May 2012 Empties

Hello Gorgeous. Yeah that's all of you. I really want to get into this post straight away today as I have so many products to talk about. I am going to share with you my thoughts on the products I used up in May.

Face Wash, Make-Up Removers, Face Serum & Face Cream

Left To Right:

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, £18.40 for 197ml

This product came in my October Feelunique Beauty Box, Link. This face wash smells like bubblegum which I love. The exfoliating beads didn't do much for me so I used this purely as a face wash.  

Bioré Make-Up Removing Wipes

I need to get some more of these. I received these for free to review. You can find my review post here. The regular price for a pack of 25 wipes was £3.99 from Superdrug, but I have never seen them in my local store and I can no longer find them on the Superdrug website. Do any of you lovelies know where I can find them? Please help as they make me skin feel sooooooo smooth.

Taaj Himalaya Micellar Water, £16.97 for 500ml

I received this product in my February JolieBox, Link. This was an okay make-up remover. Just enough came out of the top when tipped onto a cotton wool pad. It's a bit too herbally for me as I started thinking about marinating something every time I used it. Just not for me. The last time I used this I managed to slice my finger quite badly by closing the lid which is now just healing :(

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum, £26.10 for 30ml

I received this product in my April GlossyBox, Link. This was a bit too runny for me. I prefer more of a thicker face serum.

Tropic Skincare Skin Revive, £15.95 for 50ml

I received this product in my April JolieBox, Link. This was a nice enough cream to use on my face, but I am still undecided on whether or not I like the scent.

Multi-tasker, Shower Washes & Body Exfoliation

Left To Right:

DR Bronner's Magic Liquid Soap, £3.14 - £11.69 for 118ml - 944ml

I received this product in my February GlossyBox, Link. This can be used in a number of ways, but I only used it for three. As a toothpaste it is awful. It literally is brushing your teeth with liquid soap. Horrible! As a hand wash it was okay. I used this mostly as a shower wash. It is refreshing because of the peppermint, but do be careful when washing down below as it's extremely tingly. You have been warned!

Marks & Spencer La Maison de Senteurs Body Wash, £3.50 for 200ml

I received this product as a Xmas present from a friend, Link. I love this baby soft scent which I am a sucker for.

Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel Sensation, £6.50 for 200ml

I received this product in my December GlossyBox, Link. This foaming shower gel has such a gorgeous scent. So sensual and sexy.

Yardley Luxury Body Wash (English Lavender), £2.63 for 200ml

I received this product in my March JolieBox, Link. This was okay to use and has quite a spa relaxing scent to it.

Beyonce Heat Pearl Exfoliating Shower Gel

I bought this as part of a gift set in the January 2011 sales from ASOS. I love the scent of this. It's very warm and sensual. The exfoliating beads didn't do anything in the way of exfoliation for me so I used a separate body exfoliator. If you Google this product there are a few links for it, but you may want to purchase the gift set if you really like the scent.

Body Scrub, Shave Gel & Anti-Perspirant Deodorants

Left To Right:

Primark Ooh La SPA DO NOT DISTURB Salt Scrub

I really like the style of this jar. I think the rubber seal shown tucked behind the jar was purely to keep the product sealed in before opening as I never put it back after opening it. I think this was only a couple of pounds at the time, but I bought it so long ago. I don't think they sell this anymore, sorry. This did feel really nice to use though. It's a kind of sugar scrub. I do like the fresh scent of this too.

Gillette Satin Care Floral Passion Shave Gel, £3.25 for 200ml, $19.59 for a pack of six 7 ounce cans

I received this as part of my Xmas goodies, Link. I usually always buy the Gillete shave gels as I like how they feel on my skin. The scent of this product is floral but quite subtle.

Superdrug Essential Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

One of the products I received as part of my Xmas gifts, Link. The other can I purchased myself. I have previously reviewed this here. This is not shown on the Superdrug website, but I think it's around 69p for a 200ml can.

