Hey everyone. I am going to get straight into today's post as I found some Primark gems for you including some converse dupes!


I am so glad that I nabbed these bargain plims as they are great to throw on with just about anything for casual styling. The fact that they are monochrome too makes them so much more wearable. I already have them in a dark purple shade too. For just £6 I think they are a must have. Mine are a size 5 and true to size.


I already have this in black, olive and ivory. They are great for wearing with jeans over a vest or shirt. I have also worn mine over maxi dresses to make the dress look like a skirt. They are stretchy, but fit well. I got a size 12 as I am a bit top heavy and they fit perfectly. The sleeves sit nicely at the elbows which is great for ladies not wanting expose their upper arms. I keep surprisingly warm in these too which is great as you can still look put together without feeling the chill. I think these are great for transitioning between seasons too because of the layering options.


I have been after some of these lace up style tops for a while, but I have found them to be made of a material I didn't like, a bodysuit or just too expensive. These were a bargain price. They are made from acrylic which I do find can make me a little too hot sometimes under my arms (sorry if TMI, but you may want to know this). I plan on wearing some thin long sleeve tops underneath to hopefully combat this problem. I would like some in a cotton material so if you know of any please let me know in the comments below.

Also do share your Primark bargains.

P.S. If you need to buy any foldaway bags to keep in your handbag Primark sell them from £1 and they come in their own pouch!

Love to you all

Vicky xx 


Hi beauties. I picked up some pieces from one of my favourite stores recently as I had some Xmas vouchers so here they are :)

These black trousers have a D ring buckle which is very on trend at the moment and a wrap over element to conceal the zip. I plan on wearing them with fitted tops tucked in. They have a very smart casual vibe. I got these in a size 12 as they are slightly higher waisted than styles I usually go for and because I have a short middle I found that going up a size meant they fit slightly better. They are also a great length for me which makes a nice change being a shorter gal. Such great value for the price!

This grey marl knitted dress is a great length on me too. I did pick this up in an XS as it does come up quite oversized. I really struggled this year to find knitted maxi dresses that weren't bodycon or super expensive so I had to snap this one up. It's a shame they only have one shade, but hey ho. The material is a lovely soft knit, but I will have to wear long sleeves under it as it will be a bit itchy on my skin. I'm a sensitive girl don't you know ;) This will be great to add belts to and layer over leggings, shirts etc .....

If any of you have spotted bargain knitted maxi dresses that you think I might like please let me know in the comments below.

Images not my own.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi gorgeous lovelies! Really quickly I want to address my absence from my blog. As I mentioned in 2015 I have been dealing with some personal issues mainly to do with my health. Unfortunately I am still dealing with this in 2016. I have been sad to neglect my blog, but at the same time my health has had to take priority and I wanted to feel motivated to write well rather than throwing out any old rubbish that you wouldn't want to read. My plan is to give YouTube a real good go this year. I would like to see how much I enjoy filming product reviews, empties, hauls and perhaps outfit posts. Let me know if you would like to see me on screen or would you prefer just blog content. I may continue to do both, but I work full time so I will see how it goes. I would love your opinions please so leave those in the comments below. Please bear with me sweet readers and have a great day!

Now on to today's post ............

I put out this post last month: CHRISTMAS PARTY OUTFIT - JOE BROWNS which featured some great fashion items that are still available at sale prices. I met JOE BROWNS at a Bloggers Love event last year. I love this brand as they have such a wide variety of fashion for everyone. There are many inspirational pieces as well as great staples. Because of this they are very much a unique brand that everyone needs to check out.

I was so lucky to win a £100 voucher because Joe Browns liked my blog post and so I have decided to share with you the items I have purchased.

I haven't had a pair of lace up boots for years so when I saw these beauties in black and brown I just had to order both. I love that measurements for the heel height, leg length, calf circumference and leg height are all shown making it easy to ensure you can order the correct size. Sometimes ordering online can be such a pain, but this removes that agony making the shopping experience more relaxed. I was confident these would fit and voila they fit perfectly. I am short which means that long boots with zips do not always fit me well around that calves. I thought the boot material actually opened up at the front, but it doesn't. I had no need to worry though as they are they slip on easily and are a great length on me.

The brown pair did have a fault on the toggles of one boot, but I sent them back and they sent me a brand new pair very promptly which were perfect.

I love these boots. They are quality made and very comfortable. I am so glad I picked these wardrobe staples as they will look great with jeans, leggings, dresses and more.

I would love to know your favourite JOE BROWNS pieces, especially as their new Spring collection has just landed!

Images not my own.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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