Hi lovelies. I hope you all had a great Xmas. Mine was hectic, but lovely too. I am sorry I haven't posted since wishing you well for Xmas, but sometimes life takes over (in a good way) and reminds you that you are not superhuman. Allowing yourself to enjoy special moments with family and friends and just be yourself is not a crime, although being a blogger can make you feel like that sometimes I think. It's all about balance I guess, but it's a tricky one. I want my blog to be successful as in I hope more and more people will enjoy my posts. I love being a part of the blogging world getting to know lots of you, being creative and feeling inspired.

Without rambling on forever as I know I could I just want to say thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my posts and perhaps share them. I love reading your comments too. Also I am very appreciative of the PR companies and brands that have given me the opportunity to work with them and attend exciting events. I am an avid fashion and beauty lover always eager to test out the latest products while also be creative with fashion and make-up. I never want this blogging trip to end as it's part of my life and not just a hobby for me. 

I try to post as often as I can (at least 3 posts a week) and would do more if I didn't work full time. I am thinking of venturing more into videos as it's something I want to be better at. I am hoping I can then perhaps film all in one day 3 types of videos to share with you each week. 

Do you think this is something you would enjoy? Let me know in the comments below as your opinions matter to me.

Love to you all for 2015. Be safe and see you soon!

Vicky xx



Hi everyone. I hope you like the card I made for you to wish you all the very best for this Christmas. Have a very happy and festive time full of cheer and love. 

I understand that Christmas can be hard for a lot of you with difficult times and perhaps memories of loved ones lost. 

I miss my Dad terribly every day, but especially at Christmas. I love to remember all the good times we had though and to cherish the lovely people I still have around me.

I am visiting a lot of relatives this week. I will put up another post for you as soon as I can :)

Love to you all

Vicky xx



Hi gorgeous people and welcome to my last post of the day. Here are my first impressions of the December 2014 GlossyBox.

A 2-in-1 make-up product for lips and cheeks.

This has a buttery formula. The shade coral is great for every day wear and I think would suit all skin shades due to it's natural flushed hue. It also comes in the shade pink.

Salon quality treatment shots to instantly nourish the scalp and renew the hair leaving it 3 times stronger.

I love quick fixes when it comes to beauty so lets hope these do the trick.

With 2 formulas to work day and night so that the blemished area is constantly being treated.

It's great that it's travel friendly. I take it that it works under make-up if it has a day and night formula? I will of course test it out when one appears.

A compact product to define brows with a smudge-proof formula of two shades. A medium coverage for a natural look. Apply the darker shade to fill in sparse brows followed by the lighter shade over the entire brows.

I like the look of the shades in this compact for me, but I think a variety of compact shades would be better as a range to suit more hair colours. It's a great size that comes with a handy brush and a good sized mirror inside the compact.

Designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and restore a healthy new skin glow. Massage into the face and neck twice a day.

I am always up for trying out new skincare, especially if it can give me a youthful glow.

I think this is a pretty good GlossyBox this month as there are a few treatment products to pep up the skin during party season as well as some make-up to define and enhance facial features.

For more information on the UK GlossyBox click here and for the US GlossyBox click here.

Were you impressed with this month's GlossyBox? Leave all comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi sweeties and welcome back today. I have a fabulous piece of jewellery to share with you that is different from any other. 

In November I met with the jewellery brand GLOWBEADS at the BLOGGERS LOVE HUB DAY 1. I was kindly gifted with a bracelet that I am sure you will love.



These gorgeous glow bracelets glow as the light catches them day or night. There is a vast range of shades including mixed coloured bracelets that come in different bead sizes. 

I love how it's like wearing a suprise to anyone who notices your glowing piece. Like your own little aura. 

It's so wearable for all ages and fun too. I believe that the glow is captured in the same way the cats eyes you see on the road work. Clever stuff!

Check out this link and tell me your faves in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi everyone. How is your day going? Are you busy Xmas shopping still or chilled with everything prepared? Thank goodness I have all my presents now, phew.

I have a skincare/make-up review for you today of a product that was gifted to me at the BLOGGERS LOVE HUB DAY 4.

Info: A highly moisturising face balm with a formulation to improve skin elasticity and regulate the skin's sebum production. A brightening product that acts as a great base for make-up.

So what did I think?

When meeting Yours Truly Organics at the Bloggers Love Hub I was informed that most products were aimed at oily, problematic and acne prone skin. I have dry skin and so when asked to try this product I mentioned my skin type. I was told that this may still work for me as it's meant to be quite moisturising and a great base for make-up.

