NOTD: Orange Queen Nail Lacquer

Happy Monday gorgeous readers. The weekend just seemed to fly by like a gust of wind hey? Oh well I have a NOTD post today that will hopefully brighten up Monday for you.

I applied one coat of my Rimmel base coat, followed by three coats of this Queen Nail Lacquer. I used three coats as it's too thin a formula to apply just one or two coats in my opinion. There is no name on this shade, but it is a flouro orange with a yellow undertone. It's really not showing just how bright it is in this photo, but let me assure you it's gorgeous and bright. I picked this up at Olympia Beauty when I went in September 2011, Link. I'm sorry, but I don't know where you can buy this as it says special for professional use only. I would suggest you look out for it at Olympia Beauty 2013 in September if it has caught your eye. My top coat went a bit gloopy so I used a nail drying spray to seal this look.

What are your favourite flouro shades? Please leave you recommendations in the comments below.

Love to you all


Tea For Health & IBS Relief

Hey Everyone. Happy Sunday to you all. Today I have a wee post for you that is about a tea I drink I thought some of you might like.

I have been drinking plain peppermint tea for absolutely ages because I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). I don't digest food very well and so I always made sure I drank a peppermint tea every morning after my coffee to help with my IBS.

For those who don't know peppermint tea is said to help relieve the symptoms of IBS. There is less evidence, but it is said to also ease other problems including nausea, vomiting, dhiorrea and headaches which can be IBS symptoms. Its minty flavour can take the edge off bad breadth. It is also said to control mild asthma, manage stress and ward off the common cold.

I do enjoy the naughty food and drink in life too, but I like to try and be healthy as well. I have tried green tea many times, even the flavoured ones, but I am not too keen on it's taste.

Green tea may help with lowering the risk of developing heart disease and certain types of cancer. Green tea extract containing polyphenols and caffeine has been shown to induce thermogenesis and stimulate fat oxidation, boosting the metabolic rate 4% without increasing the heart rate.

Anyway now on to the tea I have found to combine the benefits of both products. While perusing the tea section in Morrisons I noticed this Green Tea & Mint. Each box contains 20 tea bags which are foil wrapped (not individually) for freshness. There are not other ingredients in each bag. They are 55% green tea and 45% peppermint. They must be stored in a cool, dry place. The tea is simple to make. You just boil some water, add a bag to a cup or mug and brew between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Personally I usually leave the bag in while I drink it as I feel like I get a better brew and hopefully more of the benefits, but it's really just up to you.

This is an acquired taste and when I first tried herbal teas of any kind I would squirm a bit and think damn I need a good strong coffee or tea, but now I am used to it and find this tea quite refreshing. If I am having a bad day with my stomach and digestion I always reach for this. I have one every morning and sometimes more often.

IBS is such a pain literally sometimes and I pretty much feel bad with it in some way on a daily basis. For those that don't know it can cause the symptoms mentioned earlier in this post as well as constipation, bloating, abdominal pain, cramping, flatulence and sometimes passing mucus from the bottom. I have put up with all of these symptoms other than passing mucus at some time or another which is embarrassing to admit, but true and true for so many others.

So my point is that although I don't believe my IBS is ever going to disappear I can try to at the very least drink one cup of this a day to hopefully alleviate or prevent the symptoms. I do also drink it of course for the other health benefits mentioned it's just my IBS has been a struggle for me since I can ever remember.

If you would like me to discuss further about things I have found that have helped my with my IBS symptoms then please let me know in the comments below. Also any suggestions that you have for a good tea or coping with IBS then please leave those in the comments too.

Love to you all


OOTN: Movie Night

Hi there beautiful people. Are you up to much on this lightly snowing Saturday? I don't have many plans other then blogging for today. We had a few people over for take away and a movie last night which was fun. While getting ready I thought I would take some snaps of what I wore for our cosy night in.

Don't mind the headless person. I was in a bit of a rush, but before doing hair and make-up I managed to take a few snaps.

Hot Pink bodycon dress ~ H&M

Grey Eyelet Knitted Boyfriend Cardigan ~ New Look. Haul post here

Black Disco Pants ~ BooHoo. You can find them here

Creepers ~ Primark

Socks ~ Primark I think?

