OOTN: Let's Bowl, Drink & Dance

Hey there Beauty Addicts. As I mentioned in my last post I went out on Saturday night with work colleagues and friends for our Xmas work do. We went bowling and moved on to a bar/club afterwards. It was a great night, but quite a difficult one to dress for. Here is my OOTN post to show you what I wore :)

Silver/White Jumper ~ H&M

Black Bodycon Top (worn underneath) ~ Vero Moda

Black Blazer ~ H&M - Blog Post Here

Black Quilted Bag ~ Unknown brand bought at BINTM Live!

Black Disco Pants ~ BooHoo - Blog Post Here

Leopard Print Court Shoes ~ New Look

Lips ~ StarGazer Semi Permanent Lip Liner Pen (03)* & 17 Lip Gloss (Red Shade)

*PR Sample

I'm such a multitasker. I took socks along in my handbag for the bowling and took off my jumper and tied it around my handbag when we went for drinks.

What are your favourite casual/dressy outfits? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

NOTD: One Shade Of Grey

Well hello Beauty Addicts. I hope you are all enjoying a rather chilled out Sunday. I woke up with a banging headache, but it was self inflicted. Instead of our usual lunch time Xmas meal out at work we decided to go bowling. We played 2 games and had burger and chips included for just £15. It was so much fun, especially with the night time lights and cool tunes. A few of us girls then went on to a bar/club to have a few drinks and dance the night away. It's a shame the weather was so rubbish, but it was worth it. Did you all have a good Saturday night?

I painted my nails and took photos, but with the evening light the photos didn't come out to well so I took some more this morning for this NOTD post. Please excuse the slight chipping as that's the trauma of bowling :)

I applied one coat of my Alessandro Pro White as a base, followed by two coats of this Barry M Nail Paint in the shade Grey (293). As with all Barry M Nail Paints I always get a very finished manicure. With two coats the job is done. No streaking, no fuss. I finished off with one coat of my Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar Topcoat that I received in my November GlossyBox. As you can see this manicure lasted very well through two games of bowling. You can pick this Nail Paint up for £2.75 in this link.

Are you into any shades of grey for your nails? Do you have any Barry M favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

HOTD: Ombre Glitter

It's me once again Beauty Addicts. I am on a mission today to try out lots of products. I have something to show you that is definitely fun for this time of year because lets face it it's all about the glitter ........

One Wash Glitter Spray (Red)

The idea is that you shake the can and spray onto your hair from 10 inches away in a well ventilated room. When you are finished with your glitter hair look you simply wash it out with shampoo and water.

It sounds very simple and it is, but my god did this make a mess. I tried to spray it as close to my hair as possible as it was just glitter all over my bathroom sink and floor as well as on me. If I had sprayed it 10 inches away it would have looked like Santa had stopped for a loo break in my bathroom. I would advise that you spray this in the shower so that you can wash it away straight after you have sprayed it. Also do not get ready in your clothes until you have sprayed this first unless you want to be covered in glitter. I would probably have a shower as usual, dry myself off so that my hair didn't cling to my wet skin, get back in the shower, spray it on, wash it off my skin, walls, bath, shower and continue as normal. So now onto how it looks.

This was my attempt at a glitter ombre style. I didn't think it had shown up that well so I then sprayed some on my fringe to see if I could show you better, but I didn't spray as much as by this point it was glitter mania in my bathroom.


I'm not sure if it looks more like dandruff here. I think this product would look better in a club or at a party with lights flashing to make it sparkle.

I do think this is a fun product that is perfect for parties at Xmas and on New Year's Eve, but I'm not sure I could be bothered with the mess. I am going to play around with it though and see what other uses I can find for it.

I would advise that you Google this product as I can't find it on the StarGazer website I'm afraid. Various prices appear in the links.

Thanks to Touch Media PR for sending this to me for free to review.

Are you into glitter? What hair products do you use to jazz up your hair for the party season? Hair mascara? Hair accessories? Let me know in the comments below. 

