Hi there everyone. Here is part 2 of my BioCorrex Uber-Skin Plus collagen drink review. 

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Hello my sweets. How has your weekend been so far? I have had a migraine for the last few days, but I am fingers crossed pretty much over it now. 

I popped on to view today and noticed some great co-ords that are totally on trend and perfect for this season.

Perfect when worn together, but also versatile to pair with other garments changing up your desired look for the day or night.

For days when you just want a one piece this Poppy Lux Esme dress will meet your needs.

As you can see I fell in love with this print. You can't help feeling bright and pretty wearing these great pieces.

What are your current favourite co-ords? Let me know in the comments below.

Images not my own.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi there sweeties. I am back again today with my first impressions of this month's 'Summer Is Here' GlossyBox.

Apply this as your base and allow to dry before applying your nail colour. Once that has dried use this product again as your top coat.

I hope this product works well as having one product to use instead of two would be a bonus, plus it has strengthening properties.

This lightweight product is designed to give you textured volume along with silky shine.

Rub the product between your palms and work through the lengths of dry hair or for an extra boost use fingertips and work from the roots lifting as you style.

This sounds like the type of product my fella would like, but the pink shade of the product and the jasmine scent which I like may put him off a bit :)

This product is currently reduced to £2.66 at Superdrug in the link above.

To be used to apply powder and cream eye shadows.

This eye make-up brush has a beautiful design. I like the shape and density of the bristles. 

Fruit-floral and fig inspired scents. Cleanse with the shower cream, replenish moisture with the body cream and dab on fragrance for an all over irresistible scent.

I have tried quite a few Roger & Gallet products which I love and this fragrance does not disappoint. It is definitely a fruit-floral scent that is great for summer.

Can be used to cover minor blemishes and imperfections. A lightweight formula ideal for summer. Can also be used as a contouring kit.

Dot over the desired area and blend gently until full coverage is achieved.

I have yet to try this palette on my blemishes or as a contoured look, but on first impressions swatching it on my hand I think it won't give too much coverage. Lightweight products are great for summer, but concealer palettes like this need to have a little more density I feel in order to work well. I will however try it out properly before saying that I don't like it.

I am happy with this month's box, but not ecstatic. I am excited however for next month's limited edition box.

For more information on GlossyBox UK click HERE and for the US GlossyBox click HERE.

Were you excited by your GlossyBox this month? Let me know your favourite products in the comments below.

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Hi lovelies. I hope you are all fabulous and enjoying the weekend so far. Today I have a discount offer to share with you that I know you won't want to miss.

Feel Unique are a website that is like a holiday destination for beauty lovers. They offer more than 18,000 products from over 500 most loved brands. Working directly with brands Feel Unique guarantee that all of their products are 100% genuine. 

They offer free delivery to all orders over £10 to more than 150 countries. You can also visit their 'Beauty All Access' area for the latest beauty trends, top tips and video tutorials. When signing up for their 'Unique Members Club' you can enjoy perks including 10% off your favourite brand too!

So to ensure you get £5 off your order when spending £20 or more or for first time orders wanting to take advantage of the 15% off offer click on the banner ad at the top of my blog.

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Pond's Institute Cold Cream Cleanser

Hi loves and Happy Fathers Day to all those celebrating it today. This afternoon I am here to talk about a multi-tasking skincare product that was sent to me for free to test and review for you.

This cleansing product removes dirt and make-up deep down while hydrating your skin. It's such a versatile product that left my skin feeling and looking very glowing and radiant as well as moisturised and plumped.

The ways in which I used this product:

As a cleanser/make-up remover ~ With a cotton pad I manoeuvred the cream around my skin.

As a moisturiser ~ I massaged the product in with my fingers and my toning wand.

As a face mask/gentle exfoliation ~ I applied it all over my face and neck and after a minute or so used a warm wet face cloth to remove the product.

As a highlight ~ I dotted some onto my cheekbones for a highlight effect.

It can also be used to set the brows.

This cream has a very softening effect on the skin with a comforting old fashioned scent. The texture is not loose, but not too sturdy either. I am so glad that I got to try out this cult product. I can see why celebs such as Kylie Minogue are a fan.

Suitable for all skin types I would certainly recommend this product. When using this as a cleanser without removing make-up I didn't feel the need to moisturise afterwards so it's great for those always in a rush or on their travels.

As it keeps skin so plumped and smoothed I think it's a great anti-ageing product. My only negative is that if you apply it and don't wear any make-up it can look very reflective on the skin. This doesn't bother me, but it's something I thought I should point out.

I have linked to Tesco above as this product is currently selling for £3.00. It is also available to purchase at Boots, Sainsbury's & Superdrug.

What are your favourite cleansers? Let me know with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi sweeties. Today I have a wish list post for you with pieces from the fabulous brand Stradivarius who are opening their first UK store in London's Westfield Stratford later this summer.

These wedges are to die for. In summer I always struggle to find suitable footwear as I have a dodgy looking big toenail on my left foot which makes me self conscious of wearing open toe shoes. These beauties would go with so many outfits letting my feet get some summer air and making me taller :)

This simple piece can be left plain and cool as above or accessorised with a belt, necklace or collar tips. I love the preppy style of the buttons done up like this.

How cool is this dress? The fabric looks so light. Great for day or night. This versatile item could be worn in so many ways by simply changing the belt or layering over trousers/leggings.