Gold Cross Chain ~ Primark. Haul post here

I actually swapped the creepers and frill socks for these slipper socks because I don't wear shoes indoors. I also took off the necklace, but had I popped out that is how I would have worn this outfit.

I realise this is not a spectacular OOTN post, but I just thought it was something different to pop on the blog :) Apologies for the poor lighting as it was night time so I was under artificial lights. The pink of the dress and slippers are definitely hot pink, so much brighter than these photos.

What do you wear for cosy nights in? Full on glamour or onesie style? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

Crystal Clear Skincare Lift Away The Years Event

All Beauty Addicts out there you need to read this post. On Friday Evening I attended the Crystal Clear Skincare #liftawaytheyears event at the Soho Hotel in London. When I arrived I was greeted by the lovely Nafisa who took a quick snap of me and then introduced me to the MD of Crystal Clear International Sharon Hilditch MBE. She is stunning and a truly lovely person. Sharon was already talking to the gorgeous Gulnit MUA and blogger who I have met at an event once before. She creates amazing looks. You should definitely check out her website here. The three of us chatted for a bit while I sipped on a fantastic fruity beverage. 

The fruity drinks were gone and new drinks were being poured by the time I took this photo. There were also waitresses floating around with canapes.

Sharon has such amazing skin and she looks so youthful so it looks like this lady knows something I need to know about skincare.

Sharon sharing her knowledge and experience

 Then the demonstration video began followed by Sharon talking about Crystal Clear Skincare and introducing the Lift Away The Years Magic Wand. 

The video showed a small amount of the Intense Anti-Ageing Serum ~ £60 for 50ml being pumped into the head of the oscillating applicator. The rollerball pen (wand) was turned on to make it vibrate and rotate. It was then pressed against the skin and massaged in. It was worked over various areas of the whole face including eyes, brows, jaw line and cheeks in short strokes to follow the contours. It can also be used in circular motions from the bottom of the neck upwards. If you have problem areas like hooded eyes, not defined enough cheekbones or sagging jowls for example you can concentrate more on those areas it's really just up to you. I have to say the girl in the video had this applied to one side of her face and you could see the difference, but she was young and not exactly sagging so I wanted to see more.

Sharon and some of the PR girls then came around with the wands and tested them on various people at the event. I could not try it on my face at the time as mine was too sensitive and dry from a skincare product I had used a couple of days before and I knew I should wait a few days before trying it on my face, but I did feel it on my hand and the serum felt very smooth. Sharon told me that the wand and serum are also great for puffy eye bags as it works to drain away the excess fluid and reduce puffiness.

Sharon applying the product to Gulnit who already has amazing cheekbones, but I could definitely see more definition when it was applied to just one side of Gulnit's face to compare. Gulnit said that she could feel it working the muscles in her face. Not in an uncomfortable way just that the areas worked on felt more taut. The pressure is meant to feel relaxing as it's essentially a facial massage that you can give yourself twice a day in very little time.

 Sharon has been working on developing this anti-ageing appliance for the past two years and here are it's claims:

'revolutionary new skincare'

'clinically proven to increase skin firmness and reduce wrinkles from first use'

'innovative way of applying moisturiser'

'visible firming and lifting effect'

'plumps fine lines & wrinkles from within'

This device works in two ways. The vibration helps the facial muscles to contract, stimulating blood flow within the skin. This tones the face, restoring the contours and firming up any loose or flabby bits. The intense serum inside the wand plumps fine lines and wrinkles from within and leaves your skin feeling super hydrated. The applicator also improves the absorption of the product so that your skin will fully benefit from your moisturiser.

Priced at £79.99, this includes Crystal Clear Intense Anti-Ageing Serum (30ml) the wand is available from February 2013. Enter your email address in this link to find out when exactly it goes on sale.

Crystal Clear Skincare are most well known for there microdermabrasion salon treatments, but they also provide products for all of these skin concerns:



 On leaving the event I received one of these goodie bags. Here is what was inside.

