Next Lip Balm & Astonish Handwash Reviews

Hi there everyone and Happy Friday! Thanks for taking a peek at my blog today. I have 2 really mini reviews for you and here they are. 

Astonish Yourself Coconut Anti Bacterial Handwash ~ 99p for 500ml

I do love shopping in the 99p Stores as there are always such bargains. I have also tried the Silke Soft handwash as well as the Milk & Honey from this range. I do have to say that I have enjoyed using them all. I love the coconut scent of this, but the scent doesn't really stay on my hands when I wash them which is a shame.

Next Just Pink Strawberry Lip Balm

This was a Xmas gift from a friend and I really hate to give it a bad review, but after persevering with this product for about 2 weeks I have to say that I am not a fan, sorry :( The strawberry scent is very evidently super sweet and yummy and the glossy appearance it gives to the lips is beautifully shiny and iridescent. The problem is the texture and the affect it had on my lips. It's a very sticky formula and didn't glide on to my lips as easily as other lip balms of this nature. My lips began to feel sore after using this for about 2 days. I did continue to use it for longer though as mentioned above, but I actually felt like my lips began to feel more sore even without touching them. I do still have another product from this Just Pink range that my friend gave to me to try so I will review that for you as soon as I can. I am not sure on the price of this product as I can't seem to find it on the Next website, but I have seen this range in store if you want to check it out as the product packaging is certainly girly and appealing. At least to me anyway :)

I hope you enjoy these reviews. I will keep trying out products for you and letting you know my thoughts on them. What are your favourite handwashes and lip balms and why? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all 

Facial Skincare Reviews

Hi beauties. Today I am going to get straight into this post as I have many facial skincare reviews for you.

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover ~ £17.00 for 125ml

Winner of the SHE Magazine Beauty Awards 2011 for Best Eye Makeup RemoverThis 50ml bottle I won in a charity raffle at work. I really like this make-up remover which can be used on lids, lashes and lips. It easily removes any stubborn makeup without stinging sensitive areas such as the eyes. Suitable for contact lens wearers although I can't imagine removing my make-up with my lenses in. I simply give the bottle a shake, apply to a cotton pad and rub gently on the area to remove all traces of make-up. The lid design now appears to have changed, but I have not heard that the formula is any different.

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream ~ £18.50 for 100ml

Suitable for all skin types. I picked up this product with an issue of Glamour Magazine. This is a cream exfoliator that is fragrance free. I used this in the shower twice a week after my face wash. It worked well enough, but I wouldn't say that it made such a difference that I would buy it full price.

Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque ~ £34.50 for 74ml

I received this product in my October 2011 GlossyBox. I really did enjoy using this masque. I applied this in quite a thick layer to a cleansed face and neck 1-2 times a week and left it on for 15 mins. When I washed it off with a soft flannel and warm water my skin felt really smooth and pampered. This masque is meant for ageing, stressed and damaged skin. My skin was plumped, glowy and youthful looking after using this product.

Dermalogica Total Eye Care ~ £37.90 for 15ml

I received this sample size at an event. The product had a skin tone shade to it, but when absorbed into the skin that disappeared. I did like applying this product that contains SPF15 because of the texture. I don't really suffer with dark circles so I can't comment on how it affects those. I don't really have bad fine lines yet either. The puffiness that usually appears however around my eyes I did not find reduced by this product.

Coola Organic Suncare Collection Mineral Face SPF 20 Rose Essence Tint ~ Various prices and sizes on Amazon

I received this product in my July 2013 GlossyBox. I didn't love the rose scent of this product when applying it, but I didn't hate it either. Once applied I never really noticed it anyway. This gave a lovely healthy looking glow to my skin, but it was just a tad too orange for me. Water resistant (40 mins).

Caudalie Divine Oil ~ Choice of size and price

I received this product in my May 2013 GlossyBox. This product was divine indeed. I did try it on my hair and body, but I loved savouring it for the evenings to smooth over my cleansed face and neck. I massaged it in thoroughly inhaling the scent which made me feel deeply relaxed.

