Haul: Primark & H&M

Hello you scrumptious Beauty Addicts. With items to return and some birthday money in my pocket I went and bought some things that I thought you might want to see so here they are.

I will start with Primark.

 Weave Vamp Creepers Black ~ £12.00

I have been thinking about getting a pair of creepers for ages as I have seen them styled on many blogs and YouTube vids where girls make them look so cool, but I was afraid that my short legs may get a bit overwhelmed by them. I tried these on and I just thought I have to give them a go. I knew I wanted a plain black pair, but I didn't mind a bit of detail so these are perfect. I plan on wearing them with leggings, jeggings or disco pants and long tops/knitwear. Let me know in the comments how you style yours. Especially if you are on the shorter side like me :)

Chain T-Bar Pumps Burgundy ~Reduced to £3.00

I bought a pair of these in my last haul in the toffee shade which were also reduced. They are just so cute and add some detail while providing comfort. This shade reminds me of a pair of shoes I had when I was really young. They looked very similar to this in style too, except there was no chain detailing. Just me rambling sorry.

Studded Baseball Cap Khaki ~ £3.00

I like being able to throw on a hat and run out the door and sometimes a baseball cap is my preference as I can get away with not putting as much effort into my eye make-up if time is not my friend. I do love a bit of stud detailing too so for £3.00 this is a winner.

Dipped Hem Shirt Blue ~ £6.00

I have a few shirts from Primark made from this material. It doesn't need ironing if you hang it to dry and I like the option of the rolled up or rolled down sleeves. The material is very see through so I just wear a vest underneath. I love this cornflour blue shade. It's a nice spring/summer colour. I buy these in a size 6 as they come up quite big.

Roll Sleeve Slogan T-Shirts: 

Left: Burgundy (Dork), Right: Pink (Jerk) & Centre: Navy (Loser) ~ All £4.00 Each

In my last haul you will see I picked the Topman High Roll Up Sleeve T-Shirts. They are basically plain versions of these. For just £4.00 for each of these Primark ones I had to get them all. These are great for days when you just don't know what to wear.

Pocket Edge Cardigan's: 

Top Row, L-R: Scarlet, Pink & Blue. 

Middle Row, L-R: Navy & Oatmeal. 

Bottom Centre: Ivory. All £10.00 Each.

I know there are those of you out there saying my god how many does she need, but I bought these for work and I don't really have any long cardigans that are not thick so these are perfect. I think I would prefer these stitched in the centre at the bust to give a more flattering fit. As these come with a spare button I may use that to cover the stitching and do a bit of DIY :) I only wish they had this style in black too as it goes with everything.

Now onto H&M.

Fedora With Bow Detailing Red ~ Reduced to £7.99

I already purchased the blue version in my last haul and I still want the black one. The black one is the shade I wanted the most as it's wearable with more things, but I love these shades too.

Nail Polish Set In L-R: Blue, Red, Pink, Black & Matte ~ £4.99 For The Set

I have seen this set in store a few times and was really attracted by what I thought was a black matte shade on the right. In fact it is a mattifying polish for any colour so I'm a bit disappointed. I do think that the Pink and Black shades are really pretty though. The Pink has a gold shimmer running through it and the Black has I believe gold and purple shimmer.

Divided Nail Polish Orange Reddish ~ £1.50 

I saw this at the queue and thought am I just buying it on impulse or is it worth it. This is very small and I am not sure how easily the pot will stand up when I am painting my nails due to it's shape, but I just couldn't resist the colour. Orange Reddish describes this shade pretty well. It's kind of a gold coral with pink.

So that's everything. With the items I took back to Primark and using £25.00 of my birthday money my Primark stuff was kind of free. The products from H&M that I took back meant that my Xmas vouchers were credited with £1.52 so in fact this entire haul was kind of free, yay :)

Have you picked up anything worth shouting about lately? Link me up with OOTD's, NOTD's etc in the comments below or just products that you like or have picked up.

Love to you all


  1. I love the creepers, I've recently joined that bandwagon too! They are the comfiest shoes around!

    The hat is amazing!
    You have great taste :)




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