. They can be for use on any areas of the body.

Love to you all


  1. My favorite razor is Gillette Venus. Leaves skin soft, and glides on smooth.


  2. I used to use those, but the blades got quite expensive.



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