4th Of July Accessory Ideas

Hello you scrumptious lot. I have a really bad belly ache today so I'm hoping writing this post will take my mind off it. With the 4th Of July on it's way I thought I would have a scramble around my accessories with that in mind for inspiration.

Red & Blue Sunglasses ~ Both Primark Menswear

White Sunglasses ~ River Island I Think?

White Elasticated Belt ~ H&M Sale

Blue & White Stripe Belt ~ Came With Primark Capri Pants

Red Headband ~ Claire's

Blue Sequin & White Headbands ~ Both Primark

Red & White Stud Earrings ~ Both Pairs Primark

Hello Kitty Beach Bag ~ Present, But I Believe Avon

Blue Quilted Chain Bag ~ Primark

None of these items I purchased recently, but sometimes you just need to shop your accessory stash to remember the goodies you have and enjoy them again.

Are you going to rock some red, white and blue accessories this 4th Of July or even an inspired outfit? Let me know your ideas in the comments below.

Love to you all

NOTD: 4th Of July Inspired

Hello Beauties. I really felt in the mood to play around with some nail art last night and with the 4th Of July celebrations on their way next week I thought I would try to create something colourful and fun so here it is.

I firstly applied one coat of my usual Rimmel base coat to my nails. I then cut 6 thin strips of this Primark Invisible Tape applying 3 strips horizontally across the nails of the ring fingers of each hand. I should have done this before applying my base coat, whoops! I bought these in a pack of three. They were cheap, but I can't remember the exact price sorry.

I then applied two coats of my O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in the shade Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It to alternate nails. This is a very bold red shade. So classic. I found this on amazon.co.uk for £8.89 and ebay.com.au for various prices.

I then applied two coats of my Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Nail Polish in the shade Pop Fiction (320) to the nails not yet painted with colour. This is a very bold royal blue shade. The brush that comes with this polish is quite flat and large. The formula is quite thick and gloopy, but it looks great if you take your time on application. I found this on boots.com for £1.99.

I used two coats of my NYX Cosmetics Ink Nail Art in White to create diagonal stripes across the nails with the tape and stars on my forefingers. I found this nail art striper on nelly.com for £7.95 and cherryculture.com for $2.50.

I polished off the look by adding one coat of my Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. So here is the finished manicure.

Left Hand

Right Hand

So I hope you like this look. I really like how the tape can make a simple look a little more creative. Happy 4th Of July to all in the U.S.

Have you created any 4th Of July inspired nail art? What are your current favourite nail shades?

Love to you all

June 2012 GlossyBox

Hey you little stunners. I hope you are all doing good. Today I have my June GlossyBox to show you with my initial impressions.

Left To Right:

GlossyBox Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush, RRP £15.00

This goats hair blush brush feels nice and soft. I will give this a try and see how well it applies my make-up.

MeMeMe Cosmetics Sensuous Nail Gloss, £4.50 for 12ml

This is described as a peach shade. I would say it's more of a nude cream almost skin tone shade.

BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer, £8.00 for 4g

This product is described as a medium, golden mineral bronzer. I would say this is a very golden slightly rose brown bronzer. I think it would be a great eye colour and a highlighter, especially at the tops of cheeks. It is also suggested to mix it with body lotion to create a shimmering bronzing cream. This has a sheen to it rather than a shimmer though.

Caudalie Eaux Fraiches (Zeste De Vigne), £26.00 for 50ml

Out of the three fragrances in this range this one is a very citrus and zesty scent. I can definitely smell the mandarin in this. Really refreshing and a generous size. When I sprayed this a lot came out so be careful of this.

Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick, £19.00 for 12g

I always love trying out new foundations in the discovery of the perfect complexion. I love that they have included a good variety of 6 sample shades with this starter kit. Each shade has a suggestion for the skin tones it will suit which is very helpful. I have noticed a lot of changes in the pigmentation of my face so it will be interesting to see if this covers just enough, not enough or way too much. Red veins are something on my face I find really difficult to cover with just foundation and concealer so I can't wait to see how this works.

Overall I think this is a nice box. There isn't anything that I am disappointed with so far, but the Vichy samples are the thing that has really caught my eye.

If you want more information about GlossyBox please check out this link.