Love to you all

FOTD: StarGazer Product Reviews

Hello my Beauty Addicts. It's Friday so let's all have a smile on our faces :) Last week I mentioned that I had been sent quite a few products from Touch Media PR to review so I thought that I would combine a lot of them in a FOTD post to see how they work. They are all from StarGazer.

Left To Right: Eye Dust (45), Liquid Eye Liner (Red), Mascara (Red), Semi Permanent Lip Liner Pen (03) & Gel Glitter (Glitter Red)

This Eye Dust is so pretty, but as with all pigments open and close this on top of a towel or a tissue as the pigment does tend to travel, especially if you are clumsy like me and always knocking things over. I was tempted to try this on my eyes, but I swatched it on my hand before using and realised that the glitter particles in it seemed to separate from the powder so I thought I would try it as a blush instead. I used only the tiniest amount from the lid of the product as this is so intense. It gave a china doll/doll effect to my cheeks. This is a great pigment for just £3.00, Link. I think the glitter particles may pick up better if used on the eye with and eye primer/base. I will have to try that out. This looks very red in the pot, but it showed up as a very hot pink on my cheeks.

Now on to the Liquid Eye Liner. Let me just say that this product is amazeballs. I love it so much. Without fail I can say here and now that I want this in every colour they do and I hope StarGazer bring out more. The formula of this product is like a gel. The brush itself is fairly thick, but I was able to still create a thin line that I thickened more on the wing when applying this look. I wanted this colour to really show up which is why I applied it against a white eye shadow. I did not apply this all the way into the inner part of my eyes. I started about two thirds in and winged it out at the ends. I think this is quite a vampy shade that would have been great at Halloween, but I would wear this at any time of year. I only applied this to the top lash line so that I did not look like that bad morning after a good night, ha ha ;) I think this is so easy to use. I would even recommend this product to someone who is not too familiar with liquid eye liner. Of course you need a fairly steady hand, but because of the gel-like formula it just seems to glide on easier than other liquid eye liners. It does not dry or crack or drag product back off the eye if you go over the same area. Well done StarGazer. This product is an amazing £3.00, Link

Right so let me talk about the Mascara. From my experience of using coloured mascaras they don't usually show up that well unless perhaps the sunlight catches them. I tend to use a black mascara under them first and go over the tips with the coloured one. In this FOTD I used the Red Mascara on it's own on my bottom lashes and the Red Mascara over the top of my black mascara on my top lashes to see the difference. I found that the mascara did actually show up pretty well without the black underneath. My top lashes look a bit clumpy as I tend to get liquid liner on my top lashes when I apply it which makes them go like this. I did try to get it off before applying my mascara. The Red Mascara was a bit gloopy, but it's not the worst mascara I have ever tried. I think it's a bit of fun and for a product that I won't use every day due to the shade I don't think it's bad for £3.00, Link. I would like to see if it would show up better on top of a white mascara, but I don't have one. Perhaps that is something that StarGazer could bring out in the range or make each mascara as a duo with a white mascara at one end and the colour at the other?

So now it's time to talk about the Semi Permanent Lip Liner Pen. This product has been used by Jessica Wright from TOWIE. You can use this product to line the lips or fill in the entire lip. I have had this on for a couple of hours now and had a a coffee. When I kiss my hand there is absolutely no transfer, but some of the product has worn away in the centre of my lips. I think this is a great date night shade, but you will need to reapply it after about two hours, especially when eating and drinking. I would still recommend it though and other shades this comes in look fab. On the StarGazer website shade 04 looks quite natural and nude so that would probably be a better shade to go for if you don't want the fading of product to be as obvious or to reapply as often. This did look a bit streaky when I applied it, but with a gloss this is not noticeable. The tip is sturdy, but not hard. I still like this product and will probably wear it to my Xmas night out with work colleagues tomorrow. I applied a lip balm before applying any of my make-up as I get dry lips. I thought this might be a very drying product, but it's fine on my lips so far. You can buy this for £4.00, Link

I wasn't quite sure where I was meant to use the Glitter Gel, but I thought it might look quite nice over the top of the Lip Liner to make the lips look more pouty. It can be used on the face and body according to the StarGazer website. It turned my lips into a more vibrant shade of red. I think this shade is great for lips at this time of year. I applied this to my hand and then used a lip brush for this as it is a squeezy tube product with a very small nozzle so it might not be so easy to use on the go. It did wake up my lips though giving them a little seasonal sparkle. This product is £3.00, Link.

