Haul: Primark & H&M

Hello you scrumptious Beauty Addicts. With items to return and some birthday money in my pocket I went and bought some things that I thought you might want to see so here they are.

I will start with Primark.

 Weave Vamp Creepers Black ~ £12.00

I have been thinking about getting a pair of creepers for ages as I have seen them styled on many blogs and YouTube vids where girls make them look so cool, but I was afraid that my short legs may get a bit overwhelmed by them. I tried these on and I just thought I have to give them a go. I knew I wanted a plain black pair, but I didn't mind a bit of detail so these are perfect. I plan on wearing them with leggings, jeggings or disco pants and long tops/knitwear. Let me know in the comments how you style yours. Especially if you are on the shorter side like me :)

Chain T-Bar Pumps Burgundy ~Reduced to £3.00

I bought a pair of these in my last haul in the toffee shade which were also reduced. They are just so cute and add some detail while providing comfort. This shade reminds me of a pair of shoes I had when I was really young. They looked very similar to this in style too, except there was no chain detailing. Just me rambling sorry.

Studded Baseball Cap Khaki ~ £3.00

I like being able to throw on a hat and run out the door and sometimes a baseball cap is my preference as I can get away with not putting as much effort into my eye make-up if time is not my friend. I do love a bit of stud detailing too so for £3.00 this is a winner.

Dipped Hem Shirt Blue ~ £6.00

I have a few shirts from Primark made from this material. It doesn't need ironing if you hang it to dry and I like the option of the rolled up or rolled down sleeves. The material is very see through so I just wear a vest underneath. I love this cornflour blue shade. It's a nice spring/summer colour. I buy these in a size 6 as they come up quite big.

Roll Sleeve Slogan T-Shirts: 

Left: Burgundy (Dork), Right: Pink (Jerk) & Centre: Navy (Loser) ~ All £4.00 Each

In my last haul you will see I picked the Topman High Roll Up Sleeve T-Shirts. They are basically plain versions of these. For just £4.00 for each of these Primark ones I had to get them all. These are great for days when you just don't know what to wear.

Pocket Edge Cardigan's: 

Top Row, L-R: Scarlet, Pink & Blue. 

Middle Row, L-R: Navy & Oatmeal. 

Bottom Centre: Ivory. All £10.00 Each.

I know there are those of you out there saying my god how many does she need, but I bought these for work and I don't really have any long cardigans that are not thick so these are perfect. I think I would prefer these stitched in the centre at the bust to give a more flattering fit. As these come with a spare button I may use that to cover the stitching and do a bit of DIY :) I only wish they had this style in black too as it goes with everything.

Now onto H&M.

Fedora With Bow Detailing Red ~ Reduced to £7.99

I already purchased the blue version in my last haul and I still want the black one. The black one is the shade I wanted the most as it's wearable with more things, but I love these shades too.

Nail Polish Set In L-R: Blue, Red, Pink, Black & Matte ~ £4.99 For The Set

I have seen this set in store a few times and was really attracted by what I thought was a black matte shade on the right. In fact it is a mattifying polish for any colour so I'm a bit disappointed. I do think that the Pink and Black shades are really pretty though. The Pink has a gold shimmer running through it and the Black has I believe gold and purple shimmer.

Divided Nail Polish Orange Reddish ~ £1.50 

I saw this at the queue and thought am I just buying it on impulse or is it worth it. This is very small and I am not sure how easily the pot will stand up when I am painting my nails due to it's shape, but I just couldn't resist the colour. Orange Reddish describes this shade pretty well. It's kind of a gold coral with pink.

So that's everything. With the items I took back to Primark and using £25.00 of my birthday money my Primark stuff was kind of free. The products from H&M that I took back meant that my Xmas vouchers were credited with £1.52 so in fact this entire haul was kind of free, yay :)

Have you picked up anything worth shouting about lately? Link me up with OOTD's, NOTD's etc in the comments below or just products that you like or have picked up.

Love to you all

NOTD: Gold Mine

Hey Beauty Addicts. Have you ever felt like you just need some sparkle? If yes is your answer then you have to check out my current manicure :)

I applied one coat of my Alessandro Pro White as a base followed by five coats of this Chit Chat Nail Varnish in Gold Glitter from Poundland, Link. I received this for Xmas as I had asked for it and let me tell you it was so worth asking for. This looks pretty with just one coat, but I wanted full on bling in this manicure so five coats it was. The gold particles in this varnish are made up of hexagon confetti and smaller glitter pieces. I sealed the look with one coat of my Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar Top Coat.

I still have the other shades in this range that I asked for at Xmas to try and if they are all like this I will be a happy gal.

Have you tried these varnishes? Do you like a bit of bling like me? Let me know your favourites in the comments below.

Love to you all


Haul: Primark, H&M, Topman & Nars

Ello, ello, ello Beauty Addicts. Are you all feeling good today? I do hope so. At the beginning of January I went on a little shopping spree to see if I could pick up any bargains, especially as the sales were on. Not everything in this haul post was in the sale, but I think it was still bargainous so here it is.