Which products did you get in your June GlossyBox? Did you like them?

Love to you all

NOTD: Fiery Fingertips

Hi Everyone. Today I had lunch in the sun with the girls which was lovely. A jacket potato with beans and sausage, yum yum :) I have a NOTD post to show you a hot nail colour.

I started by applying one layer of my usual Rimmel base coat followed by two coats of this O.P.I. Nail Lacquer Bright Lights-Big Color. This shade is a fiery colour. It looks different in various lighting. I would describe this as an orange rose shade with gold shimmer. I think this is really hot for the summer. It would look fantastic with a tan. I found this on amazon.co.uk for £7.84 and polyvore.com for $7.50. I finished off this manicure with one coat of my Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

What are your favourite O.P.I. Nail Lacquers? Which hot nail shades would you recommend for summer?

Love to you all

A Great Storage Solution

Hello Beauties. I left work a bit early today as I just feel so run down. Not sick or anything just old and knackered, ha ha ;) This is just a quick post to show you a fabulous item that I picked up in Primark.

This hanger is just £2.00 which is just fabbo. It feels like felt. I picked up four of these as I plan on using them for necklaces and scarves. I have a lot of both as you may have guessed. I have the mauve shade, but I believe these also come in black. This was the only colour in the Primark I visited though. With my move to my new home imminent I thought these would come in handy. 

Have you got any storage solutions or ideas that you want to pass on to me? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

NOTD: Just Like Fairy Dust

Hi All. I am watching The Only Way Is Marbs at the moment and chuckling to myself. I do love a bit of TOWIE. I have a NOTD post for you today which I think is quite magical.

I started by applying one coat of my usual Rimmel base coat followed by three coats of this beautiful O.P.I. Nail Lacquer Princesses Rule! I found this product on amazon.co.uk for various prices and on amazon.com for $1.60. I layered on three coats of this shimmery pink shade because I really wanted to get as much shimmer as possible. It makes me think of fairy dust. A really girly shade. This would be fab over other shades I think. I sealed the look with one coat of my Dry Fast Seche Vite Top Coat.

Are you a fan of shimmery nail polishes? Which ones have you found great to layer over other shades?

Love to you all

Thank You Dad ♥

Hey my loves. My life is changing at the moment as I am getting my new home ready to move in with my fella. It has been such a busy yet exciting time. We have had a lot of help getting things sorted and we are both so grateful. The only thing missing is that I can't share this time in my life with my Dad as he passed away some years ago. I wish I could invite him around to dinner in my new abode once we have moved in, but it's not meant to be. My lovely Mum I can still share some special times with though.

I am not going to get all morbid as that is not the point of me writing this post. I just like to remember my special Dad. I do think of him every day. I am finding that I have learnt to smile more and cry less when I do. 

Thanks Dad for loving me. You are always in my heart and in my thoughts. I am so happy that I was the lucky one to be your daughter and your friend.

Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's out there. I hope you have fun with your families today. To those of you that have lost your Dad my thoughts are with you and I hope you have happy memories.

Love to you all


My Blog Cards

Hello Cherubs. I have been a busy sausage of late, but I still like to find the time to blog. My blog is something I have become seriously addicted to because I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts on beauty products. I love experimenting with make-up and nail looks too. I attended a couple of PR events recently and met some fantastic people. A few Bloggers that I met advised me to get some cards made up to promote my blog so that I would be remembered. I felt a bit nervous about doing this at first as my blog is a year old where many others are much older and more experienced, but then I thought how did they do so well? I am proud of my blog so I thought just go for it. I used Vistaprint to make my cards up and here are the results.

This is the front and back. I am pleased with the overall look, but a little concerned that the writing may not be clear enough for people to read easily. Maybe next time I will go for a different font.

Let me know your thoughts on my cards. Do you like the way they look? Do you think I should have designed them differently? Have you got any cards made up to promote your blog? Where did you get yours?

Love to you all

May 2012 Empties

Hello Gorgeous. Yeah that's all of you. I really want to get into this post straight away today as I have so many products to talk about. I am going to share with you my thoughts on the products I used up in May.

