Hey beauties. I have recently been lucky enough to try out a whole kit of products that were kindly sent to me to sample and review. 

AEOS product ingredients are grown on a farm in Lincolnshire. They have an institute where they train therapists about organic health and beauty using their products. The AEOS range is 100% organic, 100% biodynamic and 100% vegan. AEOS products include alchemical techniques along with cutting edge skincare formulas.

AEOS nurtures the earth's natural elements creating products to bring your body and therefore your mind into harmony. They work on a 3 phase system which goes as follows:

PHASE 1: RENEWAL - Cleansing products which leave skin feeling soft and receptive to the following phases.

PHASE 2: REBALANCE - Using products to add moisture and hydration back into the skin and preparing for the final phase.

PHASE 3: REPLENISH - Adding even more hydration while supporting skin regeneration to minimise the signs of aging.

AEOS products are designed to be used together and not with other synthetic ingredient brands so that maximum results can be achieved.

AEOS products work with colour significance to guide you in choosing the right products for you. I was sent the pink Optimal Essentials KitAEOS pink products are enhanced with the crystal essences of fire opal, rose quartz and rubelite. Pink is the colour of kindness, caring, warmth and love. We all need to take time to care for ourselves which is easy to forget to do. This pink kit which is said to be great for dry skin like mine seemed perfect, but did I feel the love?

Here has been my skincare routine using the pink kit:


1. Applying the Gentle Cleansing Lotion to a damp face and neck in circular motions and rinsing off with warm water to remove impurities.

2. Twice a week in circular motions to a damp face and neck I applied the Gentle Exfoliant and rinsed off with warm water for soft smooth skin. This product can be used as needed for your skin type, but twice a week was perfect for me.

3. I patted 2 pumps of the Energising Conditioner onto my wet face and neck to soothe, calm and soften skin.

4. Then I spritzed a few sprays of the Refreshing Hydrating Mist over my face and neck. This product can be used throughout the day to refresh skin and can also be used over make-up.

5. I rubbed a small amount of the Realive Serum in my hands then patted it over my face and neck to nourish, moisturise and hydrate the skin for a radiant complexion.

6. Lastly I patted the Enriching Moisturiser onto my face and neck straight after the serum to protect and hydrate.

Now this may see like a long process, but once I got into the swing of things it took no time at all. I did not find the Gentle Exfoliant left me with irritated skin or anything for those worried about using it in the morning, but it can be used in the evening if you prefer. If hypersensitive do not exfoliate.


1. I moistened cotton pads with warm water, adding a few drops of the Cleansing Oil De-Maq and sweeping over the face and neck. I used separate pads for each eye. This removed all impurities and make-up effectively.

2. Adding a few drops of the Dew Facial Wash to a bowl or the sink I soaked a face cloth and wrung out the excess. I then applied it as a compress over my face, repeating 3 times to condition and hydrate.

I then applied these products in the same way as above in this order:

3.Energising Conditioner.

4. Refreshing Hydrating Mist.

5. Realive Serum.

6. Enriching Moisturiser.

I really enjoyed the ritual of applying all products, especially in the evenings as it really felt like I was 'taking the day off' my skin and starting to unwind. The Cleansing Oil De-Maq when applied with warm wet cotton pads is just heaven. Especially when followed up with the compress of the Dew Facial Wash.

As you may notice the kit also comes with the Beauty Body Shower. This shower gel was lovely. It had a real zingy awakening feel that made me feel brighter.

There is also a Beauty Body Lotion that I have to admit I am not a fan of due to the scent. I did try it out, but it's just not for me.

I was also sent the Unfragranced Skin Replenisher Rich+ Cream separately which again I am sad to say was not for me because of the scent. 

This was a whole new way of looking at skincare for me. This kit encouraged me to take the time to enjoy the experience of the scents and the application of each product. It felt like I was taking care of me in a simple yet very pampering way. I know that you may think you just don't have time for all these products, but if you have time to sit and watch TV for 10mins then what's the difference?

These are a lovely kit of products that did bring me an inner peace at the end of the day. So if you would like to try this at home spa experience for yourself perhaps throw a few hints this Valentine's Day or even just treat yourself. You just have to know you are worth caring for.

Check out the kits here!

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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