So here are some FOTD photos without the Eye Dust on the cheeks or the Gel Glitter on the lips ....

Now with the Eye Dust as a blush and Gel Glitter on the lips ....

So that's all the products. I hope you enjoyed the reviews. All of the StarGazer products mentioned above were sent to me for free to review. The other products used in this FOTD are:

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum SPF 15 (Light Ivory 40)

Natural Collection CoverUp Cream (Light)

E.L.F. Studio High Definition Powder (Clear)

StarGazer Bronzer (Bronceador)*

NYX White Eyesahdow From The Caribbean Collection Palette

17 Clear Definition Mascara

Blink + Go Long Lasting Black Mascara

*This product I was sent for free previously to review.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on them? Any favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

NOTN: StarGazer Diablo Manicure

Hi there my Beauty Addicts. I'm chilling this Sunday while feeling a little under the weather. There are so many sicknesses going around that I hope I don't get one, fingers crossed. Anyway let me move on to today's post. The lovely Kat from Touch Media sent me lots of goodies to try out and today I have one of them to show you.


This is the StarGazer Diablo Manicure Set. It comes with a red shade (136), a white shade and a clear top coat. Included are also some french tip stickers.

The Nail Polishes

The French Tip Stickers

The idea is that you cut and file your nails to the desired shape, ensuring that they are clean. So remove any previous nail polish used. Then apply one coat of the red shade to each nail. Once this has completely dried apply a french tip sticker to each nail so that there is room enough to paint the tip. Then apply two coats of the white shade to the exposed tips. Wait for 1/2 an hour before removing the stickers. Then apply one coat of the clear top coat to each entire nail.

Now I'm quite impatient and I was getting ready to go out so I wanted to try something a little different. I placed the stickers randomly one on each nail. I then painted either side of the sticker with the red on one side and the white on the other. I used two coats of red and three coats of white as I found the white to be just a little patchy with two coats as I think white nail polishes always come out a little thinner for some reason. I let the nails dry for about 10 minutes and then peeled off each sticker. It would have been better to let the nails dry longer, but I had to get ready. I then used a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover to clean off the sticky residue left behind by the nail stickers and to attempt to the clean the nail polish edges. A flat, stiff, straight edged make-up brush would work much better though I think. Because the stickers did leave a sticker residue behind on my nails I believe that may be left on the red polish if you applied this set as you are meant to.

I felt like the exposed areas where the nail stickers had been needed a little something and as it's coming up to Xmas I thought why not add some glitter. I painted three coats of my E.L.F. Nail Polish in Twinkle to those areas. The red and white polish I painted over with the top coat.

Left Hand

 Right Hand

Now I do realise that this is not my best manicure ever as these photos were taken today after I applied this manicure last night so there is a bit of smudging as I was in a rush. I do quite like the randomness of it though. I think I would have preferred it with some silver or silver glitter lines between each nail polish to define the edges more and even perhaps some gems.

Overall I think the StarGazer Nail Polishes are a nice set to have. Especially with the red and white at this time of year. It makes me think of Santa's hat :) I already have quite a few StarGazer Nail Polishes. They apply really easily and I have never been disappointed with the shades. This red is a very bold shade that I think would also be nice to wear alone. The white works really well with three coats and you can use it with other french tip looks. The top coat can be used with any manicure too. These sets also come in French, Gothic & Cyber for £4.00 each. Here is a link.

As stated above the StarGazer products were sent to me for free. The E.L.F. Nail Polish is my own. You can buy the E.L.F. Polish on eyeslipsface.co.uk for £2.50. I have not added a link as it never shows up once I have posted so just copy and paste the web address to view this product in your search engine.

