NOTD: Multi Sparkle French

Hello Darlings. I hope your week has been going well. It's payday for me today which excites me, but with Xmas looming I am trying to hold back. We will have to wait and see, hee hee ;) Today's post is about my NOTD. I have to say thank you to the lovely Dee from Touch Media who sent me the StarGazer Nail Polish 146. I have had this on my Wish List for a while, but never got around to buying it. Dee was such a sweetheart and sent it to me so I thought it would be nice to show it to you.

Firstly I applied my usual Rimmel base coat. Then I applied two coats of this MUA (MakeUp Academy) Nail Polish in Shade 10. I would describe this shade as a pearlescent shade with beige and mauve undertones. This was easy to apply and mistakes do not show up badly due to the lightness of the shade. I think I got this free along with another MUA Nail Polish when I bought two bottles of Diet Coke at Superdrug a few months ago. This is usually just £1.00. Please find the link to this product here :)  

I then painted on three coats of this StarGazer Nail Polish in the shade 146 as a french tip. I wanted to make sure that the tips stood out so that's why I applied three coats. This glitter polish applied easily. I love the multi-coloured sparkles. There are sparkles such as red, green, blue, silver and I think gold in this polish. Dee recommended to apply this over a matte nail polish which I will have to try. This retails at £2.50. Please find this product on the StarGazer website here :)

I hope you can see the glitters better in this photo. Thank you once again Dee. I love this nail polish.

Have you tried experimenting with glitters lately or have you tried an alternative french tip? Do you have any StarGazer or MUA nail polishes that you suggest I try?

Love to you all

November GlossyBox

Hi Beauties. Four weeks till Christmas and I have hardly done any Christmas shopping, EEK! I am never this behind, but oh well it will get done I guess. I am just clueless this year on what to buy certain people. Anyway, today's post is about showing you what I received in my November GlossyBox. The box is named 'The Christmas Gift-Guide: Part 1'. Part 2 will be the December GlossyBox. The idea is for you to try out products that you may want to put on your Christmas wish list or that you may want to buy as gifts for others. So here are my first thoughts.


 Left To Right: Arbonne FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme, Link :), Deadsea Spa Magik Bath Salts, Link :) & Etro Set Of 5 Fragrance Vials (Ambra, Etra Etro, Heliotrope, Musk & Vicolo Fiori), Link :)

Arbonne FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme - £19.00 for 118 ml

The Information:

A soothing, lightweight creme that moisturises hands, leaving a healthy appearance and skin feeling smooth, supple and refreshed. Suits all skin types. Use as often as needed.

Key Ingredients:

Fresh kiwi cells; Moisture Fresh Complex of cucumber, birch leaf, watercress, clover blossom, St. John’s wort; rose geranium botanical plant, lemon verbena botanical plant, safflower oil, sunflower oil, vitamins A and E.

This has an okay scent to it. I will use it for sure as I use hand creams a lot now, but I don't have much more to say about it at the moment. There is blue pen on my tube which is nothing disastrous, but it's just not good presentation.

Deadsea Spa Magik Bath Salts - £5.35 for 1000g

The Information:

2011 Beauty Awards winner. Fantastic for alleviating dry or flaky skin conditions as well as a natural exfoliant. Deadsea Bath Salts remarkably improve skin texture. Helps to improve and soften the skin. Refreshes, relaxes, soothes and produces a feeling of well being. No additives. 100% Natural Sea Salts.

The Holland & Barrett link I have added is 15p cheaper than the link that GlossyBox gives, but every penny counts right? I was a little sceptical before trying this product. The reason is because I had already tried the Deadsea Spa Magik Salt Brushing sachets that I received in my September GlossyBox and when I exfoliated with them I found the chunky granules uncomfortable to use on my skin. Please see that review in my 'September Empties' post here. Also I am not a fan of gritty bath salts lying on the bottom of my bath. Anyway I gave the Deadsea Spa Magik Bath Salts a try on Friday by running them under my bath water. They dissolved into the water so no gritty layer to lie on and they actually made the bath water feel silky smooth. Not like an oil, but just a nice smooth layer to the water. I did not have that oily film on my skin when I got out of the bath. My only negative on these is that once you open the packet you have to put the salts into another container or like me wrap an elastic band around the pack and make sure not to knock it over.

