Fancy Earning Some Money Bloggers?

Hey there my loves. Are you having a fab day? Today I have just a wee post for you, but one that I think bloggers will be very interested in.

I know I have mentioned before that reviewing the latest products can be sometimes hard as I simply can not afford to buy them all as soon as they are released. It would be nice, but bills kind of get in the way of that and I don't earn ridiculous amounts of money from my full time job. Sometimes PR companies will send over products for free, but I don't get these as frequently as more popular bloggers.

So this leads me onto what this post is about. I have signed up to Red League Media and added their widget to my blog. The idea of the widget is to advertise offers and promotions from different companies under one category such as fashion, health & beauty, electronics, travel etc. 

There are 3 sizes of widget and you can decide how many offers are shown. It's free to sign up and the widget is free too. So what do you get from displaying the widget?

Every time someone clicks on the widget displayed on your site to make a purchase you earn 100% commission, but this is a limited offer as the split of earnings is usually 70% for you and 30% for Red League Media. The money will be paid into your PayPal account on a monthly basis.

You can track your clicks and sales on your Red League Media account at any time. The widget is fully compatible with all Blogger and most Wordpress sites and new voucher codes are added every day. If you want to change the theme of the codes from say fashion to beauty you can do that at any time too.

There are 5 widget shades to choose from in pink, light blue, beige, red & blue. The colour of the widget can be changed at any time too. Otherwise you can create a dedicated, static voucher codes page on your site that will update regularly with the latest promotions. This is great if you want the vouchers to be displayed using your site's own theme and styles. 

So now bloggers if you are interested in signing up and taking part in this limited time offer then as an affiliate you must introduce the widget to your readers in a short blog post, which mentions and links to the website where the voucher codes are sourced from -

Red League Media are unable to work with websites that include contain pornography, violence, bad language, illegal or extremist religious content.

Unfortunately, as payments are made exclusive of VAT, they are currently unable to work with VAT registered entities.

Q: What about duplicate content? Isn't this content shared on other websites too?

A: The data in the widget is displayed using an iframe, which is standard practice. This means that the search engines do not index the voucher codes and descriptions and there is no risk of incurring a duplicate content penalty.

If you invite your blogger friends to register for the widget, they will add £5 to your account for each site that they approve. There is no limit, so if you have lots of blogger friends then feel free to let them all know about the Red League Media widget using Twitter, Facebook, forums or any other method that you like. All that new registrants need to do is add your blog url in the appropriate field when they sign up.  You can keep track of your affiliate referrals through the control panel.   

So if you do decide to sign up to Red League Media after reading this post I would really appreciate you adding my url so that they know I referred you.

Please acknowledge the terms and conditions before signing up, Link!

To sign up click here!

Do you have widgets and/or advertisers on your blog? Do you earn commission from them? Which ones do you find work best for you? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

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