Hi lovelies. I hope you have all been well. Recently I was given the opportunity to try out a product from FLO ACCESSORIES. This jewellery and accessory brand have a variety of interesting products within their collection including atomisers, LED purse mirrors, make-up bags and organisers, nail care and other items perfect for those who want compact accessories for travel or just to keep every day in their handbag.

This 18 inch stainless steel necklace is a beautiful design that would go with pretty much any outfit. It is not however just a gorgeous piece of jewellery. The capsules shown in the packet above are what you spray with your chosen perfume. Then pop it into the pendant and wear it around your neck without the need to spray your body and/or clothes.

I love the necklace and the idea behind it, but I will be honest and say that even with my strongly scented perfume I found that it was not noticeable to me that I was wearing any. I even sprayed the capsule again and asked my boyfriend if he could smell perfume on me. He said he could barely smell any and that was only when I showed him the pendant and explained how it worked.

I think it's a great concept, but for me I get a better effect by spraying perfume on myself.

There is still a great selection of other pendants and accessories on the FLO ACCESSORIES site so I think they are worth checking out.

Have you ever tried interesting fashion/beauty accessories like this? Let me know which ones and how they worked for you in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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