Wipe Away The Years Anti-Ageing Cleansing Milk, £27.00 for 200ml

 Can be used on all skin types. Use morning and evening prior to using the wand. Massage a small amount into skin in circular motions, then wipe away with a cotton pad. This has a pump design. I squeezed some onto my hand and rubbed it in. It absorbed within seconds leaving no excess product so I wouldn't use a cotton pad to remove anything if I had massaged it onto my face/neck. If I were to use a cotton pad I think I would apply it directly to the pad and manoeuvre it around my skin that way to cleanse. I love the scent of the essential oils in this product.

Intense Anti-Ageing Serum, £60 for 50ml

 This product is for skin that needs more than just a normal moisturiser. Apply two pumps to the palm of your hand. Massage into the face and neck in an upward and outward direction after using the above cleanser. This product also has a pump bottle design. The product is of a gel like consistency that is not sticky, just smooth.

Top: Lift Away The Years Wand, £79.99 (includes 30ml of the Intense Anti-Ageing Serum)

For better results than just massaging the Intense Anti-Ageing Serum into your skin with your fingers use the wand for just 1-2 minutes morning and night as part of your skincare routine after cleansing.

Bottom: 3 x 30ml Intense Anti-Ageing Serum Moisturiser

I don't think I'm going to run out any time soon :)

I promise to give this skincare routine a thorough test and let you know how I get on with it. I am very impressed so far and couldn't be happier that I attended this event.

Thank you so much Claire for inviting me along. This is the most impressive skincare product I have seen in a long time if not ever.

I wouldn't normally spend this much on skincare for myself, but once you buy the wand it doesn't need replacing and such a small amount of serum is needed that I think that will go a long way.

Crystal Clear Skincare is skincare that I have never used before so if you have can you tell me your recommended or even disliked products with reasons in the comments below. If you attended the event were you impressed?

Love to you all

FOTN Using Proto-col Natural Mineral Cosmetics

Hi my beautiful Beauty Addicts. I hope you are all doing fine this Saturday. My head is absolutely banging, but I am plodding on and trying to take my mind off it so I thought I would write this post.

The lovely Kat from Touch Media sent me some mineral make-up products for free to try and review so here they are :)

Left: Proto-col L.E.D. Lip Gloss (Coconut Ice), £11.95 for 9ml

Proto-col lip gloss collection has a gel formulation for a fabulous lightweight effect on the lips. This non-sticky formulation gives a glamorous shine that really lasts. Available in 5 gorgeous shades all enriched with mineral oil to hydrate and moisturise the lips.
When I saw this shade I was excited because it has a duo-chrome type effect. It's a very milky pink with gold and I think a deeper pink running through it. There is a mirror on the back that is a great size, but to be honest the lid is a good enough mirror in itself and the L.E.D. light in the lid is great for nights out. It also comes with a brush applicator. This lip gloss did feel a little bit tacky, but only when applying. It didn't dry my lips, but I wouldn't say it was moisturising. It gave my lips a nice glossy shine, but I think this shade would work better over a lipstick as you don't see the tones of colour as you do in the tube.

Right: Proto-col Baked Mineral Eye Shadows (Olive Trio), £19.95 for 2.2g 

Create an array of stunning soft, subtle or dark, smoky eyes with proto-col''s mineral eye shadows.

With a range of beautiful baked minerals to enhance your colour palette the natural ingredients work to provide a sensational appearance.

Usually I am not a fan of eye shadows in the same palette that are joined together and by that I mean they don't have their own individual pot within the palette. My reasoning for this is that I find some powders can transfer into the other shades which means you apply unwanted shades to your eyes. This is so annoying, especially when they are next to a white, light cream or black for example. I used all three shades for this FOTN and they hardly moved into each other in the palette at all which is great. The texture of these shadows felt really nice to apply to the eye area as they felt velvety. I would say the pigmentation of these are pretty good, but not amazing. I'm not sure if perhaps other shades from this range would show up better. There is a mirror inside the compact which you can see your whole eye in at the right distance, but I prefer a slightly larger mirror to apply my eye make-up as I look back and forth between both eyes to try and make them appear more or less the same in appearance and that would be hard to do with this mirror. The lightest shade is a golden peach that I wish showed up a little more. The right shade is an olive green with gold and the brown shade has a touch of sparkle which I think is gold.

