My Birthday: Jan 2013

Hey Beautiful Beauty Addicts. This post is about my birthday which was yesterday. I love to see what other people are up to and what they like/dislike, but if this post is not for you I understand. 

I saw my Mum through the day which was lovely. We had lunch which included some chocolate cake she had bought me. Thanks Mum it was great :) We watched Magic Mike and had a giggle. If you haven't seen it damnnnnnnnn!

Later on in the evening I saw my fella's family. We had Chinese and birthday cake. It was a really good day. I felt relaxed and happy. I didn't need to go anywhere as I had great company which is better than any present. That being said I'm sure there are some of you that may want to see what I got so here it is.

My fabbo cards

The body puff has ears and a bow :)

These sets are different, but from the same collection

Ages ago I wanted the stud earrings that look like the bracelet, but I never picked them up. Wish I had now.

You probably can't tell from this photo, but Kitty has angel wings to match my halo. Stop laughing!

I have one more Hello Kitty item to show you, but I am saving that till last :)

Some really nice shades in this gift set

I do love a candle or two. These heart tea light holders are so cute.

I plan on putting the jewellery I am wearing most of the time on this stand. I use a side table at the moment as my dressing table because I don't have one so it will go there :)

For snuggling

Desk accessories to brighten up my working day. My poor friend also bought me a HMV voucher, but replaced it before my birthday with this one from Next. I also got money from a few people too.

Now onto the birthday cake my gorgeous fella had made for me by his brother's girlfriend.

To any Hello Kitty fan this is Kitty heaven. I was amazed and shocked when I saw this brought in to me. Excuse the holes and wax on Kitty's paw as this is where my 35 number candles were. I think @zeechik did an amazing job at creating this for my birthday. She creates wonderful cakes for all occasions and will give quotes if you contact her in the link shown.

So that was my birthday. It was a great day and one that I am very thankful for. I seriously want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, lovely gifts, yummy food and great company. You all truly made my day special.

Love to you all

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