Hi my loves and happy Sunday! I have been trying out this camouflage concealer that beauty bloggers were asked if they wanted to try out on Twitter and and it's actually pretty good so I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

The idea of these sample kits are to allow you to try a variety of shades before committing to a full size cover cream jar only to find the shade doesn't suit your natural skin tone. A great idea to save wasting money.

There are 12 shades in each kit along with 2 finishing powders (translucent and dusk) that are included in all of the kits no matter which tones of light (paler skin), medium (darker or suntanned skin) or dark (very dark skin) you choose. I chose the light kit as I am very pale.

I was very surprised to find that the shade Natural suited me the most as I thought perhaps one of the top four shades (cream, vanilla, wheat or natural light) may suit me better. 

I found that the translucent powder was okay, but that other powders I have work just as well too.

I did find that the formula worked well after covering most blemishes, but I do have a couple of annoying red veins that no concealer has ever managed to cover including this one. As a regular concealer I would say this covers very well, but because it did not cover all of my problem areas ie red veins I can not be certain it would work well for all as a camouflage concealer.

It has a soft matte finish that did not cling to my dry areas which other concealers have in the past. It is also said to be waterproof.

Here are the problem areas it is meant to cover:

Birthmarks, Burn scars, Scars, Age spots, Moles, Broken capillaries, Varicose veins, Acne marks, Tattoos, Rosacea, Portwine stains, Vitiligo, Permanent pigmentation and Eczema.

The kits themselves I think are a great idea. More make-up companies should put sample kits out there for foundations and powders also so that customers will more often come back if they are able to find their perfect shade straight away from their kit.

I would love to know how any of you find this product to work for you. Does it cover your problems areas well? Please comments below along with your specific skin concerns so that others can see how this product may work for them too.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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