For the first few days it felt fine on my skin. I applied it in the morning before make-up and at night as a moisturiser. Unfortunately after those few days it did feel as though my skin was drying up a bit and although it didn't feel tight it felt less supple. My make-up started to look patchy as my skin was drying up and so after about 2 weeks use I decided this product was just not for me.

I do not think this is a bad product. I just believe that my skin type is not right for it. It obviously has a mattifying effect so for oily skin types I am sure it would be worth trying. I can not give any type of real results of it as a make-up primer because the skincare side of it wasn't for me so of course the make-up side wouldn't be either.

The simplicity of the packaging I find really attractive and pure.

I would love to know if any oily, combination or other skin types have found this product to work for them. Leave all comments below so that others can learn from your experience.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hey lovelies. I have missed blogging until now this week as I have been so caught up in work as well as Xmas bits and bobs. 

On Tuesday we had our Secret Santa with our Xmas lunch. I was lucky this year to have a friend of mine buy for me. She chose well knowing I am a make-up addict so here is what I received.







The budget for our Secret Santa is £5 per person so as you can see you can still give or receive fabulous make-up items this Xmas. Great as stocking fillers or perhaps table top gifts.

Available at MUASTORE.CO.UK where there is currently a 3 for 2 on all eye products. You can also purchase from SUPERDRUG where if you spend £8 on MUA products you receive the limited edition Twelfth Night Palette (subject to availability). 

I have made up a starter make-up kit for my Mum this year as she never wears make-up, but wants to try it. I have picked up a few MUA products for her kit, but unfortunately the free palette was sold out :(

Why not share your favourite things to find in your Xmas stocking below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hey there lovelies. I hope you are all well on this fine Saturday. A bit chilly I know, but at least the sun is out :)

I have been browsing through the NEXT website to create my 'Christmas Wish List' of essentials for the festive season.

This is great staple dress that is perfect for the party season. I love the structured sweetheart neckline and the skater skirting of the dress. It's sexy by showing off the collarbone and shoulders while hinting at some cleavage. Silver glam accessories would accentuate this perfect dress. Wearing a gem encrusted belt would change up the style entirely too.

This bag would work for every day. Adding a bag charm or scarf for a hint of colour or print makes it easy to pair with a variety of outfits.

I am forever a lover of jumper dresses. I think they are perfect for taking the fuss out of styling and keeping you warm throughout winter. I sometimes wear a bodycon dress underneath or a vest and leggings.

I think these cardigans are great for casual every day looks as well as a cover up on an evening out. Just add a broach or a detailed belt to transform into a more formal piece. I have shown the shades berry and grey here which I love, but I would also love this in black.

I think these metallic belts would be perfect for the cardigans above to add interest. As they are plaited they can be adjusted perfectly to fit well around your waist, just tucking the end through the belt so no awkward 'belt sticking out' moments.

When are black over the knee boots ever out of season in winter. A perfect pairing with the cardigans and jumper dress shown above.

So let me know which of these you would choose as part of your NEXT 'Christmas Wish List' in the comments below.

Images not my own.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi beauties. Welcome back today. I have an exciting opportunity for brides to be planning their wedding for 2015. VANIA COUTURE are giving one lucky winner 2 tickets for a weekend in Lisbon. While there you will meet your wedding dress designer from Vania Couture and have your first fitting. Flights and accommodation are included.

All you have to do is book a no-obligation appointment as shown above for the chance to win. 

The competition ends Monday 15th December so call today!!

The winner will be announced on the 20th December.

Vania Couture dresses are truly stunning so if you are planning your wedding for 2015 call now for chance to win a weekend away and your very own bespoke design.

Please let me know below if you enter and of course if you win :)

Images not my own.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hey loves and welcome to Beautiful Addictions. For those of you who haven't already picked it up Soap & Glory have their spectacular bargain bucket of treats available for you released today!!

Costing just £29 for over £75 worth of products!

So what's inside the box designed by Hattie Stewart?


This is now sold out online and although the box came in 2 designs the version shown above is the only one left in stock.

So run to Boots stores now lovelies and grab this treat to gift someone this Xmas. You could even split some of the products up to gift separately or why not indulge yourself with the whole box ;)

For any family or friends stuck on what to buy me this Xmas please run to Boots for this now. I mean right now go on. Stop what you are doing and get it for me PLEASE :) XXXXXXXXXXX

Do let me know below if you have this already or plan to in the comments below.

Image not my own.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hello lovelies. I have a range of Nivea Winter Essentials to share with you that I have been sent to test out over the last few weeks so here are my reviews :)

For normal skin. This is a very lightweight formula with a refreshingly creamy scent of sea minerals and blue lotus. This I preferred out of the three in formula because it so quickly absorbed and kept me moisturised all day long.