So I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know how you get on with using french tip nail stickers and any tips you can give let me know in the comments below. 

Love to you all


November 2012 GlossyBox: Stocking Fillers

Hello my little Beauty Addicts. Today I have my November GlossyBox to show you. This month it's all about gift ideas for Xmas. I'm starting to worry a bit now as the only pressies I have bought have been for my Secret Santa at work. Everyone else seems to be so much more prepared than me for Xmas, eek!

Anyway here are the products ....

Left: Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm, £18.00 for 50ml

Flawless skin instantly with all-in-one multifunctional Water Fuse Beauty Balm. SPF 25. A cult product in Korea.

Apply evenly to cleansed and toned face. Add a second layer to increase coverage. Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes rinse well with water. Avoid contact with fabrics.

I have only tried one BB Cream so far which I fell in love with. That was the Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream. You can find my full review on that product here. This product claims to give a bright and glossy complexion. Bright I like the idea of, but glossy I'm not sure on. This is an oil-free hydrating moisturiser that holds water. It also has aloe. It sounds thirst quenching which should hopefully be great for my dry skin. I will definitely try this out and let you know how I get on.

Right: Burberry Body Eau De Parfum, £75.00 for 85ml

An effortlessly sensual fragrance. Top notes of fresh green absinthe, illuminating peach and delicate freesia; at its heart are floral notes of natural rose absolute and iris, gently blended with warm sandalwood. Its base is made up of woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla, amber and musk notes.

I have already tried this product when I received it in my October 2011 Feelunique Beauty Box. You can see my thoughts in that post. This sample bottle is more attractive though.

Left: Alison Claire Natural Beauty Mango Body Butter, £15.00 for 200ml

Made with organic mango and cocoa butters; this contains the anti-aging influence of retinol, antioxidant action from green tea, mango and vitamin E, and anti-microbial protection. This is a new brand. This product was not tested on animals and is suitable for sensitive skin.

OMG this stuff smells amazing like refreshing fruity sweets and sinks into the skin straight away. I love the pump design as not too much product comes out. I will be using this for sure.

Centre: Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Topcoat, £11.00 for 4g

A must have product. This top coat will give your nails wet look shine whilst nourishing the nails with added caviar extract. As if that wasn’t enough, this incredible top coat is touch dry in just 45 seconds. Sunday Times Style Beauty Award Winner.

I am on the lookout for a new top coat so maybe this could be the answer? Watch this space.

Right: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, £38.50 for 75g

This gentle micro-exfoliating power utilized Rice bran and botanical brightening agents to smooth skin texture and balance pigmentation for a more even complexion. Models Favourite!

I think I have heard of this powder to creamy paste facial exfoliator before. It says for daily use, but I'm not sure how my skin will handle that as I only exfoliate my face twice a week. I will test it out and let you know how it goes.

So that's all of the products. Which products did you receive in this month's box? Are you pleased with them. Do you already have these products and have thoughts on them? Let me know in the comments below.

For more information on GlossyBox here are the UK and the US sites.

Love to you all

Haul: New Look for 98p

Hello Lovelies. It's Friday yep, yep, yep :) Gotta love that feeling huh? I went shopping in town a few weeks ago and bought a jumper from New Look. When I got it home I realised it was a little big and the material made me itch so I had to return it which made me sad as it was rather pretty :( On the up side it meant I could buy something else :)


Mohair Bobble Hats £4.99 Each (Left: A Purple Toned Grey, Right: Cream). Cable Knit Design. One Size.

I always get into hats at this time of year and they are great to keep warm. This product also comes in many shades such as Khaki, Deep Pink, Pink, Dark Red and more. Here is a link to this product.

Grey Eyelet Knitted Boyfriend Cardigan £17.99.

I wanted to get a cardigan that was a little slouchy, a little cosy and just went with everything. I wanted to try this in an 8, but they only had a 10. It leans more towards the slouchy look I was going for though. I think I prefer this undone. I'm might pair it with leggings, ankle boots, a long top and perhaps a scarf.


