I started Beautiful Addictions as a hobby wanting to review the odd product here and there, but not with any real focus. Now I feel like my blog has developed into a big part of my life where it frustrates me to shut down my laptop because I have to sleep or if something stops me from attending an event. The brands and other bloggers I have met along the way have opened up my eyes to a whole new world of all the things I love. 

Beauty and fashion go hand in hand for me as make-up, hair and nails are the icing on the fashion cake. Maintaining good skincare, nail care, body care, haircare etc as a base for our make-up and fashion styling is what gives us the confidence to know we are looking and feeling our best.

Discovering new brands, testing and reviewing products as well as being creative with make-up, fashion and nails are what I like to share on Beautiful Addictions. I can reveal my thoughts and creative side with my readers and get their feedback too which makes it all even more worth while.

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