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Hi once again for today beauties. I have some haircare products to review for you so here I go :)

I received these Giovanni haircare products in my February Be Mine GlossyBox where you will find full product information. These were all nice products to use. They left my hair smooth and feeling nourished. There were some shorter hairs that were not completely frizz free, but I would personally use other products for this anyway. The leave in conditioner I applied in the shower and left on a little longer than a regular conditioner before rinsing off as I find leave in conditioners to usually make my hair lank and weighed down. I would say that these are a bit more like salon quality products than other haircare so for £7.99 each I would say they are worth taking a look at.

I received this product in my November 2011 GlossyBox where you can find full product information. I was quite dismissive about this product at first which is why I never used it at the time. Using a product before shampooing seemed like a waste of time, but now I have seen other people fall in love with this product so I had to try it out. This is the world's first pre-shampoo that helps to protect hair when washing. Wet hair stretches and is therefore more prone to damage like snapping and breakage. This product helps the hair to become more flexible, supple and bouncy like an elastic band. I split my hair into sections coating each layer and let it sit on my hair while I do my other shower or bath essentials. For a deeper treatment leave on for 20mins with a plastic cap or overnight on damp hair. 


I definitely feel that from only having this on my hair for a few minutes before shampooing and conditioning that my hair feels more plumped like it has a base for other products to work with and so is left in better condition.

I don't comb through my hair when wet anymore. I just spritz it with a protector, dry and then brush though.

This product is available in many sizes and prices online and is also available at M&S.

What are your favourite haircare products? Let me know with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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