Vichy Idelia Life Serum ~ Various stockists

Vichy Idelia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream ~ Various stockists

These Vichy products I received in my November 2013 GlossyBox. They felt nice enough on my skin when applied. Very glowing, healthy and youthful in appearance. Once the product had sunk in thoroughly though I wouldn't say that I noticed any dramatic difference.

So that's all of my latest facial skincare reviews. I hope that you found at least one of them useful. Let me know your favourites and why in the comments below. Have a great Sunday!

Love to you all 

Motel Rocks Sale Wish List

Hi there beauties. Today I am here to tell you about an awesome sale that Motel are having with up to 70% off loads of items. Here are my favourite pieces.

To check out all of the sale please see this link!

Let me know your favourite pieces from the Motel sale in the comments below.

Love to you all

Favourites: 2013 Skincare & Nail Product

Hi there sweeties and happy Thursday! Today I have the last of my 2013 favourites posts for you. Here are my favourite 2013 skincare products with a nail product included.

I don't have all of the products at the moment so this photo only includes the ones I do. I will however include links to posts where I have previously reviewed and shown the products.

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips

I usually prefer twist up tube lip balms as they are easy to use on the go and less messy. This product however was my top 2013 lip saviour. My lips are prone to drying, cracking, peeling, splitting etc. To see my full review check out this link.

RANA Argan Oil

I love using facial oils at night. They really feel like they moisturise and pamper my skin more deeply than most creams, but are too slippery for the day when I apply my make-up. My full review is in this link.

DHC Bio Cellulose Mask

This was the weirdest and funniest mask I have ever used. You can see why in my review here. A great treatment for renewed facial skincare at home.

Poundland Pure Exfoliating Complete Cleansing Wipes

These are so worth the price. Poundland always have these at two packs of 20 wipes for just £1.00. See my full review here.

balance Me. Super Moisturising Hand Cream

A deeply moisturising hand cream with such a therapeutic scent. My full review is in this link.

Crystal Clear Skincare Stay Young Intense Anti-Ageing Serum Moisturiser & Lift Away The Years Wand

This moisturiser combined with the Lift Away The Years magical wand are amazing. If you want more toned, defined and slimmer facial features that lessen the need for make-up contouring check out these products. Available now at Your Beauty M&S. For my Crystal Clear Skincare full reviews check out this post!

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

These two when used together sent me to cleansed heaven. My skin felt so clean as all of the dirt and make-up residue had been completely removed without being harsh on my skin. To see my review of both products check out this link!

99p Store Cussons Shower Creams & Shower Gels

First of all total bargains at 99p for these 500ml bottles. The scents are great, especially the wild fruit burst. I am using that one currently. Check out my review on those here!

Elegant Touch Rapid Dry For Nails

A quick drying spray that you simply mist over your painted nails when you can't be bothered with a top coat or are just in a rush. Perfect when you have applied nail art that you don't want to smudge with a top coat too. See my review here!

In the shower I tend to use exfoliating gloves on my body which I generally pick up in pound shops unless I receive body exfoliating products for Xmas, birthdays or in my GlossyBox.

I have been trying to make myself moisturise my body every day and I haven't done too bad with that. I usually use a spray oil if I really can't be bothered when I am at home as I think they tend to sometimes take longer to sink into the skin and may stain clothes if I am in a rush to get dressed and go out. I have used many body creams and lotions throughout the year though which you can find reviews of on my blog in the tags section.

I hope that this post and all of my other 2013 favourites posts have helped you discover some products that you might enjoy. If you do try them please let me know how they work for you.

Love to you all

Favourites: 2013 Lip Glosses & Lipsticks

Hi my lovelies. I hope you are all super fab today. You are closer to the weekend now so just keep going. For you I have a wee post on my favourite 2013 lip products. So without further ado these were my most used in 2013.

L-R: NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss Dolly Pink, Fearne Glossy Lips (shade unknown), NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss Perfect Red, NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss Nude Pink & NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss Beige.