Etro Set Of 5 Fragrance Vials (Ambra, Etra Etro, Heliotrope, Musk & Vicolo Fiori) - Please see the link above for various prices/sizes

The Information:

Introducing Etro's fashion. These five fragrances celebrate the most superior notes of the Etro fragrance lines. 


I could not see a link to Ambra on the House Of Fraser website? This fragrance is not bad. It has a slightly foreign feel to it.

Etra Etro

This captivating fragrance is spicy, rich and warm. It is softened by floral and vanilla undertones and notes of sandalwood, amber and musk which adds to it's sensuality. Floral/fruity scent.

I would say this has a slightly sweet scent.


Heliotrope and Vanilla becomes a revitalising infusion mixed with Bitter Almond and spicy Coumarin. The effect of this is a jolt of energy and clarity to the senses that is both uplifting and revitalising. Floral/fruity scent.

This is sweet. To me it has a smell a bit like cake. I do like it.


A light yet very long lasting harmony made up of fresh, clean-smelling notes (Bergamot, Grapefruit) and more intense notes of Musk & Wood. The fragrance is mild but reveals a strong and immediately recognisable personality. Woody/musk scent.

This is a woody, earthy scent. It's quite nice.

Vicolo Fiori

The fragrance celebrates the delicate Blue Bell. The delicate flower is surrounded by the uplifting fruity note of mandarin and the warmth of Ylang-Ylang. The fragrance is light and up-lifting. Floral/fruity scent.

This is a nice scent. Sexy, yet subtle.

These fragrance are suitable for all skin types.

Left To Right: Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps (Black & White Stripes), Link :) & Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, Link :)

Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps (Black & White Stripes) - £6.65 Per Pack

The Information:

The new Nail Rock designer nail wraps range is designed to last up to 7 days on nails and 8 weeks on the toes. They won't chip or stain the nail, require no drying time and deliver on trend style in just 15 minutes. 
I tried nail wraps a long time ago (not from Nail Rock), but they had to be applied by heating them with a hairdryer. I found it hard to get them to fit properly and they started peeling away the next day. I found them really irritating, but these do not need to be heated. You just trim them to size, stretch over the nails, wrap under the end of the nails and file away the excess. I hope I do like these wraps. I will try them, but I am not overly excited by this design. I think it looks a little 'Beetlejuice'. I would have preferred an animal print or spots.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - £14.00 for 75 ml/£52.50 for 500 ml

The Information:

Intensive, super-moisturizing pre shampoo treatment for all hair types. Adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine. Provides UV protection after washing, helping prolong the life of colour treatments. Visible results after one application that improves with continued use. Fragrance free. 


Dampen hair and apply Philip Kingsley Elasticizer in sections. Work in with your fingertips. Rinse well. Follow with appropriate shampoo, conditioner and scalp toner.

- For Fine & Medium Textured hair apply sparingly through your mid lengths and ends
- For Coarse, Wavy, Curly or Frizzy hair use more generously through your hair’s length

When to Use on Unprocessed hair:

- For Fine & Medium Textured hair, use once or twice a month
- For Coarse, Wavy, Curly or Frizzy hair, use once a week When to Use on Processed hair
- For Fine & Medium Textured hair, use once a week
- For Coarse, Wavy, Curly or Frizzy hair, use twice a week 

Do NOT use Elasticizer for THREE days before and THREE days after chemical processing!!

I think that there are shampoos and conditioners that already do the things that this product is meant to do so why do we need another product in our hair washing routine? I already received a smaller sample of this in my September Feelunique Beauty Box which I have not yet tried so I can not say if it is worth trying. Here is a link to that post, Link :)

Overall I am not blown away by this months box. The hand cream, bath salts and perfumes are nice, but there is not a stand out product for me this month. I am also gutted that I did not receive the Illamasqua Freak perfume :(

GlossyBox are also introducing a GlossyBox for men so if you are interested on more information on that please see the link here. The first box for men will be shipped in December. I am thinking of getting this for my boyfriend, but I don't get paid until next week so I have a few days to think about it. The first 100 subscribers to the men's box receive a special gift.

What products did you receive in your November GlossyBox? Were you happy with what you received? Will you be subscribing if you haven't already?

Love to you all

Primark Haul

Hello my sweet petals. I have a Primark haul for you today. I am really pleased with everything that I purchased so I will get straight into it.