 The Back 

 Eyelet Detailing

 The Oh So Cute Pockets

 I am totally in love with this cardi. It also comes in other shades which I would like to get, but they may have to go on the Xmas list. Here is a link.


 2 x Black Ponti Treggings £11.99 Each In Sale.

You may remember me posting about these before in my Treg Me Up post. I have these in Charcoal Grey and Dark Red. I have those in a size 8. I assumed the Black would be the same, but they come up so much smaller. I had a credit note from the size 8's that I returned so I put that towards this haul too. I now have these in a size 10. Here is a link to these Treggings.


So as I returned the jumper and had a credit note I had absolutely no guilt in picking up these products as I only had to pay 98p :)


That's my wee haul peeps. What lovely things have you been buying recently? Let me know in the comments below.


Apologies for the change in font as Blogger playing up.


 Love to you all


NOTD: Purple With A Purpose

Hey Everyone. I hope you are all having a fabbo weekend. I am just sipping on a cuppa while painting my nails and falling in love. Yeah you heard me right in love. The nail shade I have just painted on makes me smile so I have to show it to you.

I first applied one coat of my Alessandro Pro White as a base, followed by two coats of this O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in the shade Purple With A Purpose. I think this is quite a sophisticated purple while having the cheeky side that reminds me of Cadbury and who doesn't like thinking about chocolate :) This has a lovely glossy sheen to it and covers the nails perfectly with two coats. If you are into purple nail colours you need this in your life. I sealed this manicure with my nail drying spray.

You can buy this product on amazon.co.uk for £7.25.

What are your favourite nail shades? Any O.P.I. shades you like that I need to know about? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

Haul: Primark, Forever 21 And H&M

Hiya. Thought I'd pop back with another post today. I have some clothes I picked up on a shopping spree a few weeks ago to show you. They are creased because they have been in the bags so I do apologise that they don't look perfect.


Black Blouse £6.00

I got this in a size 6 as this material comes up quite loose. I love wearing this style with the collar done all the way up. I just stick it on a hanger once washed and there is no need to iron. Fab :) 100% polyester.

Hello Kitty Grey Hooded Sweat Top £10.00

I got this in an 8/10 and it fits just right. Of course I love Hello Kitty so this makes me happy. The print in the hood is amaze too, but my print is smudged in the centre part :( I still love it though. Made from cotton and polyester.

Breath Spray Peppermint Coolness

I think this was about £1.00-£2.00, but I can't find the receipt sorry. I have already used this and it's good for a freshen up. It's also leopard with a pink top so it has to be lovable right?

Forever 21

White Basic V-Neck T-Shirt £3.75

I got this in a size medium. It's made from cotton and modal. What is modal? This is a nice staple piece and so inexpensive. It is very see through though so I will probably wear this over a white vest.


Burgundy Beanie £3.99

Made from polyester, viscose and angora. One size.

Grey Beanie £3.99

Same materials/size as above.

Pale Pink Beanie £6.99

Made from acrylic and polyamide. One size. It looks like there is a silvery white thread running through this.

Black Beanie £6.99

Same materials/size as above. There is a thread running through this also which looks silver or gold. It reminds me a lot of the sweater top I got from Forever 21 in this haul.

I wanted some beanies for the coming winter so I thought I would pick up a few colours as these were so cheap and easy to throw on.

Berry, Beige/Oatmeal, Green & Black Babydoll Dipped Hem Dresses £14.99 each

I got these in a size 10 to play it safe. I probably could have got a size 8, but a 10 is fine. These are made from acrylic and polyamide. These will be so versatile to wear with or without a belt. I will probably wear with long cardis when it's really cold and opaque tights. Ankle boots, biker boots and pumps will rock with these too. The pink one is deeper and more of a red toned berry than it is showing up on camera. The beige/oatmeal and green shades look darker in true life form too.

So that's the end of my haul folks. What have you been purchasing lately that I need to know about?

Love to you all

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