As you can see I am a massive fan of the NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses. I have swatches of these shades and many others in this post! I am not sure if all the NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses smell the same, but these ones certainly smell like cherries which I really like. The colour you see in the tube is the colour you truly get with these. They feel really nice on the lips and have a cute bow on top of the black lids. NYX is a brand which I always think of as a favourite in general. I would totally recommend these to lip gloss lovers. 

Dolly Pink is a very bold barbie pink. 

Perfect Red is exactly that. Bold and sultry for va va voom lips.

Nude Pink is a milky cool toned peach.

Beige is not beige at all. Every time this product is mentioned on blogs and by YouTuber's the same thing is said. It's a very natural lip colour. A subtle rose pink.

The Fearne Cotton lip gloss came in a set which you may be able to find on Ebay or Amazon, but as it was a 2011 Xmas gift that may not be possible sorry. I hate showing products that you may not be able to get hold of, but it was a favourite last year. The shade is not named or numbered, but I described it as a pinky brown in this post where you can find all of my Fearne Cotton lip and nail product swatches.

Left: Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick Apple Blossom

This is a very easy to wear pale peach nude. I think it would suit most complexions as it is so light. You can find swatches of my Natural Collection lipsticks here. These lipsticks are available at Boots. The site seems to be down at the moment so I can't tell you their price, but I think they are around £1.99.

Right: NYX Round Lipstick Fire

You can find a swatch of this shade and many others in this haul post. I picked up this lipstick at IMATS some time ago, but I have purchased many NYX products from too. I would definitely say if the shipping works out to be worth it for you and you want to find lots of make-up brands at very affordable prices then you should check out this site. There are brands such as Jordana and Milani on their too which we don't really see in the UK. This NYX shade I described as a very punchy red. The NYX Round Lipsticks feel so buttery on the lips.

So these were my most worn lip products of 2013, but believe me I have used many different brands and shades throughout the year. I would also recommend checking out the MUA range at Superdrug for very affordable lipsticks at just £1.00 each. I for one want to check out their new matte lipstick line. Here is a link to some of their lipstick products.

What were your favourite lip products of 2013? Let me know with your reasons in the comments below.

Love to you all

Melvita ProSun Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturising Gel Cream Review

Hi there beauties. I hope you are all doing well this Monday and are not too sad now that the weekend has passed. I have this week off as I always try to on my birthday week. I plan on taking some time to make changes to my blog and play around with my new camera :)

As you can see from the post title this is a review of the Melvita ProSun Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturising Gel Cream

Product information and claims:


Product photo from source

A natural, DHA-free formula that moisturises the skin and gives it a beautiful bronzed glow. A self tan like no-other. The formula feels, smells and moisturises like a body lotion with the added benefit of imparting a natural-looking tan.

It features Erythrulose, an innovative, natural bronzing agent derived from sugar cane which results in an even, streak-free tan with a vanilla flower and sweet orange water scent.

Free from DHA, which can lead to an orange-tinted shade, uneven coverage, and an unpleasant smell as well as leave the skin more vulnerable to free radicals, the Melvita ProSun Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturising Gel Cream gives a gradual, controlled and even tan. 

Gone is the exhaustive ‘self-tan ritual’ donning gloves and smoothing on foams in long strokes. Using a combination of safflower, buriti, coconut oils and beeswax the tanning cream moisturises the skin without the need for protective gloves or application pads.

The ProSun Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturising Gel-Cream is certified organic by EcoCert and is dermatologically tested and approved. It is non-greasy and perfect for all skin types.

My thoughts and application:

Feeling nervous yet excited about using this product was expected. I don't often use fake tan products as I am very pale and fear that I will end up looking tangoed or even worse tangoed and streaky. Not a good look I think we can all agree. I have previously had spray tans applied professionally as well as trying out creams, mousses and sprays at home. I do like to dabble now and then when I am feeling way too pasty, but usually it's such a ritual to exfoliate and shave the day before. Remember to not moisturise or apply deodorant/perfume before application, except for a little moisture cream on areas such as ankles, knees and elbows. Then standing around for at least an hour to let it sink in and usually sleeping with a deep guide colour overnight before washing it off the next day. My boyfriend hates it when I fake tan as he can't stand the smell and thinks it looks too unnatural. I thought this would be a good product to try without telling him as it's gradual and would hopefully look natural without the biscuity, curry pong.


