Company/Cosmopolitan Blogger/Vlogger MaxFactor September/October Features

Hi there my darlings. I am feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment as I have a terrible cold (sniff sniff). To distract myself from it I wanted to do this post on some great Bloggers/Vloggers that have featured in Max Factor's promotions through Company and Cosmopolitan Magazines. I have the September and October issues to show you as my September magazines did not arrive until just before I received my October issues.


Company September 


The 'Candy Colours' Max Factor feature inside

Look No 1, Smudge & Stroke: Natalya from has a cool blog, but I am especially looking forward to checking out her YouTube videos. This look really did accentuate the feline shape of Natalya's eyes as it says in this feature.

Look No 2, Line & Define: Gemma from is one of my most favourite Vloggers. Gemma always comes across as very honest. Somehow she manages to make it feel like she is really talking to you. Gemma's eyes look fantastic in this look. Very sultry and sexy.

Look No 3, Luxe Your Lashes: Ree from has a lovely blog and YouTube channel that show you the press events you know you want to be at as well as some fabulous reviews. Ree's lashes look very defined in this look. The eyes are still smokey, but in a classy way.

Cosmopolitan September

The 'Eye Candy' Max Factor feature inside

This is basically the same feature as in Company Magazine, but with different photos. The feature is called 'Eye Candy' instead of 'Candy Colours'. The looks have different names also. In Cosmopolitan Magazine Look No 1 is called 'Smokin' Hot', Look No 2 is called 'Liquid Effect' and Look No 3 is called 'Sexy End'. I am so jealous of how pretty Natalya looks in this feature.

Company October

The 'Sixties Revival' Max Factor feature inside

Look No 1, Shimmer & Shine: Fleur from has a very fresh looking blog with large, clear photos. Her YouTube videos are always fun to watch with some fab tutorials. I think Fleur is the perfect candidate for this Twiggy inspired look.

Look No 2, Line & Define: Carly from has a really well laid out blog, but I have to say it's the tutorials on YouTube that Carly does that I find amazing. I become transfixed whenever watching them as I don't want to miss anything. Carly's look here is quite wearable, but with a definite sixties edge. Carly now has a new blog so check that out too.

Look No 3, Max Your Lashes: Louise from has a blog that's always a great read. Louise's blog always has great photos, honest reviews and gorgeous make-up looks. Her YouTube channel also has fantastic make-up tutorials. Louise looks amazing in this photo. If I were imitating the sixties/Twiggy trend then this is how I would want it to look.

 Cosmopolitan October

The 'Retro Revival' Max factor feature inside

Again in Cosmopolitan Magazine the feature is named 'Retro Revival' instead of 'Sixties Revival' as in Company Magazine. The looks are the same as Company Magazine, but again named differently. Look No 1 is called 'Shimmer Fuel', Look No 2 is called 'Graphic Eyes' and Look No 3 is called 'Loud Lashes'. Fleur looks beautiful in this photo.

I think these Max Factor promotions are a great idea as they show you different make-up looks for a trend so that you can choose the one that's right for you. It's also really nice to see some great Bloggers/Vloggers getting some media attention which I think is very well deserved. Congratulations ladies. I think it helps others discover some fabulous blogs/YouTube channels too. I can't wait to see what looks will feature in the November issues of Company and Cosmopolitan.

What do you think of these Max Factor promotions? Do you like any of the Bloggers/Vloggers featured? If so, what do you like about them?

Love to you all


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