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Hey there my loves. How are you doing on this glorious day? I had a lovely time at the Rosina Savage Boutique Event on Wednesday evening so I just had to tell you about it as Nicola from Rosina Savage is the beauty who customises your shoes to make them look like they never have before.

The invitation

The Rosina Savage Boutique logo. Such a powerful image.

DJ Sash Dixon played some cool beats to entertain guests.

Such pretty cupcakes were on display for guests to enjoy. These were made courtesy of Karen's Kitchen. I opted for a glass on fruit punch instead though as I just couldn't bear to ruin how pretty they looked :)

Just one example of the sweet tree creations from Sarah Brown at Heirs and Gracies.

There was also a running chocolate fountain for guests to dip marshmallows into. As well as the opportunity to have your nails painted.

So now on to the fabulous shoes. Show cased were the fashion and wedding collections.

White cut-out platform with a stiletto heel. It's features include an ankle strap with gem and multi-coloured Swarovski Elements on the platform and the heel.

All red platform stilettos with ankle straps. Pom pom detailing at the front and Swarovski Elements detailing on the heels.

Sling backs with silver Swarovski Elements detailing to the entire shoe.

Green court heels with Swarovski Elements detailing on the bows at the front and peacock feathers.

Pink court shoes with inner cut-out detail and ombre Swarovski Elements detail over the entire shoe.

Blue strappy heels with a boot style ankle strap. Other than the strap the whole shoe is decorated with blue and ombre Swarovski Elements.

Two models strutted their stuff in these left: black platform stiletto ankle strap shoes with a pom pom at the front and Swarovski Elements detail on the heel.

On the right the model wears white strappy shoes with a cream buckle ankle strap. There is white fluffy detail on the front strap of the shoes and I believe gold/silver Swarovski Elements detail on the back of the shoe and heel.

Gorgeous for any bride are these white/cream stiletto heels with silver Swarovski Elements detail on the heels, slight platform and the 'Lo ve' lettering on the sole of the shoes. These are accompanied by the Mr & Mrs champagne flutes with matching silver Swarovski Elements for the lettering and the stem of the glasses.

Left Side

Front View

Rear View

Angled View

Up close and oh so personal. If you haven't already guessed these were my favourite of all the show cased designs. I was mesmerised the moment I spotted this black heel-less platform with black Swarovski Elements all over rotating at the end of the bar. I could just stare at this shoe all day, but I promise to continue writing this post. Nicola told me that this is her favourite shoe too.

And here is the stunning Nicola herself in her amazing orange peplum halterneck pencil dress with black belt and of course her favourite shoe. Rachel was very welcoming and very easy to talk to.

I of course had to show you her chosen shoes for the event. They are black strappy heels with black fluffy ankle boas and black Swarovski Elements detail across the front straps. Perfect to match the band of the belt around her waist.

Guests were also given the opportunity to win their own customised pair of shoes. The winner will be notified on Sunday 7th July of the best shoe design.

Guests were treated to a bag of goodies too.

I popped my rose in a glass as soon as I came home that night and took a photo to show you in case it wilted. Attached is a Swarovski bead bracelet and 10% off my first order.

My green and white Swarovski bead bracelet.

Included in the bag was also this Smooch Mascara. I love the rubberised design of the tube with the lace print. I have never tried products from Smooch before so this will be good to try out the brand.

Also in the bag were these products. Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant & Total Eye Care with SPF15. I have already reviewed the Daily Microfoliant here and I love it, but I will let you know how I find the other products to work too.

As well as this there is a £10 gift voucher for the Decadence Salon and a disc from DJ Sash Dixon.

I have spoken to Nicola via email since the event and asked a few questions for you about her service:

How many Swarovski Elements does it take to customise a pair of shoes?

Depending on the size shoe and shape all shoes take different amount for example the shoes I was wearing on the evening had just over 1000 Swarovski as only the strap was encrusted but the black shoe on the bar had over 5000 Swarovski elements so as a pair they would be encrusted with over 10,000 elements.

Does the customer send you their shoes before or after the consultation and is there a consultation fee? 

There is no consultation fee, I request them to send images of there shoes and description of what they want and then we can discuss in detail via email, telephone, Skype or person what exactly they would like, I will make sure I get their shoes perfect so need as much information as possible on their design.

What is the average time expectancy to receive the customised shoes? 

Depending on the turn over and the amount of orders I have at that one time I would roughly give 2-4 weeks.

Are delivery charges to you and to the customer within the service price or are they extra? 

The delivery charge will be separate I will give my clients an all round fee of the shoes I will be doing for them and then depending on where they will be sent to I will provide that separate as shipping to all different areas and country differ.

Is there a minimum charge for the service? Does it depend on the style of the shoe? 

Yes all my prices start from around £150 depending on style and colour of Swarovski they choose, all elements are priced differently due to sizing and colour.

How much do the service fees vary?

There is no limit on costs my prices are different for every shoe I create, if my client has a particular budget I will do what I can for the price they can afford.

Do the shoes come gift wrapped when returned? 

Yes, all shoes get returned complete in a black box with our signature red rose and a personalised letter inside, if my client would like our Rosina Savage Boutique inner soles applied we will also provide that. Once all packed we tie it with a bow and send it on it way to there home :) 

What are the most common customisations? 

I have a lot of amazing feedback from many people and I don't think anything I do is common due to everything being created to my clients taste, this is what I want everyone to enjoy about Rosina Savage Boutique the designs I create are my clients designs and made just for them so no shoe I create is common anywhere.

Are there any materials you can not use to customise the shoes? 

No I can use any material my client request, if there is something in particular they want and haven't used before I will try my hardest to get my hands on it. No order is to small I want my clients to receive their dream shoes and exactly what they want is exactly what they will get :) 

Are there any shoe materials that can not be customised like patent material for example?

I can do any material but leather and suede are the easiest to word with due to the texture.

The show case shoes at the event were faux leather and faux suede due to them being sample pieces but the inner sole that was created for the inside are 100% genuine leather.

Without a doubt Nicola has a passion for shoes and it shows in her creations. The bespoke service that Nicola offers means that her clients will be rewarded with shoes they truly desire. They will have been made to fulfill the clients needs and will be I'm sure a personal possession that they will keep forever. I think that they are the perfect gift too for a groom to give to his bride, a parent for their daughter's prom, or even as an anniversary or birthday gift. There are so many reasons and ways that this service from Nicola can be adored by many. 

The Rosina Savage Boutique website will be updated very soon, but if you need to contact Nicola via Facebook, Twitter or email you can do so via this link! Examples of the inner soles are on Facebook too. As well as blinged up and spiked flip flops and trainer styles.

Thanks so much to Nicola and Bloggers Love for inviting me to this show case event.

Is this type of service something that appeals to you? Which kind of shoe designs would you like customised for you? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

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