 Neither of these products are tested on animals.

I attended an event last night which I will be blogging about very soon. I wore these products to that event so this is how they look.

From the eye palette I applied the golden peach shade to the inner section of my eyes. I then applied the green shade to the outer portion of my lids, on the outer V and to the underneath of my eye between the golden peach and the the brown. I also applied the brown into the crease of my eyes and outer V. I kept blending the colours and reapplying more where needed until I was happy.

Other products used in this FOTN are:

Model Co Face Base Skin Primer*

Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm

Natural Collection CoverUp Cream (Light)

E.L.F. Studio High Definition Powder (Translucent)

17 Clear Definition Mascara

E.L.F. Studio Cool Bronzer

No7 Exceptional Definition Nutrient Enriched Mascara (Black)

E.L.F. Studio Mist & Set

*Sent to me for free and previously reviewed here.
I am intrigued by the nutritional and skincare products on the proto-col website so thank you Kat for introducing me to this brand.

Are you a fan of any proto-col products? Which ones do you recommend or even dislike and why? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

Cheap Disco Pants

Hi Gorgeous Beauty Addicts. I had a lovely evening last night with me fella for Valentine's. He came in from work with flowers, chocolates, wine, a card and food which he cooked for us. We had thai fish cakes, steak lasagne with green veg and cheesecake/tarts. We also watched that Ryan Gosling rom-com with Emma Stone in it. I hope all of you that are single or attached had a great night too.

Today I just have to share with you these incredibly cheap disco pants that I have found. Now don't get me wrong they are not super suck you in disco pants, but for the price I am so glad I got them.

Karma Clothing High Waisted Shiny Disco PVC Leggings, Currently £6.00 Each

These are usually priced on the Karma Clothing website for £8.99 each which is still a good price, but £6.00 is just way too good to miss. I picked these up in the shades Wine Red, Royal Blue, Red & Purple.

They are all great, but the purple is my favourite I think. I believe Karma Clothing gets these from different suppliers as the Red pair are a bit bigger than the others so they are a little baggy behind the knees. I can work with them though for £6.00. The purple pairs material does not fold over at the waist like the others as there is no elastic at the waist in those. I am not sure why they are called PVC leggings as they are 100% Nylon.

Even with these variations I am still very happy with my purchases. These also come in shades of Black, Gold, Silver and Navy.

I already have some black and navy ones from BooHoo so I just went for these. I was tempted by the gold and silver, but I thought they might look a bit space age. I know the colours I have chosen aren't subtle, but I just wasn't sure about those two shades. I would like a bronze pair and a charcoal grey pair, but Karma Clothing didn't have those.

If you are new to the disco pant trend and are not sure if you will like them then I recommend trying these ones out. For the price you can't go wrong!

Where do you buy your disco pants? Would you wear a cheaper pair or do you prefer a more snug fit? What are your Karma Clothing favourites?

Love to you all


Valentine's Day. Will You Be Ours? GlossyBox February 2013

Hey, hey, hey Beauty Addicts how you doing? I hope the answer is good. My GlossyBox arrived which always puts a smile on my face :) With Valentine's Day approaching this week the GlossyBox team have put together a box of treats to fall in love with whether you are single or attached as everyone wants to look and feel good right? So here is the box and the products.

 The box is pink not purple as it is showing up here

Left: MicaBella Cosmetics Mineral Blush Powder (MB-4 Siera Suede), £34.95 for 9g

Micabella Blush Powder provides excellent coverage and protects skin with an SPF 15. Micabella Mineral Blush offers a beautiful hint of colour and natural glitter that can be applied to the cheeks and temples for a healthy translucent glow. Safe to use on eyes or lips.

Apply with a blush brush in thin layers from the apple of the cheek to the hair line or use a darker shade to contour cheek bones.

There is some sparkle in this product so if that's not your cup of tea this may not be for you. It's not massive chunks of glitter, but it does show up when it catches the light. I like this shade, but I tried to get this out of the pot and it wasn't that easy because of the sample size so I may have to take the plastic insert off to dip a brush into this.