Face Wash, Make-Up Removers, Face Serum & Face Cream

Left To Right:

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, £18.40 for 197ml

This product came in my October Feelunique Beauty Box, Link. This face wash smells like bubblegum which I love. The exfoliating beads didn't do much for me so I used this purely as a face wash.  

Bioré Make-Up Removing Wipes

I need to get some more of these. I received these for free to review. You can find my review post here. The regular price for a pack of 25 wipes was £3.99 from Superdrug, but I have never seen them in my local store and I can no longer find them on the Superdrug website. Do any of you lovelies know where I can find them? Please help as they make me skin feel sooooooo smooth.

Taaj Himalaya Micellar Water, £16.97 for 500ml

I received this product in my February JolieBox, Link. This was an okay make-up remover. Just enough came out of the top when tipped onto a cotton wool pad. It's a bit too herbally for me as I started thinking about marinating something every time I used it. Just not for me. The last time I used this I managed to slice my finger quite badly by closing the lid which is now just healing :(

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum, £26.10 for 30ml

I received this product in my April GlossyBox, Link. This was a bit too runny for me. I prefer more of a thicker face serum.

Tropic Skincare Skin Revive, £15.95 for 50ml

I received this product in my April JolieBox, Link. This was a nice enough cream to use on my face, but I am still undecided on whether or not I like the scent.

Multi-tasker, Shower Washes & Body Exfoliation

Left To Right:

DR Bronner's Magic Liquid Soap, £3.14 - £11.69 for 118ml - 944ml

I received this product in my February GlossyBox, Link. This can be used in a number of ways, but I only used it for three. As a toothpaste it is awful. It literally is brushing your teeth with liquid soap. Horrible! As a hand wash it was okay. I used this mostly as a shower wash. It is refreshing because of the peppermint, but do be careful when washing down below as it's extremely tingly. You have been warned!

Marks & Spencer La Maison de Senteurs Body Wash, £3.50 for 200ml

I received this product as a Xmas present from a friend, Link. I love this baby soft scent which I am a sucker for.

Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel Sensation, £6.50 for 200ml

I received this product in my December GlossyBox, Link. This foaming shower gel has such a gorgeous scent. So sensual and sexy.

Yardley Luxury Body Wash (English Lavender), £2.63 for 200ml

I received this product in my March JolieBox, Link. This was okay to use and has quite a spa relaxing scent to it.

Beyonce Heat Pearl Exfoliating Shower Gel

I bought this as part of a gift set in the January 2011 sales from ASOS. I love the scent of this. It's very warm and sensual. The exfoliating beads didn't do anything in the way of exfoliation for me so I used a separate body exfoliator. If you Google this product there are a few links for it, but you may want to purchase the gift set if you really like the scent.

Body Scrub, Shave Gel & Anti-Perspirant Deodorants

Left To Right:

Primark Ooh La SPA DO NOT DISTURB Salt Scrub

I really like the style of this jar. I think the rubber seal shown tucked behind the jar was purely to keep the product sealed in before opening as I never put it back after opening it. I think this was only a couple of pounds at the time, but I bought it so long ago. I don't think they sell this anymore, sorry. This did feel really nice to use though. It's a kind of sugar scrub. I do like the fresh scent of this too.

Gillette Satin Care Floral Passion Shave Gel, £3.25 for 200ml, $19.59 for a pack of six 7 ounce cans

I received this as part of my Xmas goodies, Link. I usually always buy the Gillete shave gels as I like how they feel on my skin. The scent of this product is floral but quite subtle.

Superdrug Essential Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

One of the products I received as part of my Xmas gifts, Link. The other can I purchased myself. I have previously reviewed this here. This is not shown on the Superdrug website, but I think it's around 69p for a 200ml can.

Body Creams & Scents

Left To Right:

Beyonce Heat Gold Sparkling Body Lotion

I bought this as part of the gift set that I mentioned earlier in this post. This has the same sensual scent. The gold sparkle in this product is very subtle.

Baylis & Harding England Skin Spa Body Butter, £14.99 for the Drawer Set

I received this as part of a gift set for my birthday, Link. This has a pretty rose, ylang ylang & patchouli scent. This was a nice cream to use. I would say it is more of a cream than a body butter as it has a looser consistency than a lot of body butters.

