Hi everyone. I hope you are doing well in 2015 so far. I know I am really late putting this up, but for those interested here I have a post showing you the presents I received for Xmas that I am of course very grateful for.

This beauty stash was from my Mum, friends and my boyfriend's Mum. I am so pleased that my Mum got me the Soap & Glory hamper :)

Some essentials for the home, plus a voucher which I am yet to spend. There are some naughty treats too including my amazing Tassimo machine. If you love coffee then trust me when I say you need this in your life. I have only tried two flavours so far. The Cadbury's chocolate which my boyfriend loves and the Costa Cappuccino which I crave constantly now.

My boyfriend and I said we were going to buy things for the house this year instead of personal gifts as we need a tumble dryer etc. Exciting I know!

While out Xmas shopping I spotted this jumper in the Dorothy Perkins sale and I saw some lovely soft lounge bottoms in Next for him. We decided to get them for something small to open Xmas day and I thought it would be sweet even though we knew what we were getting.

However ...............

When going to pick up my Mum for Xmas my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to drive. I said that I didn't want to drive his car. 

Basically I haven't driven in over 10 years and only drove for a couple of months a short distance. This is because I realised I wanted and needed a house more at the time than a car so I saved.

Since moving out I have craved getting another car for convenience and I am sick of waiting for buses in the rubbish weather. Lets be honest also not everyone you ride with are shall we say nice people.

Anyway I do ramble on. I think its obvious what my boyfriend did ........

Yes there were tears instantly and yes I did drive to my Mum's house. 

I now have to get over the fear I currently have of driving alone as I have only driven so far with my boyfriend in the car. 

Even though I passed my test many years ago I don't have much experience and feel like a newbie driver again.

One of my goals this year is to be confident in driving and to actually enjoy it. Any words of encouragement or tips if you felt the same as a newbie driver would be greatly appreciated below.

If you hadn't already noticed I have named my little car Squirt :)

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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