Benefit High Beam vs Moon Beam

Hi there my lovelies. Now I know that there have been many of us running around today trying to grab copies of Glamour magazine to get the free Benefit Cosmetics goodies, but I went to 8 places and none of them had it in stock. Admittedly this was after work at about 4:30pm. At least it gave me some exercise, hee hee. The 3 items available are High Beam, Posie Tint and Bene Tint. Now you may think I have failed in obtaining one of these, but I in fact actually did receive the High Beam in the post as I have Glamour magazine on subscription.

High Beam is the one that I most wanted to try, so I am super happy. This highlighter is a gorgeous colour known as the 'supermodel in a bottle'. I think this would suit most skin tones, but look especially good on light to medium skins. I already have Moon Beam which is not part of the offer. Please see the pictures below for comparison of colours and sizes as the products on offer are not full size.

The High Beam is still a good amount of product to get with the magazine only being £2. 


I blended them out, but they are so hard to see. I tried taking a few pictures, but they didn't come out too well sorry.

I hope this picture shows a clearer difference between the two. They are in reverse though as this was after I had blended them out so left is Moon Beam and right is High Beam.

I hope that you can see the High Beam is a pale pink, creamy shade with shimmer. A great everyday highlight by the looks of things for the tops of cheeks, at the cupids bow, on the brow bone and down the centre of the nose. Perhaps it would also be good mixed with foundation for a dewy glow.

The Moon Beam does all of these things, but I think the High Beam may suit my paler complexion more. I bought the Moon Beam a few years ago and it has lasted well. I went for this over the High Beam as the assistant at the time told me it would suit me better. I ignored my gut instinct and took the Moon Beam, but I think the Moon Beam will be better as a highlight when I'm fake tanning as it has more of a golden, coral shimmer.

One of the two other products Posie Tint is a Liqui-gel formula cheek/lip stain. I would like to try this one as I have never tried a lip stain before. It looks like a pretty, sheer shade.

The other product Bene Tint does not really appeal to me. I think the colour is too berry for me. I would probably give it a try if I saw it with the magazine, but I'm not too upset if I don't get that one.

I am so pleased with Glamour magazine as I have many other magazine subscriptions too and Glamour are the only one who continue to pass on their free gifts to people who subscribe. I feel really cheated when the others come in the post without my free gifts. 

Fingers crossed I will get the Posie Tint. Are you going to take up this offer or have you already? What did you think of the products you got?

Love to you all


  1. Ah, this is so perfect! I've just ran out of my bottle! I didn't know about this freebie, so thank you for posting! I shall have to try and hunt a copy down - I bet it has sold out fast. This is a bargain! x

  2. @Temporary:Secretary - Yes you must. It is a sample size, but totally worth it xx


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