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Hey Everyone and Happy Good Friday. I hope you are all well and looking forward to the Easter break. Today I have a post which I think will intrigue a lot of you.

I recently discovered a website called and began following them on Twitter @stuffstercom. Now every time I find items online that I want I add them to my Stufflist. So let me explain. Stuffster is a website that allows you to make up Stuffboards which are basically wish lists of any categories you like. They initially have some made up, but you can title your own. So far I only have items in Fashion and Jewellery.

Your Stufflist shows everything from all categories.

To sign up is free. Stuffster will guide you through on how to add the +STUFF button to your bookmarks. Here is a video explaining it all.

Once you are all signed up it's then time to look for prospective purchases.

So I found this onesie on I clicked on my +STUFF button and this box pops up on the right.

I then selected my Fashion list from the drop down menu and my target price at the bottom. So far I have been going a penny less than the current price as I have been informed that I will receive an alert when it reaches my target price or below. Stuffster also track the current retail price and you can view the current price through your Stufflist, but it will not alert you if it has not reached your target price. The newsletters do however show you the tracking price. I then click the red button 'Add to My Stufflist'.

The box then lets me know it has been added to my Stufflist and I can then opt to tell my friends if I wish via the options given. The red button now allows me to 'Go to My Stufflist' if I wish or I can just close the box with the cross in the top right corner and continue shopping.

The settings on Stuffster for your account are very simple to use. You can decide how frequently you want news and updates, add a profile photo, a bio and a website link. They also have their own blog.

I think this website has a great concept because lets face it why miss out on items that reduce in price that you really want. I would love to shop all day every day online, but I don't have that luxury or enough money so I will let the Stuffster ninja do the work for me. Not only do Stuffster let you know if your item has reduced in price on the website you found it they also let you know if they find it cheaper anywhere else as they search for your goods 24/7.

I have only recently signed up, but I will let you know when I receive an alert and make my first purchase. 

Have you signed up to Stuffster already? If so, has it helped you find something for a cheaper price? Will you be signing up to this FREE website to search for your bargains? Let me know in the comments below.

This is a sponsored review, but all opinions are my own.

Love to you all

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