For dry skin. This has a non-greasy formula offering soft and supple skin all day long. There is no obvious scent to it. It does a great job, but takes just a bit longer to work as it's a little more intensive.

For dry skin. This formula is much more dense than the other two. It has that classic Nivea packaging as well as scent. It works really well to nourish and moisturise the skin also.

I would definitely rate each of these products, especially for people like myself who have dry sometimes itchy skin that needs intensive moisturisation.

For dry hands. A fast absorbing hand and nail cream for a softening and smoothing effect. I am loving this hand cream. It adds a really nourishing boost every time I apply it and I love the macadamia nut oil scent.

I have previously reviewed the RASPBERRY ROSE scent which I absolutely loved. Recently though my lips have been a bit in turmoil and I felt needed something very neutral. I have been using the ORIGINAL lip butter and OMG it has been a lifesaver. My lips are in the best condition they have been in ages. As you can see these also come in amazing scents such as BLUEBERRY BLUSH, VANILLA & MACADAMIA and CARAMEL linked above.

So for nourishing reliable products to take you through winter these should be on your radar.

Let me know your Nivea winter skincare essentials with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi beauties and welcome back today for another beauty filled post. I received my Nov 14 GlossyBox a little while ago, but I am only just showing it to you now as I have been mental busy so apologies.

A retractable deeply pigmented, long lasting eye pencil. A creamy formula that is easy to blend for a smoky effect. Contains Vitamin E.

I like the pencil's packaging. It's cute with a pale pink hue much like the GlossyBox itself, but with a wild animal print. It is retractable and the formula feels creamy. It is black, but I would say more of a mid-toned black as I have seen darker black eye pencils. I think it would work well for a smokey effect arond the eyes though.

A 100% natural, sheer colour with a wax formula that glides on for a sweet and super shiny glassy finish.

The finish is very glossy on the lips and feels very nourishing. I have the pink shade wink which looks very natural. These are sheer lip glosses though so I wouldn't expect much colour pay off. Perhaps more so with the red/plum shades of pucker or smooch? The scent is a little too sickly sweet for me.

An oil free moisturising gel for deep hydration while minimising the appearance of fine lines. Can be worn for 5 mins as a masque and also kept in the fridge prior to application for a cooling sensation.

Sounds soothing so I am looking forward to trying this.

An invigorating, warming facial oil to balance oily skin, soften and decongest pores.

I am a little dissappointed that once again I have been given a product meant for oily skin when my GlossyBox profile clearly states I have dry skin. I will however try this product.

A luxurious hair oil to add shine and hydration to the hair. This lightweight formula leaves no oily residue.

Hopefully this will be a great hair treat!

So far I am not blown away by this GlossyBox, but these are only my first impressions.

Which products did you receive in your Nov 14 GlossyBox? Do you have any favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

For more information on the UK Glossybox click here and for the US GlossyBox click here.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi sweeties. How has your weekend been so far? Snuggled and warm indoors, Xmas shopping or out partying the night away? We are all busy at this time of year what with attending festivities and checking Xmas gifts off our lists for friends, family, partners and why not sometimes ourselves ;)

Well loved skincare brand DERMALOGICA have released 5 limited edition gift sets for 2014. I have been lucky enough to receive two of the sets shown above.

Includes an oil busting pre-cleanser to remove make-up and impurities and a multi-active toner to hydrate and refresh. A skin hydrating booster fluid to relieve dryness and fine lines. A gentle cream exfoliant masque to help improve skin texture and a skinperfect primer to illuminate and brighten for flawless skin and/or makeup application.

The light, oil-free active moist hydrates without leaving skin feeling greasy afterwards. The soothing oil-free conditioning gel eye make-up remover dissolves make-up including stubborn mascara without irritating the eyes. The antioxidant rich intensive eye repair helps replenish moisture, diminish fine lines and repair damage.

Other gift sets available are the skin soothing cream, super rich repair, body therapy essentials and the clear as day (and night) gift set which is not limited edition. You can view all of these here!

So if you are stuck for Xmas gift ideas or just want to treat yourself to some great skincare I think you should definitely check out this limited edition line while stocks last!

I have previously reviewed these 2 products included in 2 gift sets:

AGE SMART SKINPERFECT PRIMER ~ our favorites gift set.

CLEAR START BREAKOUT CLEARING FOAM WASH ~ clear as day (and night) gift set.

Let me know which of the products included in these gift sets are your favourites with reasons why in the comments below. Also tell me which ones you purchased.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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