 In the evening I had a bath, shaving and exfoliating my body. I decided to apply a face mask and read a mag to let my pores close a little from shaving in case I ended up with dark spots on my legs where the tan had sunk in. I have never applied tan the same day as my prep and as this is a moisturiser as well as a lotion I did not use a regular moisturiser on my ankles, knees and elbows prior to application.

Because it was my first application I wanted to be careful. I stood on a towel in the bathroom with a full length mirror so that I would ensure to not miss any areas. I also wore a headband and tied my hair up so that no hair would be coloured.

The cream is yellow and when applying it from the tube it applies just like any moisturiser cream. I wouldn't say it felt like a gel cream as described. More like a lotion to be honest. On my skin it looked pale yellow/white. Although there wasn't any tan guide colour the cream was visible enough to see on the skin so no areas were missed. It's just like the type of body cream that really needs to be worked into the skin and doesn't sink in straight away. Something I usually hate, but in this instance an advantage.

I started at my feet and worked my way up my legs, ensuring to bend the knees at one point to avoid the white knee crease. I then did my bottom, hips, sides, tummy, chest, neck, face (avoiding eyebrows, eyes and lips), ears, arms (again bending elbows in and out to avoid tan crease or missed bits) and finally hands. With the hands I went straight over the tops using each hand to apply on the other, then made claw shapes and rubbed it in to avoid creases in the knuckles. Then I slid my fingers between both hands so that there were no lines at the sides of my fingers. I have been there and done that with these mistakes believe me. Finally I used face wipes to clean toe and finger nails, the tan bottle, the soles of my feet and the palms of my hands. It does say to wash your hands, but then I don't see how you will get a nicely blended tan from your arms to your fingertips.

I did have some time so I wrapped myself in an old, thin dressing gown so that I didn't sweat it off and continued to read my magazine. The tan did feel a little tacky and warming on my skin, but after about an hour I felt comfortable enough to put on my PJ's and continue as normal. There was no obvious colour change at this stage. I did find the vanilla in this product on my first application way too sickly, but then I am not a massive fan of vanilla.


After showering I applied the tan in the same manner and I did feel like I was starting to get a slight glow, but more like healthy glowing skin than a light tan. The vanilla scent had started to fade slightly and unfortunately the biscuity curry scent had started to arrive.


I applied it again in the same way. I got dressed this time about half an hour after applying as we were going out. There was absolutely no colour transfer on to my clothes or bedding from this product. Today was the day when I felt like I definitely had a natural looking, light tan. The biscuity curry scent was much more evident on this day. That evening my fella asked me what I smelt of while turning his nose up. I could see that he had noticed the colour change in my skin by now too.


Monday's and Friday's are the days when I would normally exfoliate my face and body anyway so that I start both the working week and weekend feeling fresh and renewed. I must say that I am looking forward to taking my tan off for the reason of nothing more than the smell. I know that the product is DHA free and claims not to have a terrible smell, but unfortunately for me that was not the case. I am really gutted as I love this product in every other way. Here is my pro and con list for those considering trying this product:


Easy to apply as cream is visible until rubbed in thoroughly.

Acts as a moisturiser so a 2-in-1 product.

No need for 2 tanning products as works on both face and body.

No patches or streaking.

No defined tan lines where tan ends and natural skin begins (palms of hands).

Natural shade.

Buildable daily so not obviously fake as it's light in tone.

Perfect for fair skins like mine.

No dots in leg pores after shaving or in pores of face.

Can be applied soon after shaving and exfoliating rather than the next day like some tans advise.

Does not transfer on to clothes (other than slightly around neck of dressing gown when 1st applied).

Lovely glow on the skin remains even after showering and using face wash each day.

Great for 1st time tanners.

Even after washing hands from cleaning, cooking and using the loo the fade is very natural along my hands. So no dark arms and white hands. Obvious fake tan signs!