To get in the mood for summer the Hawaiian inspired bracelet (right) is just beautiful. The name tag bracelets (left and centre) are simple enough to just wear with pretty much anything and great to hang charms off too to make them more interesting and varied. I probably wouldn't wear these all together, but they are such a great set for the price.

Let me know your favourite pieces from Stradivarius in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi lovelies. Today I have another post for you introducing you to the brand BioCorrex and their collagen drink Uber Skin Plus. I will be reviewing this product over the next few weeks via YouTube. Yes I finally did it. I hope you enjoy my videos. Please be kind people as this is a very new venture for me.

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Hi everyone and Happy Sunday. This is a wee post to let you know about Clarins having a special sale preview event. So that you don't miss out just click the banner at the top of my blog. It's free to sign up and only takes a minute. 

Let me know if you pick up any bargains in the sale :)

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi sweeties. Happy Monday to you. It was my first day back at work today after last week off and it feels like I never left. Anyway on to more interesting things. I have 3 reviews for you today including skincare and make-up.

I have linked above to Fragrance Direct where they are currently selling these for £2.50. If you want to buy them in store you will probably be able to pick them up in Boots, Superdrug or supermarkets. There are 6 strips in each pack. I have had this pack for such a long time as I am really bad at remembering to use them. I used the last one the other day and it still worked really well so they don't dry up. These anti-bacterial strips are designed to remove blackheads and spot causing bacteria. 

After washing your face pat dry. Then wet on and around the nose. Peel the strip off the plastic backing and apply the sticky side to your nose. The curve will be at the tip of your nose and the sides will wing out onto the inner part of your face slightly. Press and smooth onto skin to ensure contact. Allow 10 mins to pass. The strip will now feel stiff. Gently peel from each side pulling towards the centre and lift away from your nose. 

The sensation is weird. It's kind of that pleasure pain thing like pulling off a plaster. It will feel uncomfortable because you are opening up the pores and pulling the dirt out. Plus it's stuck on so pulling it away is going to feel not quite right. Do not worry though as when you see the gross little bits of dirt and grime stuck to the strip that is no longer on your face you will be satisfied, but a little grossed out too. I use a wipe over my nose to remove any sticky residue afterwards and moisturise.

You can pick this up in Boots and most supermarkets I'm sure, but I have linked to Superdrug above as you can try the 50ml size for just £1.50 or buy 3 for £3.00 at the moment. The lid looks to be a screw top whereas mine is a flip lid. I would recommend this product for those wanting something without fussy ingredients. If your skin is sensitive or just needs a break from product overload then this simple product will be a good moisturiser to use on a daily basis.

Suitable for normal/combination skin offering a medium coverage.

I would say this gives a light/medium coverage as it's very buildable. I applied this with my fingers as I would a BB cream. It glides on easily, feeling smooth and almost moisturising. I have dry skin and it did not cause me any problems. My only reason for not wanting to repurchase this is that the shade porcelain is too dark for me and appears to be the lightest shade. The shade range is not very extensive with only 5 in it's collection. Online all shades look very similar apart from perhaps almond. If you can find a shade to suit you though I would recommend that you try these as they are very affordable. These are £1.99 and there is currently a 3 for £5.00 offer on selected Natural Collection cosmetics.

So what are your favourite blemish treatments, moisturisers and foundations at the moment? Let me know with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi sweeties. I am going to finish off with this post today. I have two body spray products to review for you.

I think I picked this up in my local Tesco for £1.00 at the time. At the moment you can buy 3 for £5.00. This is the first compressed spray I have used. This product did protect me well, but it made me cough every time I sprayed it. I tried using a lesser amount than I would usually spray as it was compressed so I thought I won't need as much, but it still made me cough. The scent was okay, but a little masculine for me. Still fresh though.

Superdrug currently have this selling for 98p. I picked mine up in the 99p Store. I do like Impulse body sprays as I am sure you have seen in previous reviews. The mist and fragrance are just enough to leave you lovely and scented. The twist lids work well and there are so many aromas to choose from. I am not normally a fan of vanilla, but I bought this in a rush. Described as a subtle exotic scent I would have to agree. It's subtle, sexy and day or night appropriate.

Please let me know your favourite anti-perspirant deodorants and body sprays in the comments below? Also are you a fan of the new compressed products?

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hey sweeties. In my second post of the day I have a couple of skincare products to review for you that should go towards keeping you nice and smooth for the summer.


I have picked this shaving gel up many times and am currently on my next bottle. I get mine from my local 99p Store. It's a total bargain for 200ml of product. It lathers up well and feels smooth when applied to the skin giving the perfect base for a clean shave.

I received this sample in my May GlossyBox. This was a lovely lotion to apply. It felt very luxurious and the scent is gorgeous. It's not at all greasy or oily.

So I hope you enjoyed these mini reviews. Let me know your current shaving and body lotion favourites with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi lovelies. I have the house to myself for a while today so I wanted to blog as much as possible as I will be returning to work tomorrow after a week off. It's crazy how the time has flown. I hope you have all had a good week.

I posted earlier this week about some flower garland headbands that I recently purchased on Ebay, link! Two more arrived later that day from another seller. I wasn't expecting them for another 2-3 weeks which is why I didn't wait to put them all in the same haul.

Anyway enough rambling and here they are .......

These headbands come in three colours of pink, beige and blue. The blue was sold out at the time I purchased these. The beige shade is more of an off white. The stretchy headband part shows as black in the sellers photos, but my beige (off white) one has a white band. This is fine for me, but for anyone that might not like this I thought you should know.

If you know of any places to buy pretty hair accessories like these that are not too expensive then let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx
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