Left: Snow Leopard Onesie, Right: Grey, Floral Onesie - £10.00 Each

I have been desperate to get my hands on a onesie for ages. These are so cool. My Mum said I look like I did when I was a kid when she saw me try these on. So cosy and they are not too long as they go tighter around the ankles. 

Ivory Pussy Bow Blouse - £10.00

This is great for work. As you can probably see from the photo this is lower at the back than the front, but I will tuck this into some high waisted trousers so that feature is wasted on me. It's simple enough in style and shade to wear with lots of trousers and skirts. I need to find some more blouses for work so if you find any you think I might like please let me know :)

Indigo Top With Red O.M.G! Sequin Design & Stripes On One Arm - £14.00

This is a really nice, fun top to throw on with jeans at the weekend. 

Cable Knit Design Leggings In Left to Right: Camel, Ivory & Black - £6.00 Each

I thought these were nice for winter. A change to the plain black ones I usually wear. I will probably wear knee high boots and a long jumper with these. I bought two pairs of the black as I will probably wear those the most.

Grey Trousers With A Hot Pink, Plaited, Suede Belt - £14.00

Again these trousers will be great for work. I like the length as I don't need to take them up. This does not happen to me very often as trousers in Primark usually come up way too long. They are about ankle length so bear this in mind if you prefer your trousers longer. They have a turn up at the bottom and a pocket on either side. I will probably use the belt with something else and wear a more muted one with these trousers. Please excuse the creasing on these.

Black & White Fairisle Knit Design Pants - £10.00

These are nice and snugly for lounging around indoors. They gather at the ankles, are not too tight on the legs and have a solid waistband.

Palazzo Pants In Left: Rust & Right: Teal - £8.00 Each

More trousers for work, but very wearable for an evening out too. These are a stretch, pull on design in a very wide leg 70's style as the term 'Palazzo' suggests. I will wear the blouse shown earlier in this post with these. They are very long though so I will need some very high shoes with these. What shoes do you normally wear with palazzo pants? I'm thinking a wedge maybe?

Royal Blue Palazzo Pants - £2.00

These are the same style as the above pants. There was no tag on these so the assistant gave them to me for just £2.00. Result! The waistband on these do turn over slightly at the very top as you may be able to see in the photo, but for £2.00 I'm not taking them back to get a full price pair.

Wine Red Snood - £6.00

This snood is a lovely and thick knitted design. I love the deep red colour.

Snoods in Left to Right: Black, Purple & Blue - £2.00 Each

At £2.00 each I could not resist these. They are obviously great for keeping you warm, but also nice to add a little something to an outfit when you are not in the mood for jewellery.

Gem/Bow Knitted Headbands In Left to Right: Blue, Black, Purple & Teal - £1.50 Each. In The Centre: Double Pack Of Plain Headbands In Cobalt & Pink - £1.00

I like to wear knitted headbands, especially in winter. The gem/bow ones are so cute and the double pack are fun colours. These are all such great prices.

Left: 5 Pair Pack Of Natural Tan Sheer Tights With Lycra - £2.50, Right: 3 Pair Pack Of Black 40 Denier Appearance Microfibre Opaque Tights With Elastene & Weather Sensor Finish - £3.00

I usually always by my tights in medium, but I bought the natural tan ones in small this time as I find this style tend to slip down my legs as they are not very thick and I end up with that old lady ankle. The black ones are really soft. I bought three packs of these as I use them a lot. The idea of the weather sensor in these is to make you feel warm when it's cold and and cool when it's hot, but I have never really taken much notice of whether or not this actually works as I am usually always cold. Have you tried these? If so, do you think that they work in this way?

Wide Fit Wedge, Suede, Buckle Shoes In Top: Tan & Bottom: Black - £14.00 Each

These are so comfortable. I don't have particularly wide feet, but these fit me just fine. Great if you want height and comfort in one.

Left: 5 Pairs Of Various Size Silver White Hoop Earrings - £1.00, Middle: Gold Yellow Diamante Studs - £2.00 & Right: 5 Pairs Of Various Size Gold Yellow Hoop Earrings - £1.00

Hoop earrings are so easy to put with anything and for 20p per pair these are fab. The diamante style are also lovely and great value. I already have them in silver.