Fake tan smell was present and stronger on 3rd day of application.

Final thought:

If it wasn't for the scent I would totally purchase this product myself as I think it's fail safe in application and looks so natural. I have applied this liberally to my face and body for three days and I would say I have about half left of this 150ml tube. So that's a £22.00 product that should last me about 6 applications. That's about £3.60 per application or about £11.00 to get to the level of tan I want after 3 days of application. If I were to use this again I would plan the days ahead to build up to this.

I do feel that if I had applied it again today that it might have looked less natural. This is why I have now exfoliated and although the tan is less obvious I am still left with a more golden tone than my usual pasty white. There are areas where then tan has come off more than others, but it's much less obvious than other tanners I have previously removed.

If the usual fake tan scent does not bother you then I would give this product a try as I am sure you will love it!

The Melvita range is available from, selected John Lewis stores and, Wholefoods stores, BeautyMART at Harvey Nichols and

Have you tried any other products from the Melvita range? If yes, what are your thoughts on them? Also what are your favourite gradual tanners? Do they have the typical fake tan smell? Let me know in the comments below.

Product sent to me for free to review.

Love to you all

Yayer Wishlist

Hi there again folks. I am back today as I have stumbled across the fashion website Yayer and just have to share with you my wishlist items from their website.

As you can see I have picked all cover ups here. With the weather being so erratic of late I chose items that can be worn to keep out the winter chill while you still look super cool.

All three are something I would have worn growing up and still would today. I think these styles are real keepers that can be worn again and again. I love the casual, laid back look of the first two longer pieces. The monochrome last piece will work with many outfits too.

Check out their full range at

Have you purchased any pieces from Yayer? If yes, link me up to your outfit posts. If no, what would you add to your wishlist from Yayer? Let me know in the comments below.

Images not my own.

Love to you all

DKNY Be Delicious Limited Edition City Blossom Fragrance Collection

Hi there sweet peas. It's the weeeeeeekend woo hoo. I hope you all had a great Friday night. I stayed in watching a film. I was glad to be home after walking in the rain in the daytime.

Today I am here to give you and perhaps your ever so kind partner the heads up on some limited edition DKNY fragrances that are due to launch soon.

This is the DKNY Be Delicious City Blossom Fragrance Collection. There are 3 fragrance inspired by the popular urban rooftop gardens in New York.

Rooftop Peony

Top notes: mandarin, bergamot, pink lady apple blossom and cassis.

Middle notes: rose absolute, peony and raspberry.

Base notes: including sandalwood, amber and reseda.

Urban Violet: 

Top notes: mandarin, blackberry, raspberry and red delicious apple blossom.

Middle notes: rose, freesia and violet. 

Base notes: sandalwood, orris and musk.

Empire Apple

Top notes: American apple extract, cucumber, grapefruit and magnolia.

Middle notes: tuberose, white muget, rose and violet.

Base notes: sandalwood, blonde wood and white amber.

Empire Apple features the classic Be Delicious fragrance in limited edition botanical inspired packaging and carton. 

These DKNY Be Delicious Limited Edition City Blossom eau de toilettes will be available nationwide from the 1st February, priced £37 for 50ml.

Although I have not smelt all of these fragrances I have previously been gifted by my boyfriend with the Be Delicious apple scent which was lovely and fresh as well as the Fresh Blossom scent.

Start hinting now for your favourite as you never know you might just be gifted with one for Valentine's Day ;)

Or if you don't have a partner just gift yourself with some fragrance love.

What are your current DKNY fragrances? Is this collection something that appeals to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image not my own.

Love to you all 

Lasula Boutique Wishlist

Hi Everyone and happy wet Friday! Don't you just hate this weather. Everything looks so dull which is why I think it's the perfect time to put up a colourful blog post.

Lasula Boutique are a brand that I featured on Beautiful Addictions when I attended the Bloggers Love event in October. They have a great range including some fab sparkle.

Lasula Boutique have asked on Instagram which items from their site would you add to your wishlist? For a chance of winning post your wishlist on your blog and email your post to

Lasula will post the winners on the Lasula blog and ask for their fashion week experience.