I will start with a little Primark goodness.

Studded Ankle Strap Pumps Black ~ £8.00

I wasn't sure how I felt about these at first because I don't have the most slender ankles, but I couldn't resist and I'm glad that I didn't. They are so cute and comfortable, but the studding detail toughens them up a bit.

Chain T-Bar Pumps Toffee ~ Reduced to £3.00

With the ankle strap again I was a bit concerned they might not look good on me, but these were reduced so they again went in the bag and I'm glad I got these too. I love them for all the reasons as the pair above.

Stud Wrist Strap Clutch Blush ~ £6.00

This is the clutch that so many bloggers and vloggers have picked up. It's a nice size and the wrist strap is removable if you prefer it without.

2 Mini Claw Hair Clasps Hematite ~ Reduced to £1.00

These are just a really handy thing to have and for £1.00 you can't go wrong.

Fur Hood Coat Khaki ~ £26.00

I have been on the lookout for a warm khaki coat with a fur hood for ages and I found one. It's lovely and snuggly.

Next up are my H&M purchases.

Golden Bouquet Eau De Toilette ~ £6.99

I have never picked up a fragrance in H&M before, but I gave this a sniff and quite liked it. I think it smells more expensive than £6.99. I also think it could be worn day or night.

Fedora With Bow Detailing Blue ~ Reduced to £7.99

I have had my eyes on these hats for some time online. I really wanted to get the red and black too, but I couldn't find them :(

I bought both of the H&M products with vouchers I received for Xmas.

Now it's Topman's turn.

High Roll Up Sleeve T-shirts (Burgundy, Green, Blue, White, Black, Ecru & Navy/Indigo) ~ £10.00 each, Link

In the link above you will see that there are many of these t-shirts on the Topman website. I went for the plain designs, but there are lots to choose from. I noticed a lot of people on YouTube had picked these up saying that they were better quality than the Topshop ones with a better fit and cheaper. I did not look at the Topshop ones in person, but by checking out this link I think you will agree as I do with all of the above. These fit me perfectly. They are a great length. Not too baggy or too tight and are not clingy around the arms. I would usually go for about a size 10 or 8/10 in a ladies t-shirt and these are a men's size XS if you want to compare. The middle row t-shirt on the right says Indigo on the tag, but Navy online which is why I labelled this t-shirt with both shades in the first photo.

In my kitchen with natural daylight

Closer to the window

Nars Orgasm Blush ~ £21, Link

I wanted to show this to you in two different photos so that you can see how natural lighting can change how it looks slightly. This picks up the light beautifully. It's like a blush and highlighter in one. I picked this up with some John Lewis vouchers I received at Xmas so this only cost me £1.00.

So all in all with my vouchers and the sales discounts I only paid £115 for everything here. I am really happy with my purchases and now I have more vouchers and money from my birthday I might go and spend some more whoopsie :)

What are your latest bargains? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

My Birthday: Jan 2013

Hey Beautiful Beauty Addicts. This post is about my birthday which was yesterday. I love to see what other people are up to and what they like/dislike, but if this post is not for you I understand. 

I saw my Mum through the day which was lovely. We had lunch which included some chocolate cake she had bought me. Thanks Mum it was great :) We watched Magic Mike and had a giggle. If you haven't seen it damnnnnnnnn!

Later on in the evening I saw my fella's family. We had Chinese and birthday cake. It was a really good day. I felt relaxed and happy. I didn't need to go anywhere as I had great company which is better than any present. That being said I'm sure there are some of you that may want to see what I got so here it is.

My fabbo cards

The body puff has ears and a bow :)

These sets are different, but from the same collection

Ages ago I wanted the stud earrings that look like the bracelet, but I never picked them up. Wish I had now.

You probably can't tell from this photo, but Kitty has angel wings to match my halo. Stop laughing!

I have one more Hello Kitty item to show you, but I am saving that till last :)

Some really nice shades in this gift set

I do love a candle or two. These heart tea light holders are so cute.

I plan on putting the jewellery I am wearing most of the time on this stand. I use a side table at the moment as my dressing table because I don't have one so it will go there :)

For snuggling

Desk accessories to brighten up my working day. My poor friend also bought me a HMV voucher, but replaced it before my birthday with this one from Next. I also got money from a few people too.

Now onto the birthday cake my gorgeous fella had made for me by his brother's girlfriend.

To any Hello Kitty fan this is Kitty heaven. I was amazed and shocked when I saw this brought in to me. Excuse the holes and wax on Kitty's paw as this is where my 35 number candles were. I think @zeechik did an amazing job at creating this for my birthday. She creates wonderful cakes for all occasions and will give quotes if you contact her in the link shown.

So that was my birthday. It was a great day and one that I am very thankful for. I seriously want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, lovely gifts, yummy food and great company. You all truly made my day special.

Love to you all

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