So that's the end of my Primark haul. I think I got some great bargains. Have you picked up anything gorgeous lately? Primark or other I am still interested :)

Love to you all

November Feelunique Beauty Box

Hello my Lovelies. Thank God it's Friday. I have blisters on my feet from my new shoes, but it's the start of the weekend so who cares. My Feelunique Beauty Box got lost in the post so this is why I am so late in showing you a post about it. This month's box is named 'Primed To Party'. The aim it seems is to get you through the busy Xmas party season while still maintaining your beauty. These are the products that I received.


Left to Right: Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm, Link :), Emma Hardie Amazing Face Dual Action Professional Cleansing Cloth, Link :), Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Dust It Mattifying Powder, Link :) & Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe (Dark), Link :)

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm - £34.00 for 100ml

The information:

This best-seller is the ultimate radiant-enhancing cleanser to prep your skin for a season of glowing! 

  • Thoroughly cleanses and moisturises
  • Helps to purify and minimises the appearance of open pores
  • Calming for sensitive skin
  • Revitalising for dull and mature skins
  • Can be used as a rescue balm, i.e. on dry elbows or knees, or as a lip balm
  • Doubles as a soothing mask if left on the skin for 10 minutes

Key Ingredients:

Moringa seed extract, Wild Sea Fennel, Vitamin E, Orange, Neroli and Mandarin extracts, Jasmine, Cedarwood and Rose.

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Dual Action Professional Cleansing Cloth - £10.00 for 3

The information:

  • Ensures skin is super clean, helping to remove all last traces of make-up
  • Can be used alone without product to gently buff and polish the skin
  • Fabulous for travel, creating a mini facial on the go


Mix a few drops of warm water with the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm in the palm of your hand to create a milk. Apply to the face, neck & eye area & massage thoroughly in circular motions to melt away make-up, excess oils and grime. To remove soak Emma Hardie Amazing Face Dual Action Professional Cleansing Cloth in warm water. Squeeze out the excess and  gently wipe over the whole face & neck, taking extra care around the delicate eye area. Use the gently abrasive muslin side of the cloth to exfoliate dry, lined, thickened and congested areas and the smoother micro fibre side for more delicate and sensitive areas. Skin is left feeling clean, smooth and supple; never tight. Use morning and night. 

I will be interested to compare this cleansing balm and cloth to my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish with pure muslin cloth. This balm has a subtle scent. At first glance I thought it was an exfoliater due to it's appearance. It does have a very smooth texture to it though. The cloth feels like a very soft flannel on one side and a muslin cloth on the other. I like the idea of it being a rescue balm as multi-purpose products are always good. Plus it can be used as a nice treat as a mask. It's good that it can also be used without product, but I am a little unsure about the fact that it says to use this morning and night though. I thought that you should not use facial exfoliaters more than 2-3 times a week? Can anyone advise on this as I have very dry skin? I'm not sure that I would pay this much for a cleansing balm, but I will test it before I rule it out. I think the cloths are good value though.

Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Dust It Mattifying Powder - £9.55 for 10g

The information:

This best-selling Dust It comes in a lightweight powder that gives versatile control - the more you apply the more control you get, with incredible 24 hour volume effect!


Rub the powder in your hands until it turns into a cream, apply to dry hair then style and texture to achieve the ultimate party look. You can also turn the head up-side-down, apply like salt & pepper, distribute into the roots for a strong and wild finish. For a stronger matt look apply product into damp hair. Rake into shape and leave to dry.

I am not too keen on the idea of using powder products in my hair, but the fact that his turns into a cream I will give it a try. I usually find creams leave my hair flatter than when I put nothing in though. I'm not sold on the 24 hour volume effect! Can a product really do that? I'm not so sure. I would say this is a mid-range priced hair styling product. I think there will probably be cheaper alternatives.

Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe (Dark) - £21.50 for 236ml

The information:

This ultra-sheer instant colour formula gives you an instant healthy glow. It's easy to apply, completely streak-free and smells delicious. Get a gorgeous glow that'll last for up to seven days, and a confidence boost that'll last even longer! Voted Best Ever Beauty Buy by Elle Beauty, this is the ultimate self-tan indulgence. Offering outstanding results. It contains more DHA than Xen Tan's best-selling Deep Bronze product, so offers a deeper colour after just one application. Plus the larger pack means you'll enjoy even more tans from each purchase. It also contains additional vitamin E, Green Tea and skin-loving anti-oxidants that soothe, smooth and nourish skin while providing an instant and natural colour you'll love. What's more the pleasant vanilla fragrance will leave you feeling wrapped in luxury.


