Hi lovelies it's good to know you are here. I have an exciting post for you today featuring great fashion, accessory and beauty brands that are new to me. I went to day 1 of the Bloggers Love Hub on Monday at the Mahiki club. I not only met great brands, but also bloggers and vloggers too.

I met on the left the lovely Helen (aka Melon Lady Baby) who vlogs, blogs and sings her heart out. On the right is the fabulous Leanne Lim-Walker who also has many talents including fashion photography, marketing and PR management as well as blogging and her YouTube channel.

I have been following these ladies on their social media for such a long time as they really know how to engage with their audience and of course have a great sense of style. So if you are not already following them (tut tut) click on the links above. You won't regret it!

The Blogger Programme that Helen and Leanne were there representing are a platform to connect bloggers and brands. It's free to sign up and promote your blog. There are many opportunities to work with brands, plus competitions and job opportunities as well as getting to know other bloggers.

Steam Chains Jewellery have a great line of upcycled and unique chains and pendants put together from old watch parts, trinkets, charms, coins and treasures. There is also the option to personalise your piece whether you want something special for yourself or as a gift.

Ndulge are a natural organic brand that specialise in soothing remedies for problematic and sensitive skin concerns. With both scented and unscented items in their range of handmade soaps, bath and skincare products as well as candles to add to the Ndulge-ent atmosphere we all want to create when pampering ourselves. Ndulge want to help relieve your stress invigorating your mind, body and soul with their cleansing, soothing and moisturising remedies.

D-Jewelsus have a very different style of jewellery than any I have seen on the market recently. Their geometric and 3D pieces are very cool, but the piece that stood out the most for me was the shimmery collar above with framed sections of soft mohair. I love that each side of the collar is different in shape and size. The light catches it brilliantly. There was also a studded version of this which I had my eye on.

Charcoal-Spa have a streamlined collection of products all made from charcoal. Why may you ask? Charcoal has detoxifying properties. Ancient Egyptians used it to keep wounds clean. There are 3 key items within this range including the detoxifying salt scrub, the detoxifying face mask and the charcoal soap. You can also purchase the detoxifying candle to cleanse the impurities from your environment whether at home or work. It does sound like 'Black really hits the spot'!

GlowBeads are a fascinating jewellery collection of handmade bracelets and necklaces that come in a rainbow of colours. They look very subtle in the natural light, but when flashed with light they glow amazingly as shown above. There are also items such as keyrings, home decorations and children's pieces available. I was very kindly gifted with a bracelet that I will be featuring on my blog soon so keep an eye out for that.

Madame La La are a new tanning range to me. I am told that this lightweight self tan mousse is very hydrating with anti-ageing properties. It comes in two shades of the regular Madame La La Tan for a deep golden colour and a light version for a subtle glow. Both develop within 3 hours and last for 10 days as if you have spent 2 weeks on a Malibu beach. It's innovative colour customising technology adapts to your natural skin tone. I am told that there will be a new and exciting product being added to this range so keep a look out for that. I was gifted with the light version of this so lets hope it works well.

Cheeky Poppins have the answer to your customising needs. Want to adorn your accessories, clothes or hair with items that are cute, dazzling or bright? You also want to be able to customise without commitment swapping your customising items around depending on your mood? Perfect! Check out Cheeky Poppins who have adornments to flatter your personality and make a feature of your chosen pieces. I was gifted with the Mary 2 Shoe Clips that I love :)

Made Of Carpet have a range of bags that would have Mary Poppins herself jealous of. The Voyage Elite and Express bags above were my faves. I prefer the square designs for a more modern take on the Mary Poppins trend. The bags are lined so protected from wet weather.

You guys can use this code for a massive 25% discount! ROCKERS

LinmiR create bespoke millinery including turbans, hats, fascinators, couture and bridal pieces. I was asked to choose a piece that I liked so that it can be made for me. I am very excited as the headband I chose can also be worn as a belt or necklace.

At the blogging cafe I met some lovely bloggers including Naddy from jewellery and accessory line Stella & Dot. We had fun chatting about of course blogging while taking Selfies with the instax camera.

In my Bloggers Love gift bag that I collected at the cafe I also received the Vita liberata NKD SKN matte wash off instant tan in medium as well as their tanning mitt.

Catwalk time. These were my favourite pieces from the Eva Cammarata show.

Eva Cammarata are an ethical luxury label produced in the UK and Italy using organic and biotech fibre. Combining traditional techniques with digital manipulation to create interesting prints and innovative knitwear.

Emily Darcy Adams was lovely to meet at the event giving photography advice to those wanting to have a better understanding of how to create the best images for their blog. Emily will hopefully be putting together a workshop for those keen to learn while trying out techniques with other bloggers.

Let me know your favourite brands and pieces from this post in the comments below.

You can skip forward to Day 3 (I missed Day 2) of the Bloggers Love Hub here and also Day 4 here.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


  1. all the brands have something unique about them which make them awesome! love the made with carpet and Ndulge the most! so creative

    1. There were some really unique designs there on the night. Great new discoveries :)


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