3 winners will be announced on the 6th Feb!

Here are my Lasula favourite items ........

I also love this in blue for the same price.

Best of luck to all of those who decide to enter. Let me know your favourite Lasula items in the comments below along with any wishlist entry links.

Love to you all 

Major London 05 : My Wish List

Hi for the last time today guys. I have to share with you my top picks from the latest collection at Major London 05.

I previously featured Major London 05 in my Up And Coming Fashion Brands post. They have a really cool, edgy 90's vibe of urban street wear for both men and women. I love their youthful statement prints that can have you in an easy to wear yet interesting outfit in a minute.

So here are my fave pieces .............

Left: Cropped Jumper £18 & Printed Joggers £25

Right: Unisex Jumper £25 & Mens Joggers £26

Sporty Cropped Jumper £25

Printed Joggers £35

Check out these and other Major London 05 pieces in this link! Which are your favourite items and how would you style them? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

Crystal Clear Anti-Ageing Skincare Available Now At Your Beauty M&S

Hi once again today lovelies. This evening I wanted to pop up this post to remind you of some skincare that I would highly recommend which is now available at Marks & Spencer.

Crystal Clear Skincare introduced me to their Lift Away The Years magical wand at their #liftawaytheyears event back in February. You can see product information and my initial impressions in that post. I also have a follow up review post here.

MD of Crystal Clear Skincare Sharon Hilditch MBE has educated me to realise that skincare does not just have to be about creams, lotions and scrubs. Sometimes tools are what is needed to change and improve our appearance. I find the Lift Away The Years wand uplifting and relaxing at the same time. My skin never feels the same without it.

Although I can not seem to find the Lift Away The Years wand on the M&S website I believe the wand is available for £60 at M&S. It appears to come with a 30ml tube of serum moisturiser also.

If you can not purchase these products from an M&S Beauty Store you can purchase the wand directly from Crystal Clear through this link which has the wand and serum moisturiser available for £59.99. This link also includes a demonstration of the product.

Is this innovative skincare product something that interests you? Have you tried it already? If yes, let me know your thoughts below.

Image not my own.

Love to you all

Holly Sharpe Illustrations & Limited Collection For Marks & Spencer

Hey everyone and Happy Sunday. I hope you have had a great weekend so far. Apologies for not blogging this week until now, but it was my first week back at work after a long break, I had a couple of birthday celebrations to attend and we have been putting together some bedroom furniture at home which is still ongoing today.

For this post I want to talk about the fabulous designs of fashion illustrator Holly Sharpe and her Limited Collection which has now launched as of Jan 9th in Marks & Spencer stores as well as online for SS14.

Holly's illustrations I first noticed when perusing the Hey Sailor website.

This Exotic Girl A4 Print is the design that really caught my eye when I first saw her work.

Well now I am chuffed to see that this very design has been applied to Holly's Limited Collection with M&S.

There are lots of fabulous items including make-up, nail polish, an iPhone 5 case, a wash bag and an eau de toilette.

I have an iPhone 4 which makes me sad so no phone case for me :( I will however be popping into M&S very soon, especially as my birthday is this month. The Eau de Toilette I think will be my must have as the scent sounds scrumptious and I can then keep the beautifully designed bottle.

A lot of the shades in this collection appear to be taken from Holly's 'Exotic Girl' illustration which I think is such a great way of reminding us to be inspired and creative when applying our make-up and painting our nails.

I wish Holly the best of luck in her career and this M&S launch. I am sure it will be off the shelves in no time. Well done to M&S for choosing to work with such a talented artist.

Will you be picking up any items from this Holly Sharpe Limited Collection at M&S? With prices starting at £5 how can you resist? Let me know your favourites in the comments below.

Love to you all

Make-Up Eye Palette 2013 Favourites

Hi once again beauties. Today I am eager to share with you the 2nd part to my eye make-up 2013 favourites which are my most used eye palettes of the past year. I have been trying to make a real effort to use them more often as I sometimes find it easier to pick out my singular shades when I know the colours I want to use. This is because I have too many palettes (yes I said it) and sometimes I forget which shades are in them (shock horror)!