Aqua, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Dihydroxyacetone, Glycerine, Trimethylpentanediol/Adipic Acid Copolymer, Cyclomethicone, Glyceryl Stearate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Stearyl Alcohol, Steareth-21, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Tocopheryl Acetate, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Silybum Marianum Extract, Titanium Dioxide, Xanthan Gum, DMDM Hydantoin, Sodium Metabisulfite, Lactic Acid, Parfum, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-Di-t-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Caramel, CI 47005, CI 42090, CI 16035. 

I purchased the Xen-Tan Dark Lotion a while ago, but never used it as I am always quite cautious when applying fake-tans. Some people manage to just slap them on and they come out perfectly, but I am not that gifted or that confident. Now I have this tube which can be applied to the face and body I will probably just use this for top ups on my face when I apply the Dark Lotion. This has now motivated me to give it a try. Keep your fingers crossed for me ;) I don't think the price is too bad for this product if it works as great fake-tan is not always easy to achieve and from the reviews I have seen Xen-Tan appears to have much more positive feedback than negative.

Left to Right: Goldwell DualSenses Rich Repair 60 Sec Treatment, Link :), BellaPierre Cosmetics Mineral Shimmer Powder (Champagne), Link :) & Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir Eau De Parfum Spray, Link :)

Goldwell DualSenses Rich Repair 60 Sec Treatment - £7.70 for 200ml

The information:

We all need a quick pick me up at times & so does our hair. That's why Goldwell have produced this wondrous & ultra fast-working product for dry, damaged hair. It claims to leave hair silky, soft and with an enviable healthy glow.


After shampooing, apply & comb through hair, leave on for 60 seconds then rinse thoroughly. The result will be instantly manageable locks with gorgeous shine and bounce!

This has a fresh smell to it. I like to use a hair treatment once a week so it's good to have, but it's another hair product in the same box so I would have preferred maybe a nail polish? I would rather have this than the Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Dust It Mattifying Powder though. I think the price is fair, but it's hard to know without trying as there are cheaper alternatives out there.

BellaPierre Shimmer Powder (Champagne) - £59.99 for a stack of 9 shades, including Champagne from the Bella Collection

The information:

This multi-purpose shimmer powder is a must-have for adding some sparkle to your look - especially when you get the last minute office-to-party invite! It's completely multi-tasking so you can use as an eye shadow or add to your eye liner, lip gloss, blusher, body bronzer, hair highlighter, nail polish and mascara ... the possibilities are endless.

  • Will not crease, clump, fade or smear
  • Made from 100% natural pigments
  • Hypo-allergenic - suitable for sensitive skin
  • Longest wearing make-up available
  • Washes off with soap and water
  • No dyes, fillers, additives or preservatives
  • Suitable for mixing with other BellaPierre products

The other shades included in the stack of 9 from the Bella Collection are Earth, Harmony, Java, Bronze, Celebration, Cinnibar, Noir & Snowflake. 


This can be used as a nice subtle shimmer, but it also looks to be very builable too for heavier pigmentation. I like the shade and the fact that it can be used in a variety of ways. It makes very big claims by saying that it will not crease, clump, fade or smear. Also claiming to be the longest wearing make-up available. That has me intrigued if nothing else. For the stack of 9 shades it works out to be approximately £6.66 per shade which isn't that bad providing you like all of the shades. Perhaps a nice present for someone who enjoys pigments though.

Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir Eau De Parfum Spray- £46.75 for 50ml/£59.50 for 75ml

The information:

A sophisticated and addictive fragrance inspired by the lighter side of the Jasmine flower at dawn. The scent has crisp and refreshing top notes, a stunning combination of two types of Jasmine at the heart, and a sensual woody musk base. A light and elegant fragrance.

I would say this is a sexy day-to-night scent. Floral and very wearable. I will use this sample and I think the price is not bad, but I'm not in love with it.

So that's it. Overall the products that I am really happy to try are the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm, the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Dual Action Professional Cleansing Cloth, the Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe (Dark) and the BellaPierre Shimmer Powder (Champagne). I am happy to wear the perfume too. I think that's pretty good to like this many products in one box. Well done Feelunique.