Hello Kitty Liberty Body Butter

I received this product as part of my Xmas gifts, Link. I previously reviewed this product here. This range was Limited Edition at Boots around Xmas time, but you may be able to find this on Ebay or Amazon.

Barbie Fab Floral Spritz, £3.10 for 100ml

I purchased this product from Avon, Link in October. I think the bottle is so cute and so pink, yay :) This was nice enough to use. I may keep the bottle to fill with water when I want to spray my make-up brushes to apply pigments.

Lolita Lempicka L'Eau en Blanc, £49.00 - £65.00 for 50ml / 100ml

I received this product in my May GlossyBox. Check out this Link for my thoughts on this product.

Fendi Fan Di Fendi Eau De Toilette, $67.00 for 1.7oz, £33.95 for 30ml / £57.00 for 75ml

I received this product in my March GlossyBox. You can check out this Link to see my thoughts on this scent.

Toothpaste, Lip Salves, Hand Creams & Foundation

Left To Right:

Macleans Total Health Toothpaste, £2.13 for 100ml

My Mum picked this up for me and it tastes fine. I prefer to buy whitening toothpastes, but Mum picked up the wrong one. I forgive you Mum. I prefer flip top lids on toothpaste though. I want to try some of the Crest White Strips so if you know the best place to order them please let me know and which ones out of the range work best for you.

Lip Lishuss! Vanilla Scent Lip Balm

I received this product in a pack of two as part of my Xmas gifts, Link. I have no idea where you can buy Lip Lishuss! products. This product is too vanilla for me. It is a lotion consistency with granules. I don't like how it feels applying it to my lips.

LP Skin Therapy (Lip Rescue Gel), £15.00 for 8ml

I received this product in my July GlossyBox, Link. When I first received this product I really liked it because of the orange scent and the doe foot applicator, but my boyfriend has been hating this. He doesn't like the way this feels on my lips and I kind of know what he means. It coats your lips with a kind of rubbery barrier and is no good at all if you want to apply any lip products over the top as they just won't adhere to your lips with this on. This has lasted ages though.

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Hand Lotion, £4.25 for 250ml

I really like the scent of this. It's a very calming spa aroma. The pump design is what really attracted me to this product. I had used the Body Lotion from this range for such a long time, but for some reason it started reacting badly to my skin. Other products in this range that I had already bought seem okay at the moment though. 

Arbonne FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme

I received this item in my November GlossyBox, Link. This product felt so nice to use and the tube seemed to last forever. The tube is a little bland, but the product makes up for it. I would Google this product if you are interested in purchasing it as there are lots of links with various prices/sizes for it. 

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum SPF 15 - Natural 50, £12.99 for 30ml from Boots or Superdrug

I received this product for free and I have previously reviewed it here. My boyfriend commented about a month ago that I was looking a bit orange with this on so I went for the lighter shade of Light Ivory, but it's a bit too light for even me. My boss actually asked me if I was feeling okay the first time I wore it as I looked so pale. I have been mixing it with my Eyeko Tinted Cream and I think it works better.

The products I would buy in the future are:

Bioré Make-Up Removing Wipes

Marks & Spencer La Maison de Senteurs Body Wash

Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel Sensation

Primark Ooh La SPA DO NOT DISTURB Salt Scrub

Gillette Satin Care Floral Passion Shave Gel

Superdrug Essential Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Hand Lotion

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum SPF 15

So that's all of my May Empties. I hope you found this post useful. Which products have you been loving and loathing in May?

Love to you all

May 2012 JolieBox: In Bloom ...

Hey All. The weather must be having it's time of the month as it's mood swings are doing my head in. In this post I want to show you the products I received in my May JolieBox named 'In Bloom ...'

Left To Right:

Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser, £7.50 for 15ml / £19.00 for 50ml

This feels nice enough when I tried a bit on my hand, but it's another rose scent which I'm bored of in beauty boxes now.

Talika Lipocils Expert, £27.00 for 10ml

I am pretty happy with my lashes, but I will keep this in case I feel they ever need a little help.

RMK Make Up Base, Link

When I tried this on my hand it feels very fresh, creamy and cooling. I am not sure of the usual price of this product as I could not find it on the RMK website.

