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Hey my pretty loves. Today is the last day of my time off before I go back to work. I took the week off as I felt like I had loads to do and no time to do it. I managed to do a few blog posts while I have had some time to myself which makes me happy. Now on to today's post. A couple of weeks ago I purchased some things from Avon. I got so many bargains for a very good price so I thought I would share them with you.

The first item is the Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Black. I love the lace design on the pencil. This pencil just glides onto the skin. It is of a very smooth, creamy, gel like consistency and intensely black. The Pixiwoo sisters (Samantha and Nicola Chapman) are fond of this eyeliner so I knew I had to try it. I purchased this for £3.50. It's original price was £6.00. It is no longer on sale for £3.50, but you can purchase it for the reduced price of £4.00. Please see the link here, Link :)

My second bunch of products are these foundations and a mattifier. Left to Right: New Magix Cashmere Finish Foundation, New Magix Face Perfector, New Mattifying Foundation and New Calming Effects Illuminating Foundation. These are all trial size products. The foundations are all in the shade Ivory as that appeared to be the closet shade to my skin tone, but I find it so hard to match foundation to my skin, especially when buying it online. These trial sizes were all 99p each.

Swatches as above

Blended out

I would actually say that these foundations when I swatched them felt creamier as I went left to right which is interesting as Cashmere Finish Foundation felt a little more matte than the Mattifying Foundation. I will see how they work when I apply them to my face though. The shade Ivory looks ever so slightly different to me in the initial swatches of the various foundations, but more alike when blended out. The Face Perfector is a light gel-powder which is meant to act as a mattifying make-up base/primer. Here are some links to the full sizes of these products: New Magix Cashmere Finish Foundation, New Magix Face Perfector and New Calming Effects Illuminating Foundation. I'm afraid I can not find the link to the New Mattifying Foundation which is strange as when I ordered it it said it was new? Sorry :( A bit weird when offering a trial size. Please let me know if you find it.

Left to Right: Barbie Bubble-icious Floral Body Wash & Barbie Fab Floral Spritz

Yes I am a child, but I really don't care. These just looked too cute and girly not to try. I paid the sale prices of £1.90 for the Body Wash and £2.15 for the Floral Spritz. I would say these are only slightly floral. A quite subtle perfumed smell. They are not spectacular, but I think worth trying for the price. Please see the link for the Body Wash here. Here is the link to the Floral Spritz. These products are still at the price I purchased them for. Also please check out my Zombie Barbie post for Halloween if you haven't already, Link :)

Spotlight Moisturising Shimmer Gel

Blended out

I bought this little bargain in the sale for 75p. This is a nice shimmer highlight with a non-offensive scent. I think this would be great to highlight cheekbones and to use on legs, arms and collarbone with a tan. Unfortunately I could not find this item on the website. It was in the sale book though so maybe it is being discontinued, sorry :(

Hawaiian Shores Moisturising Gel

I really like the packaging of this product. Although we are heading more and more towards winter I love the holiday vibe that this product has. This is quite a gloopy formula, but it did blend well into my skin. I am not too keen on the smell. It's a bit potent, but I imagine that it would be easily covered up by perfume or body spray. I would not buy this product again because of the scent, but for the £1.75 that I paid I am not too disappointed. Her is a link to this product which is now retailing at £3.50.

I also received a free sample of the Christian Lacroix Nuit For Her Perfume. This is quite a musky and sensual scent. I quite like it, but I'm not sure if I like it enough to buy for myself. This is only described as a sample without an image or information on the Avon website so I didn't see any point in adding a link.

So overall I think I purchased a pretty good haul here which only cost me a total of £14.01. I am very happy with the appearance of the eyeliner and I can't wait to test out the foundations as I am still on the hunt for the perfect one. The Barbie products just look gorgeously cute and the Spotlight Moisturising Shimmer Gel is a definite winner. My only disappointment is the scent of the Hawaiian Shores Moisturising Gel, but I can live with that. Plus I got a free sample of perfume which I can't moan about.

Have you tried any great Avon products? Are there any products to avoid?

Love to you all


  1. Love the Barbie products - SO cute! I really want to try the supershock eyeliner! xxx

  2. @Glimmer and Glow ♥ - I am so glad I got it finally. I can't wait to try it out xx

  3. The Barbie products are so adorable, love them :) I haven't tried any products from Avon, these look good :)

    Xo Christine♥

  4. @Christine - You should give some things a try xx


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