If you are interested in more information on Feelunique's Beauty Box please see the link, here :)

What products did you receive in your Feelunique Beauty Box this month? Did you like or dislike them? Are you thinking of signing up if you haven't already?

Love to you all

FOTD: Famous By Sue Moxley Products

Hi again Dolls. I hope you have been having a wicked weekend. I really wish these weekends were longer, but hey ho that's life. Today I want to show you what I thought of some Famous By Sue Moxley products that I picked up in my BINTM Live! haul, Link :) 


Famous By Sue Moxley Products Left to Right: Cream Blusher (Shirley Copper), Movie Star Mascara Waterproof (Black) & Tinseltown Eye Collection

Now on to what I think of the Famous By Sue Moxley Products. I applied the cream blush to the apples of my cheeks, towards my ear slightly. This is the only cream blush that I own and I have to say I really like it. It's very natural and blends in easily. I thought it may leave a doll like spot (if you know what I mean) as I thought it might not blend that easily, but it's very easy to work with. This adds a nice touch of highlight too. It's a very nice compact with a cute diamante star on it. I like that you can see the product through the top so it's easy to identify in all of my make-up products. I also tried it on my lips as I thought it might work like a tinted lip balm, but it went patchy very quickly so I took it off a little while after taking these photos. I think it's always good to see if you can use products for other purposes.

I applied the mascara to my top eye lashes. It separated them quite well when I began to apply it, but I just couldn't get it to give me the volume and thickness that I prefer in a mascara even after three coats. I do like the quilted style packaging of it, but that's it really. It went a little bit flaky too.

For the eyes I applied the cream far right shade under the brows and to the inner part of the eyes. I then applied the golden shade next to it in the palette all over the eyelid. I then took the far left brown shade and applied it into the crease and outer corner. I think this is a nice palette. The far right shade could be more pigmented, but it's a handy palette to have for creating a subtle smoky brown eye. Again I really like the packaging with the handy mirror inside.

To clarify I purchased the cream blusher myself. The mascara came free when I spent a certain amount on products at BINTM Live! I had the opportunity to meet Sue Moxley in person while I was there and she was lovely. We had a chat and she gave me the Tinseltown Eye Collection palette for free to review. I thought it would be nice to show you the mascara and cream blusher too though.

I thought I had seen the Famous By Sue Moxley range in Superdrug, but it is not showing up on the Superdrug website. If you search the Internet I am sure you will find some products, but if anyone knows a reputable source for Sue's products please let me know.

All products used for this FOTD are:

  • Accessorize With-Love Primer ~ On Face & Neck
  • Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve ~ On The Lips
  • Avon Calming Effects Illuminating Foundation ~ On Face & Neck
  • E.L.F. Studio Complete Coverage Concealer In The Palette Light (Using The Two Shades To The Right Of The Palette) ~ On Blemishes
  • Primark Ta Ta For Now Magic Undereye Concealer In The Shade Light ~ Under The Eyes
  • E.L.F. Eyelid Primer In The Shade Sheer ~ All Over The Eyelids
  • Famous By Sue Moxley Tinseltown Eye Collection ~ Applied To Eyelids As Described Above
  • HD Brows Foxy Eye & Brow Palette In The Shade Warm Brown ~ Through The Eyebrows
  • 17 Clear Definition Mascara ~ To Set The Eyebrows
  • MUA (Makeup Academy) Eyeliner In The Shade Snow White ~ On The Waterline
  • Jane Iredale Purelash Extender & Conditioner ~ On The Top Lashes To Prime For Mascara
  • Famous By Sue Moxley Movie Star Mascara Waterproof (Black) ~ On Top Lashes
  • Famous By Sue Moxley Cream Blusher (Shirley Copper) ~ On Apples Of Cheeks, Towards The Ears
  • E.L.F. Studio Makeup Mist & Set ~ On Face & Neck To Set Make-up

Have you tried any other Famous By Sue Moxley products? What are your thoughts? Any I should try or avoid?

Love to you all

FOTD's: Max Factor Foundation & Lippie's

Well hello gorgeous people. It's the weekend finally, yay :) I was contacted by Ketchum PLEON PR regarding the posts that I wrote on the Max Factor campaigns featured in Company and Cosmopolitan Magazine's. They basically involved Bloggers/Vloggers trying out various make-up looks using Max Factor products. Here is a link to those posts, Link :)

I was offered to try out some Max Factor products by Ketchum PLEON PR and I said that I would be happy to. They sent them to me for free so I thought it would be nice to try the products out and do a review for you. So here are the products.