China Glaze Professional Nail Lacquer (Hook And Line), Link

This is a full size product from The China Glaze Capitol Colours The Hunger Games Collection. I would describe this shade as a grey putty with a slight silver/purple duo chrome. I would have hoped for a bit more of a brightening shade for this time of year, but it is great that it's full size and from this collection. I am not sure of the usual price of this product.

In the May issue of JOLIEMAG there is an explanation of what BB Creams really are, product reviews, Day to Night Makeup, discounts, beauty tips and much more.

I am not blown away by this box I have to say. I will use the moisturiser, make up base and nail lacquer for sure. The Talika product I will keep for when needed. I am hoping that when I use one of these products it is going to blow me away because looking at them right now I'm sorry to say it looks like a bit of a boring box. 

Not just because of this box as one box is no reason to unsubscribe, but my JolieBoxes keep turning up late or not at all and I have to keep chasing after them. Also I have received an email today telling me that my payment has failed for my June JolieBox. This keeps happening lately and I'm getting fed up with it now. I will sleep on it tonight, but I may unsubscribe.

For more information on JolieBox check out this Link.

Have you had trouble like me receiving your boxes or having them turn up late? Are you having trouble paying for your boxes with no reason you can think of?

Love to you all

NOTD: 10 Year Anniversary

Hello Beautiful People. This is my very 1st scheduled post so I hope it works :) I knew I would be busy today buying things for the house and today is also the 10 year anniversary of being with my boyfriend so moving in together has just been the perfect time to celebrate. Hopefully we can move in together this week or next week, but tonight we might stay at the house with some sleeping bags, a takeaway and most likely a little tipple :) My NOTD post for you today is a bit of nail art to commemorate our anniversary, but the nail colour is really nice too.

I firstly applied one coat of my usual Rimmel base coat. I then applied two coats of this Primark Glo Baby Glo! UV Reactive Nail Polish in the shade Chrome Caramel. I could have gotten away with just one coat of this really. Primark do not show many products on their website so I can't tell you how much this is or if it is still available I'm sorry. I know that it was cheap when I bought it. This shade is definitely a chrome shade. When it wears away at the ends it can look a little like your nails are dirty, but it's not very obvious at all.

I then used my StarGazer Nail Art Pen in White to draw some nail art. You can purchase this product for £3.00 here from the StarGazer website, for £3.00 from naildelights.com, Link or as part of an 8 shade pack for £19.99 from naildelights.com, Link.

Left Hand: My Attempt At Writing 'Me + U'. It Looks More Like A Smiley Face Though.

Right Hand: A Bit Of A Squiggly '10'.

I used my Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray to seal the look.

So that's all folks. I hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday weekend. Are you celebrating the Jubilee? If yes, how are you celebrating?

Love to you all

May GlossyBox - Happy Anniversary!

Hello my Sweets. I am trying my best to blog as usual at the moment and I am managing it so far, but I am hoping to move into my new home in the next week or two so please bear with me if I'm not around as much. Today I want to share with you the products that arrived in my May GlossyBox. It is named the 'Happy Anniversary!' box as GlossyBox has turned 1, aww.

The box is the traditional GlossyBox light pink shade. The tissue wrapping is very cute and pretty. The Anniversary ribbon is a nice touch too.

Left To Right:

Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel, £20.00 for 250ml

Please check out the link above for information on this product.

My Thoughts:

This is a nice product. I have only used this as a shower gel so far. The scent reminds me of the more masculine Molton Brown type of scents. 

Lolita Lempicka Scents:

Please check out the link above for information on this product.

My Thoughts:

I looooooooooooove this scent. It's gorgeous, sexy and evoking. I want it now. The sample tube is very pretty in the styling.

Please check out the link above for information on this product.

My Thoughts:

This is a more subtle and soft day fresh scent. A little powder room if you will. The packaging is really pretty like the other sample tube. I have used this one up at work the other day. This tube only lasted one day as it was very warm and I wanted to stay fresh at work.

Weleda Face Cream/Body Milk, From £10.95 (£14.95 for 30ml) 

Please check out the link above for information on this product.

My Thoughts:

I have been using this cream in the evenings on my face for about a week now. A little goes a long way with this cream. It does feel nice to apply and has a rose scent. Rose scents seem to be quite popular at the moment in beauty boxes. They are okay, but I it's not the typical kind of scent that appeals to me.

Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner (Black), £4.99 for 6ml 

Please check out the link above for information on this product.

My Thoughts:

The brush that comes with this product gives quite a thick line so I won't use that as I like to choose how thick I want my liner when I apply it so I will just use my own make-up brush with this. I do think that this shade is so amazingly black though. I love it. When I swatched it it was so smooth to apply. The Collection website says it gives a glossy finish, but I found this product to try a bit more matte which is fine for me. It comes in four shades so perhaps the Teal and Gold are a bit more glossy? I am looking forward to creating a dramatic winged eye with this product.

 Before The Swatch Had Dried To A More Matte Finish

Left To Right:

HD Brows Brow Beater, From £3.90 

My Thoughts:

You can check out the link above for HD Brows website, but I find it really hard to find the link to the products. Please let me know if you know where the product links are hidden :) I haven't tried this product yet, but I will as I do set my brows with a clear mascara which is what this is.

I got really excited when I saw the glitter particles on this wand, but it looks like they are there purely for decoration as they do not transfer when I swatched this on my hand. If they had I might have used this as a mascara as the curve on this wand I think would be great for a mascara.

GlossyBox Compact Mirror, Free to subscribers as a birthday gift

My Thoughts:

This is a really nice compact and it's an extra product which is always nice :)

Overall I am really happy with this box. I really want the Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum, but I'm a bit skint at the moment with moving house so I think I will have to wait a while for that one. The Lolita Lempicka L'Eau en Blanc was really nice to use as well. The Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner (Black) looks to be a great liner so I really hope I will like it. The other products are nice too, but these are the stand out ones in this box for me.

So Happy Birthday GlossyBox. I have been with you from the start and I hope the next year has lots of goodness to come.

For more information on the GlossyBox service please check out this Link.

Have you subscribed to GlossyBox? If yes, are you happy with their service? What products did you receive in your May box and were you happy with them? If no, will you be subscribing?

Love to you all

Are You Getting The Benefit?

Hey Loves. I have been finding this week at work so long as the weather has been so glorious work is the last thing on my mind. Now there are many of you that may think I'm a bit mental, but I'm not bothered as I love a bargain :) I have been without a face/make-up primer for a few weeks and I have always wanted to try a certain one which leads me onto my post ..........

I have been subscribed to Glamour Magazine for as long as I can remember. I have a few magazine subscriptions, but Glamour Magazine is the only one I have that continues to give the free gifts to subscribers. This is not the only reason that I like the magazine, but it does make me think more favourably about it. Please take note Cosmopolitan and Company Magazines! Glamour Magazine are giving away Benefit Cosmetics products with each July 2012 issue. The covers vary as you can see above. I have wanted to try the Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional for ages and to do a comparison I also wanted to try the Benefit Cosmetics "That Gal" Brightening Face Primer. Now for the laughter and shock on your faces.

Yes I picked up that many. I actually did get one of the POREfessional products free with my magazine subscription, but I bought another 13 magazines as I had heard such great things about this product. One of the magazines had the "That Gal" primer with it so I could do a comparison. You may think I'm crazy, but when I think I could have spent £23.50 on a 22.0ml tube of The POREfessional and I now have 90.00ml for £24.00 (this does not include the free one that came with my subscription) I think that's pretty savvy. The "That Gal" primer is usually priced at £21.50 for 11ml. I have 7.5ml for just £2.00.

Left: "That Gal" & Right: The POREfessional

"That Gal" is more of a salmon pink than I expected and is quite brightening. I am hoping this will add a fresh dewiness to the complexion. This is more matte where as the The POREfessional is quite runny, has a more liquid texture and a very subtle skin tint shade to it. I think that the "That Gal" product would be nice to try as a highlighter on the cheeks too.

Glamour Magazine are also giving away Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Lash Mascara with this issue, but I am sure I have already tried that before and I have a ton of mascaras already.

So that's my crazy lady post for today. Are you going to pick up an issue of Glamour Magazine or go even more nuts like me and pick up a stock load? Which of these products appeal to you the most? If you have tried any of them already what are your thoughts on them?

Love to you all

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