Body Creams & Scents

Left To Right:

Beyonce Heat Gold Sparkling Body Lotion

I bought this as part of the gift set that I mentioned earlier in this post. This has the same sensual scent. The gold sparkle in this product is very subtle.

Baylis & Harding England Skin Spa Body Butter, £14.99 for the Drawer Set

I received this as part of a gift set for my birthday, Link. This has a pretty rose, ylang ylang & patchouli scent. This was a nice cream to use. I would say it is more of a cream than a body butter as it has a looser consistency than a lot of body butters.

Hello Kitty Liberty Body Butter

I received this product as part of my Xmas gifts, Link. I previously reviewed this product here. This range was Limited Edition at Boots around Xmas time, but you may be able to find this on Ebay or Amazon.

Barbie Fab Floral Spritz, £3.10 for 100ml

I purchased this product from Avon, Link in October. I think the bottle is so cute and so pink, yay :) This was nice enough to use. I may keep the bottle to fill with water when I want to spray my make-up brushes to apply pigments.

Lolita Lempicka L'Eau en Blanc, £49.00 - £65.00 for 50ml / 100ml

I received this product in my May GlossyBox. Check out this Link for my thoughts on this product.

Fendi Fan Di Fendi Eau De Toilette, $67.00 for 1.7oz, £33.95 for 30ml / £57.00 for 75ml

I received this product in my March GlossyBox. You can check out this Link to see my thoughts on this scent.

Toothpaste, Lip Salves, Hand Creams & Foundation

Left To Right:

Macleans Total Health Toothpaste, £2.13 for 100ml

My Mum picked this up for me and it tastes fine. I prefer to buy whitening toothpastes, but Mum picked up the wrong one. I forgive you Mum. I prefer flip top lids on toothpaste though. I want to try some of the Crest White Strips so if you know the best place to order them please let me know and which ones out of the range work best for you.

Lip Lishuss! Vanilla Scent Lip Balm

I received this product in a pack of two as part of my Xmas gifts, Link. I have no idea where you can buy Lip Lishuss! products. This product is too vanilla for me. It is a lotion consistency with granules. I don't like how it feels applying it to my lips.

LP Skin Therapy (Lip Rescue Gel), £15.00 for 8ml

I received this product in my July GlossyBox, Link. When I first received this product I really liked it because of the orange scent and the doe foot applicator, but my boyfriend has been hating this. He doesn't like the way this feels on my lips and I kind of know what he means. It coats your lips with a kind of rubbery barrier and is no good at all if you want to apply any lip products over the top as they just won't adhere to your lips with this on. This has lasted ages though.

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Hand Lotion, £4.25 for 250ml

I really like the scent of this. It's a very calming spa aroma. The pump design is what really attracted me to this product. I had used the Body Lotion from this range for such a long time, but for some reason it started reacting badly to my skin. Other products in this range that I had already bought seem okay at the moment though. 

Arbonne FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme

I received this item in my November GlossyBox, Link. This product felt so nice to use and the tube seemed to last forever. The tube is a little bland, but the product makes up for it. I would Google this product if you are interested in purchasing it as there are lots of links with various prices/sizes for it. 

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum SPF 15 - Natural 50, £12.99 for 30ml from Boots or Superdrug

I received this product for free and I have previously reviewed it here. My boyfriend commented about a month ago that I was looking a bit orange with this on so I went for the lighter shade of Light Ivory, but it's a bit too light for even me. My boss actually asked me if I was feeling okay the first time I wore it as I looked so pale. I have been mixing it with my Eyeko Tinted Cream and I think it works better.

The products I would buy in the future are:

Bioré Make-Up Removing Wipes

Marks & Spencer La Maison de Senteurs Body Wash

Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel Sensation

Primark Ooh La SPA DO NOT DISTURB Salt Scrub

Gillette Satin Care Floral Passion Shave Gel

Superdrug Essential Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Hand Lotion

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum SPF 15

So that's all of my May Empties. I hope you found this post useful. Which products have you been loving and loathing in May?

Love to you all

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