Hi lovelies. I am back to stop you frowning and I mean literally. I have been testing out a product recently to combat those frown lines that tend to appear with age due to our facial expressions.


Apply to cleansed skin. If moisturising before applying the patch ensure the moisturiser is fully absorbed into the skin. Peel the patch from the backing paper and smoothly apply to the centre of the forehead just above the eyebrows so that the diamond shape fits perfectly above them. Wear for a few hours or for the best results overnight on consectutive days. Peel off gently and discard the patch.

Each box comes with 30 hypoallergenic patches that are free of all natural latex and rubber. The patches come in pairs which are easily pulled apart. The box is a simple design with a rose gold top. I kept mine in a cupboard with the box lying flat, but I imagine you may find them to fall out of the box if travelling.

These were easy to use. I popped mine on at night before bed ensuring not to frown on application so that they could work well and smooth out the forehead nicely. The patches are clear in appearance and very comfortable. I did not feel restricted or uncomfortable wearing them and even forgot one morning until I washed my face in the shower that I still had it on.

So did they work?

I have to say yes they did. My lines have not dissappeared, but are definitely less obvious and that area of my forehead is much more smoothed out. The restriction of movement on the forehead is what re-educates the skin in that area. It's a muscle memory effect that relaxes and smooths out the skin. I have used these for 19 days so far and I am very happy that such a simple product can have such an effect.

My only regret is that because my frown lines extend at the sides further than the patch I would prefer them to be wider.

These patches can be used in conjunction with botox or alone. They are not recommended for use on acne or open wounds.


Are these patches something you think you would add to your beauty routine? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


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