Right: ModelCo Eyeshadow Duo: Eyeshadow Palette in Bronzed Goddess, £18.00 for the 3 shadow palette including these 2 shades ~ 2.35g each

The EYE SHADOW TRIO eye shadow palette range is a classic collection of lustre and matte finishes - shimmering bronzes, khakis & browns collide with champagnes & golds, pops of aqua & rich midnight blue – a definitive array of colour to shade, shadow & define.

 Complete with a stylish slim-line black compact containing all the tools you need to create a defined, sultry eye. The clear window makes for easy selection of shades, and the inbuilt mirror & double-ended applicator is perfect for eye makeup glamour on-the-go!

As you can see the third shade that is usually included in this palette is not there so the price above is for the 3 shades. This is a great little compact for creating a subtle or smokey eye. The left shade is a gorgeous sparkling champagne colour that will definitely highlight the eyes. The right shade is a golden brown that sparkles too. I am so in love with the left shade and can't wait to try this palette out.

Centre: Anatomicals You Need A Blooming Shower! Your Nose Smells Rose Body Cleanser, £5.00 for 300ml

This vitalising body cleanser makes every shower a flower-power experience. You are left feeling as fresh and fragrant as a flower.

Lather entire body, gently scrub and rinse off thoroughly.

I don't hate the rose scent of this, but I don't love it either. It's a little old fashioned for me. I don't know why it's usually always rose scented products that get added to beauty boxes. I have added a link to the Anatomicals website above, but I couldn't find this exact product, sorry.

Left: Helen E Cosmetics Moisturising Lipstick (Sienna), £8.00 for 3.5g 
  • Cream and pearlised colours
  • A selection of neutral and vibrant colours
  • 21 long lasting colours
Use alone or with a Helen E Lip Pencil to define and give you fuller looking lips.

This lipstick does look moisturisng. It has a very creamy consistency. The shade is a warm golden brown red. It will be interesting to see how this looks on the lips. It has a really nice sheen to it to make the lips look fuller. This lipstick shows up as a Long Lasting Lip Colour on the website as shown in the link above. There are some really nice looking shades in this range.

Centre: Docteur Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream, £25.00 for 50ml

This luscious raspberry cream enfolds your skin in absolute softness and hydration. Offering the skin comfort and protection. This formula is enriched in exhilarating Docteur Renaud Phyto-Endorphins, a plant complex that sends an instant message of well-being for visibly relaxed and radiant skin. Your skin is perfectly hydrated, supple, comfortable and protected all day long. Suitable for normal to dry skin.

Directions:  Apply in the morning and / or evening to the face and the neck perfectly cleansed.

This limited edition product smells like raspberry sweets. The cream feels nice too so I look forward to trying this one out.

Right: GlossyBox Heart Lollipop, Free

This is a lovely sweet treat. Last time GlossyBox included a bit of GlossyBox rock in one of their boxes there wasn't one in mine so I'm glad I got mine this time :)

Swatches of the blush, eye shadows & lipstick

I will use everything in this box, but the stand out products for me are the eye palette, the lipstick and of course the lollipop, ha ha ;)

For more info on GlossyBox UK click here and for the US GlossyBox click here.

Which products did you get in your GlossyBox? Are you happy with them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Love to you all

I Made Face App

Hey Again Beauty Addicts. Wow this Sunday looks dreary. If you haven't tried it already here is an app which will hopefully entertain you if only for 5 minutes. It's called the I Made Face App. You can choose your face, eyes, lips & hair etc.

I tried to make mine look like me as much as possible and I think it's pretty close.

I also showed it in black and white on Instagram which looks cool too.

Let me know if you try it out and link me up in the comments below so I can see yours :) The app is free so have some fun!

Love to you all

NOTD: Monochrome Butterflies

Hey lovely Beauty Addicts. As always I hope your week has been superb. I haven't been up to anything particularly special. I visited my Mum yesterday which is always good. We made pancakes as she will be on her own pancake day and I didn't want her to miss out. Today I have a NOTD post for you so here it is :)

Left: White Shade from the StarGazer Diablo Manicure Set which I was sent for free as a PR sample. Reviewed here.

