Personal Hygiene & Feminine Protection

Hi there Beauties. What have you been up to today? Anything fab? Today I want to touch upon the subjects of personal hygiene and feminine protection. 

Left: Morrisons Total Confidence 24 Hr Protection Crystal Waters Antiperspirant Deodorant

Up to 24 hours protection against wetness and odour. Alcohol free. 

Shake well, hold about 15cm from underarm and spray. 

On my weekly shop this is another product I picked up to try. This has a fresh scent and works well. I really wish products would start saying 8 hours or more protection for example instead of saying 24 hour protection and in the fine print saying up to 24 hours. I would always shower/bath and reapply before this time, but I just wish we could have a more honest sell. I would buy this again, but this may not be great for those who travel as it does not come with a lid. This was about £1.00 I believe. 

Top Right: Morrisons 16 Ultra Towels Without Wings Regular

Maximum protection with a stay dry cover that draws liquid into the towel's absorbent core, helping to keep you fresh and dry. Individually wrapped. Shaped for comfort.

Peel and remove backing pouch. Press firmly onto briefs. Do not flush down the toilet after use.

Again I believe these were £1.00. These worked well for protection, moulded nicely around the pelvic area and stayed in place. They are a bit larger than my usual sanitary protection, but they are slim and unnoticeable. It would be better if they had a sticker of some sort to seal the wrapper after use. Not ideal, especially if you are not in your own home and would prefer a little more discretion. That being said I would repurchase these if I couldn't get my usual ones which I will speak about next.

Bottom Right: Bodyform 16 Normal Ultra, 99p

Shaped to fit your body. Heart at the front for easy positioning. Dry fast absorption for a dry and comfortable feeling.

I have been picking these up from the 99p Stores for a while now. I am sure you can also pick them up in most places like Boots and Superdrug or a chemist, but I think this is the cheapest place I have found to get them. These work just as well as the above for absorption and protection. They are a little smaller so a slightly better fit. I know most of us don't feel as feminine or good about ourselves when we have our period, but the cute heart on these gives a girly touch and who doesn't want that. These do have a sticker tab which you have to peel off from the new towels wrapper and re-position to wrap your used towel so it's a step up from the above towels. I just wish the stickers were a little bigger and more secure as I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed the towel unwrap itself just before you dispose of it or even in the bin. 

A quick tip girls is that if you use the end of a loo roll place your used towel wrapped as normal inside the cardboard insert, fold in half and put into the waste to be sure that it won't open and cause embarrassment.

I hope this didn't make any of you feel awkward. I have never thought about discussing sanitary protection before, but let's face it most of us women have to deal with periods every month and guys know that we do so why not find the best protection for you during that rubbish time.

What are the best products you have found for protecting against body odour? Are there any feminine protection or hygiene products that you can recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


  1. I loved this post,your so open, and someone does need to talk about it as we all go through it :)

    1. I am so glad you feel that way. It's good to know that you understand why I wrote this post :)

  2. I agree with Sophie, we all have periods so why not talk about these things. Well done you :D


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