This is my personal blog. 

Product Reviews

All products are reviewed with my own opinions and thoughts. Some items I have purchased myself. Others have been sent to me for review purposes and some have been gifted to me which I may or may not chose to review. I will always state in posts if I did not purchase the items myself. 

All products featured on this blog are purchased or accepted with appropriate content in mind. I do not accept products that I would not consider using myself for blog content or otherwise. I have previously declined products and opportunities for that reason. 

I will always share with my readers the pros and cons of products whether I have been gifted the items or purchased them myself. I believe that to be the only way to be helpful to brands, prs and my readers. 


Most photos are my own which I have taken and edited myself. If you would like to use images displayed on this blog please credit back here for the original content. If you however you own the copyright to images used and would like them removed or credited please contact me at beautifuladdictions@hotmail.co.uk so that I can act on your request.

Advertising & Affiliates

Content on this blog could feature advertising or links that I may benefit from. These will only be included for appropriate content and to expand the quality of my blog. 

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