Right: Claire's Nail Stickers £3.00 for 1 sheet

I applied one coat of my Rimmel base coat followed by two coats of this white shade. I really wanted a plain background so that the butterflies would stand out and as the monochrome trend is here to stay for a while I thought I would embrace it. Once the nail polish had dried I used tweezers to carefully place stickers on alternate nails, pressing down carefully. I sealed the manicure with one coat of the clear top coat that comes with the StarGazer Diablo Manicure Set shown in the link above.

So here is the finished look. I think it's really pretty and simple. It has a kind of innocence about it. I think this would be a nice look for Valentine's Day. I really like the Valentine manicures that you always see about at this time of year with red, pink and/or purple shades, but I think this is still suitable for the day and something a bit different. It can of course be worn any time of the year though.

Do you like using nail stickers as nail art? Any tips for newbies that haven't used them before. Let me know if you have created any Valentine nails in the comments below.

Love to you all

Mixed Product Reviews #5

Hi there my Beauty Addicted Lovelies. I hope you had a fine weekend. I didn't get up to much really which was nice in a way. I have been collecting up the packaging from products I have used up to let you know what my thoughts are on them so here they are :)

Left To Right:

Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser, £14.40 for 150ml or $19.50 for 5 oz

For dry, combination, oily and normal skin types. Effectively removes makeup and sunscreen prior to skin cleansing. Skin feels moist, clean, and fresh. 

Thoroughly wet hands and face. Squeeze a pea sized dot onto palm and work into a rich lather. Massage over face avoiding eye area. Rinse off and follow with 3-Step Skin Care System.

I won this product in a charity raffle at work. This doesn't have a distinctive scent. It felt fine to use on the skin. It did help to clean my skin and remove make-up, but there were just a few traces left when I rinsed this off so I used either make-up remover or face wipes as I would do anyway. There are beads in this, but I didn't really feel like they exfoliated my skin or anything as they weren't abrasive and I believe just got washed away.

Morrisons Pack Of 2 Toothbrushes (One Shown), 20p for two

I thought I would include this toothbrush as these were such great value. Usually I use an electric toothbrush, but if I ever run out of replacement heads I sometimes use a regular toothbrush as an in between. While in Morrisons I picked up this pack of two toothbrushes as for 20p I thought I'd give them a go. These have lasted so well. The bristles are sturdy, but not too harsh when brushing and there is no fall out.

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum (Light Ivory 40) SPF15, £12.18 or $21.95

Ageless Elixir foundation simultaneously helps to protect against the ageing effects of the sun, keeping skin moisturised and protected to help you look and feel your best. The secret to the foundation’s innovation is in the well-blended, ‘elixir’ formula, which helps to:

1. Deliver instant medium to high coverage – through Ageless Elixir's specially treated pigments that reflect light. 
2. Improve skin tone by protecting and hydrating via the moisturising skincare formula.

I was previously sent this product for free which I reviewed here in the shade Natural 50. The shade Light Ivory 40 I purchased myself as I felt light I could do with a lighter shade which you can see in this post here. My thoughts are the same as my original review, but I think this shade suits my skin tone better.

Blink + Go Long Lasting Black Mascara, £12.95

I received this product in my December 2011 GlossyBox where you can find all information about this product.

I found this to be good for how deep the black was, but a little clumpy. It made my lashes look a bit thicker because of the clumping, but I prefer a more separated look.

Left To Right:

Morrisons Handwash Pearl, Less than £1.00 for 500ml

I have picked up this product many times on my weekly shop and it does what it's meant to. It has barely any scent which is soft and clean. I think this is around 60p which is such a value product and one which I will continue to repurchase.

Decleor Aromessence Spa Relax, £21.51 for 100ml

Aromessence Spa Relax is a pure concentrate of essential oils carefully formulated to bring you serenity and well-being. This light, yet luxurious oil works in perfect harmony with your skin to envelop your body with an intensly soothing sensation, soothe and ease away tension, relax your mind due to the potent olfactory benefits of its essential oils (Somalian Myrrh and Incense, Indian Sandalwood) and soften your skin and leave it silky smooth. Made in France.