Max Factor Products Left to Right: Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum SPF 15 - Natural 50, Colour Elixir Lipstick's in Angel Pink (610), Dusky Rose (830) & Burnt Caramel (745)

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick In The Shade Angel Pink (610)

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick In The Shade Dusky Rose (830)

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick In The Shade Burnt Caramel (745)

I applied the Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum SPF 15 - Natural 50 in each of these FOTD looks. Products that I used in each of these looks are:

  • Accessorize With-Love Primer ~ On Face & Neck
  • Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve ~ On The Lips
  • Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum SPF 15 - Natural 50 ~ On Face & Neck
  • E.L.F. Studio Complete Coverage Concealer In The Palette Light (Using The Two Shades To The Right Of The Palette) ~ On Blemishes
  • Primark Ta Ta For Now Magic Undereye Concealer In The Shade Light ~ Under The Eyes
  • E.L.F. Eyelid Primer In The Shade Sheer ~ All Over The Eyelids
  • MUA (Makeup Academy) Pearl Eyeshadow Shade 2 ~ All Over The Eyelids
  • HD Brows Foxy Eye & Brow Palette In The Shade Warm Brown ~ Through The Eyebrows
  • 17 Clear Definition Mascara ~ To Set The Eyebrows
  • MUA (Makeup Academy) Eyeliner In The Shade Snow White ~ On The Waterline
  • Jane Iredale Purelash Extender & Conditioner ~ On The Top Lashes To Prime For Mascara
  • Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet Mascara ~ On The Lashes
  • Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick In Whichever Shade I Wore That Day (Angel Pink (610), Dusky Rose (830), Burnt Caramel (745) ~ On The Lips
  • E.L.F. Studio Makeup Mist & Set ~ On Face & Neck To Set Make-up

Now on to my thoughts of the products that were sent to me. 

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum SPF 15 - Natural 50 - £12.99

The information:

The silky-soft fluid formula gives effortless coverage of fine lines and wrinkles whilst the serum with SPF 15 works to protect against daily UV damage. The result? A beautiful finish today. A naturally flawless skin for tomorrow.

This foundation is a pump dispenser so you don't use more product than you need to. It has a slightly mousse consistency to it which is very light on the skin even though it is a full coverage foundation. Now with medium/full coverage foundations they usually cling to the dry patches on my face, but this foundation did not. Instead it looked dewy and covered better than any other foundation I have ever used. It also stays put all day long. I wonder if the reason for the dewiness and the way it sits on my skin is down to the serum? I like the fact that this is product is a foundation, a serum and also contains SPF 15. I will be buying this product again as I am so impressed with it. The only thing that is a minor downfall for me is that it highlights the fine lines under my eyes a little more after a few hours wear, but that is something that I can live with as this is my new favourite foundation. I am so happy :) I want to find a decent make-up remover though as it does take longer to take off than any other foundation I have used. This product comes in six shades. I think the shade Natural 50 is a pretty good match for me, but what do you think?

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick's - £7.99

The information:

For instant fabulous colour and smoother, softer (vs bare lips) lips over time look no further than Max Factor's new Colour Elixir Lipstick. The Elixir formula contains a 60% blend of skin emollients, conditioners and antioxidants including vitamin E, for a visible transformation in the look and feel of your lips. As you apply the Colour Elixir Lipstick, it actively moisturises and smoothes lips. Enjoy rich and gorgeous looking colour on smooth, beautiful lips!

These apply smoothly and are not drying on the lips. The colour obviously wears off throughout the day, but not as quickly as lots of other lipstick's that I have tried. It does not go patchy, but fades all over into a more natural hue on the lips. I especially found this to be true with the shade Burnt Caramel (745). There are fifteen shades to choose from. I have had a look online and there are so many shades that I want to try. I can't wait to pick up some more. Out of the three shades that I have tried above I think Dusky Rose (830) is my favourite.

All of these products including the foundation have a lovely sweet scent to them, but it's not overpowering at all. I did not notice the scents once I had finished applying my make-up.

Here is a link the the Max Factor website, Link :) 

Have you tried this foundation or any of the lipstick's? What are your thoughts? Do you recommend any other lipstick shades from this range to try?

Love to you all

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