Hey lovelies. I am back once again today with two more quick-fire product reviews for lips and lashes.

I received this product in my STARS & STRIPES GLOSSYBOX where you can see product info and my first impressions. This product is very popular among the beauty community as well as a couple of my friends. I am sure that I tried the squeezy tube version of this years ago and it did nothing for me. I am not a lover of the beeswax scent and prefer a stick packaging as it's less messy. I did however give this another try, but I just can't love it like others do. 

I was going through a phase of very dry and sore lips where I was desperate to find a solution. I reached for this product and sadly it did nothing for my lips or the dry, cracked sores around my mouth. The balm itself is very soft and the menthol scent made me think in my mind that this would be like some sort of medicinal treat for my mouth so that I could talk and eat without feeling soreness. It did not however live up to my expectations. It just doesn't work for me, but as I know others that love it don't take my word for it and perhaps try it for yourself.

This was gifted to me at an event. I have never tried any products from Smooch before so I was excited to try this mascara. The rubber texture of this tube stays really clean and makes it easy to hold. The lace detail is pretty too. The brush is a standard bristle style which tapers at the end. There is no funky, innovative design to show you. The formula appears to be a creamy silicon texture and the colour is very black. It's also very buildable giving great fluttery, lengthened lashes. I always wear mascara on my bottom lashes and that is only where I see this product to fail for me. It smudges loads under the eyes, but if you only apply it to the top lash line it's fantastic. I have added a link to Amazon as the Smooch website is down so I am not sure if it is discontinued.

Let me know your favourite lip balms and mascaras (for use on bottom lashes too) in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


  1. i really want to try that mascara now, both product sound amazing


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