I have no idea where I got this. It was either a present or a free gift with purchase from somewhere. This really does have a relaxing scent. Just smelling it makes me feel at ease. My fella and I use it for back massages. It's so soothing and makes you want to sleep.

Keep Clean And Shower Luxury Shower Gel Pomegranate Noir, 99p for 250ml

I picked up a few of these in various scents from the 99p Stores which you can see here. In that initial impressions post I describe this scent as 'soft, yet a little musky at the same time'. I really like it and I have picked up a few more already in case they stop selling it. My only fail with this is I wish it had a pump dispenser like the creams.

So that's all the mixed product reviews until I collect up some more for you. I hope you found this post helpful. Have you found any product discoveries that you now can't live without? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

I Got A Liebster Award :)

Hello, hello, hello Beautifully Addicted Lovelies. I have a smile on my face as I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by the lovely Shelley from The Shelley Diaries. Shelley has a very new blog which you should really check out!

There are rules to abide by to receive and give this award:
1. List 11 facts about yourself.

2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.

3. Ask 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award.

4. Choose 9 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate.

5. Go to each blogger's page and let them know about the award.

6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

11 Facts About Me

1. I am 35 Years Old.

2. I have been with my fella for 10 years.

3. I have no pets.

4. I used to have my belly button pierced, but not anymore.

5. I am an only child.

6. I dislike most computer games except Sonic The Hedgehog.

7. I am not a fan of roast dinners so Sunday's are not traditional for me.

8. I hate foods such as prawns (except prawn toast) and mushrooms because of their textures.

9. I was named after my Dad (he was Victor and I am Victoria).

10. I love horror films.

11. I was obsessed with joke books as a child and now I can't remember any.

My Questions From Shelley:

1. If you were stranded on a desert Island what 3 products would you take?

A massive parasol because I burn so easily. A snuggly blanket because I hate being cold. Photos of my loved ones.

2. What is you favourite trend for Spring/Summer?

I do like a bit of floral print and I quite like the the pastel shades that are currently trending.

3. If you had an unlimited amount of money to spend in one shop, what shop would it be?

I would have to say Boots because I could buy soooooooooooooooooo many beauty products and my advantage points would go through the roof, ha ha.

4. Heels or flat?

On a day to day flats for sure, but nights out are usually always heels.

5. Creepers - Do you love them or hate them and why?

I just bought a pair in this haul post. They are so comfy.

6. What is you dream job?

Being paid to blog or write for a magazine. I would love to do some type of PR work.

7. What was your dream Job as a Child and why?

My first thought was that I wanted to be a secretary as I love to be organised and be responsible. I have worked in offices as I do now, but never as a secretary.

8. Movie night with friends or a big night out on the town and why?

On a regular basis we have movie nights in where we usually cook, but sometimes get a take away. I do enjoy a night on the town though as it's great getting dressed up and dancing the night away.

9. What is your favourite move?

I think this was meant to say movie? If so, I would have to say the first Ice Age for a giggle or Meet Joe Black for romance and some sobbing. I pretty much like anything with Brad Pitt in as yes he is adorable, but I really do like him as an actor.

10. What is your must have beauty product?

E.L.F. Studio High Definition Powder Translucent because it makes skin look beautiful and sets your base.

11. What is your favourite outfit or item of clothing and why?

I do love to just chuck on a pair of leggings with a long top, biker jacket and flats.

So here are the 11 questions that I put to these 9 bloggers:

My Questions To My 9 Nominated Bloggers:

1. What made you want to start your blog?

2. Who's blogs inspire you and why?

3. What blog posts are your favourite to read?

4. What is your favourite skincare product and why?

5. What is your favourite make-up product and why?

6. What item from your closet do you wear most often?

7. Who is your style icon and why?

8. Who is your favourite blogger and why?

9. How would you describe your style?

10. What about your appearance do you get complimented on the most?

11. What are your ambitions?

Please make sure to link back to me with your answers so that I can have a good read.

Love to you all

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