Pyjama Party

Hey loves. The sun is shining and I need a sun lounger. The ones I have had my eye on in Argos have all gone. Not impressed, but hey ho the hunt goes on. Today I had a little trip to a Chinese supermarket and Makro which was fun, but too much money has been spent. On the subject of spending money another little whoopsie will now appear as when I went to London on Friday I popped into the Oxford Street Primark which it pains me to say, but I don't like it much in there as it's soooooooooooo busy. I bought a few towels for our wee house, but I also slipped in a few pairs of PJ's for myself. Naughty I know.

Charcoal button top vest with floral tie waist shorts £5.00

I think these are very cute. Almost a bit countryesque or even Cath Kidston like.

Black slogan vest with gingham tie waist shorts £5.00

The shorts are really cute. This set is definitely to be worn on a day where I feel sorry for myself. The heart and word 'ME' are glittery too which is right up my street.

Hello Kitty white slogan vest with grey print tie waist shorts £8.00

If you know me you know I love Hello Kitty so these just had to be bought. The 'All About Me' slogan was too cheeky to resist also.

Please try to ignore the oh so unattractive way I had to hang the vests from the crutch of the shorts as it just worked out to be the best way to show you both parts of each set hanging up.

Have you found any Primark bargains lately? Are you a fan of shorts sets like these?

Love to you all

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