I have many more than these four from the Sleek MakeUP I-Divine collection, but I found that I used these four palettes the most from the Sleek MakeUp line last year. There is such a great array of soft, light and nude shades here as well as much deeper tones for smokey eye looks. I love the Sleek MakeUP I-Divine palettes so much because they have great pigmentation, well thought out palette colour combinations and are great quality at just £7.99 per palette. That's 12 shades for less than a pound per colour. 

The Nude Collection Au Naturel palette (top left) I previously spoke about, including swatches and a brief description of each shade. I think this palette is great for those who prefer simple eye looks that can be smoked up when the mood strikes. A great everyday palette.

The Oh So Special palette (bottom right) I believed was limited edition at the time of my previous post, but it is still available to purchase now. This palette has some gorgeous pink and peach tones on the left with more smokey shades to its right.

The Bad Girl palette (top right) is definitely not for the faint hearted. When I pick up this palette I know I want dark, smokey impact eyes. It's a well named palette for you vixens out there.

The Limited Edition Paraguaya palette (bottom left) is no longer available on the Sleek MakeUP website, but you may be able to find it on Ebay or Amazon. This palette's collection of colours are real peach and rose tones. This is one of Sleek MakeUP's more lighter palettes with only one real dark shade. Applied carefully these shades can look amazing, but be careful if you do pick up this palette as some of these shades if applied to heavily, especially under the eyes can make you look a little hungover.

Each of these palettes has a mixture of matte and shimmer shades. They all have a really good sized mirror and very slimline packaging that stays shut when needed so great for carrying around if necessary. I just wish that there was some indication on the back of the shades included like colour swatches so that when I scramble through my make-up deciding what to use I can see the shade range at a glance.

Oh my god let me just say that if you want bold metallic eyes that are easy to apply then this is a duo not to miss. As you can see I have used the shade on the right more, but OMG once again they are both beautiful gleaming cream shades. I love to use my fingers to apply the right shade to my eyelids and then smoke them up on the outer corners. Instant look at me eyes with sexy smoulder. These do not crease on me either, even without a primer and last all day.

Now this palette was the first in the Urban Decay Naked line. There was so much hype around blogs at the time about it that you kind of felt like you must have it or you weren't part of the IT crowd. Maybe that sounds a bit OTT, but after oohing and ahhing over it for so long I took the plunge handed over my cash and here we are. I must say that I am so glad I did. These shadows are without doubt an investment. They are so smooth and creamy. I feel like I am treating myself still when I pull this out to decorate my eyes. Although this is a very neutral palette there are lots of glitter and shimmer shades in here and just two matte. I do think there are some great shades to just make your eyes pop using only one of the colours looking like you have made more effort than you actually have. Great for last minute invites! This came with the Urban Decay Primer Potion which was great, but I will still purchase my E.L.F. Eyelid Primer that works better and is a lot cheaper. I have the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Zero & Whiskey too that came with the palette. At the time I remember these palettes were selling out so fast that they had to bring out more, but with an eyeshadow brush instead of the pencils. My only negative towards this palette is the casing which is a velvet texture. Mine is very clean compared to what I have seen on a lot of blogs because I still keep it in the original plastic packaging otherwise make-up and dust would have covered it by now. I would therefore say it's not as travel friendly as the Urban Decay Naked 2 and Naked 3 palettes which have a tin design that should keep a lot more clean. There are 12 shades (including 7 best sellers) in this palette which works out to be just over £3.00 per shade. I really don't think that's bad for such a high quality product. I have been tempted by the Urban Decay Naked 2 & 3 palettes, but at the time I just couldn't justify spending the money on them. Obviously we have just had Xmas and I have 3 birthdays to pay for this month so I can't see me buying them any time soon.

So that's all for my most used eye palettes of 2013. Please let me know your favourites in the comments below along with any requests for make up looks from any of these palettes or swatches that are not linked in this post.

Love to you all   

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