Boots Bargains

Hi everyone. I hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend. I haven't done too much as I don't get paid until tomorrow, but I did pick up a couple of Boots bargains on Thursday afternoon and thought I would share them with you.

Firstly, I needed to pick up some of my usual Gillette Venus Divine razor blades (a pack of 8 for £14.80) from Boots and was pleased to discover that in doing so I would also receive a free Gillette Satin Care shaving gel. I chose the one for dry skin which has shea butter in it. I usually just use Boots own brand shaving gel, but as it was free I thought why not. I also got the health & beauty magazine which is free to Boots Advantage Card members. If you haven't got an Advantage Card yet I recommend that you get one as it has saved me lots of money and is great at Christmas time when you need to buy those pressies as you can just pay with points.

I am also near the end of my No 7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum for the face so I had to pick up some more. I use it around my eyes and on my forehead after cleansing, but before moisturising twice a day. I used to have quite defined frown lines on my forehead, but since I started using this a few years ago they are much less visible.

By mistake I picked up the Intense serum instead, but it doesn't matter as I was thinking of giving this a try anyway. I will let you know if I think there is any difference. These were on 3 for 2, plus I had a £5 No7 voucher which runs out Sunday 19th June 2011 so run to Boots now girls. From Boots the original serum retails at £19.50 for a 30ml tube and the intense serum retails at £21.00 for a 30ml tube. So in the end I got £63.00 worth of serum (3 tubes) for the price of £37.00. Not bad I think.

I was very reluctant to try this when it first came out quite some time ago due to what I would call a hefty price tag, but I'm glad I did. I would class this as a must have skin product so well done No7. It lasts me such a long time and I couldn't do without it.

Speak to you all again soon and Happy Bank Holiday!

Love to you all

1st Post/May GlossyBox/Special Thank You

Hi to all you lovelies out there taking the time to look in at my very first blog post. I am so excited to be starting my own blog, but at the same time very nervous as I hope you find reading my blog enjoyable. I am going to be rambling on about many things, but most of them will revolve around all the things that most of us love like makeup, beauty, fashion, nails and lots of bargains.

This picture is just me saying Hi and is in no way related to the products mentioned below

Anyway, on to the actual post. I know there are lots of reviews out there about this subject as it took over Twitter when it was released here in the UK, but I just couldn't resist. I have signed up to receive a GlossyBox each month for what I believe to be a very valuable sum of only £10 as there is no shipping fee. For signing up you will receive five sample sized products every month which are to be a surprise. Some people may not be into the idea of signing up for something every month when they are unsure what they will receive, but I am very much a kid at heart and personally love the idea.

The GlossyBox before opening

All beautifully gift wrapped inside

The list and description of products included

The fab five

For £10 I was super excited to open this box of treats. So far I have only tested the All For Eve (Eve Red Lipstick) and the Nars (Orgasm Illuminator). Both I found to be lovely, wearable products. 

The blue-toned red lipstick glided on beautifully, even on my usually very dry lips. I found it to have quite a creamy consistency which lasted a good part of the day. 

The Nars Illuminator is a nice highlighter which is very sheer, but I think it would show up better on more olive toned or tanned skin as I am a very pale lassie and the highlighter itself is a bronze/golden hue.

Swatches: Nars (Orgasm Illuminator) and All For Eve (Eve Red Lipstick)

Swatches (as above), but smudged out

I did also try the illuminator on my eyes which gave a very subtle glossy finish, unfortunately those photos did not come out too well :(

The box also includes Alterna (Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray) to freshen up your locks throughout the day, Bionova (Bioactive Cleanser for Normal/Dry Skin) to remove impurities from the skin at the end of the day and Como Shambhala (Invigorate Body Lotion) to care for and awaken your skin.
For any of you considering signing up to GlossyBox there is an option to fill in a form so that they may look for products to suit you. I am not sure how they can meet everyone's wants and needs, but as this is the first UK GlossyBox we shall see. Please bear this in mind as at the end of the day it is meant to be a surprise of products each month. You can earn GlossyDots by giving feedback to products received. You get one GlossyDot for every review. When you total 20 GlossyDots you receive a free GlossyBox. 

Please read the fineprint on the website, but you can opt out of the subscription if you decide it's no longer for you. Personally I can't wait for my June GlossyBox.

I would also like to end my first post with a special thank you to @BeauMU_Natalie We met at IMATS London in January this year and we have kept in contact via Twitter and email ever since. Natalie has helped me a lot with my queries about starting up my blog, but beyond that she has been a generally lovely person to talk to. So thanks for being so patient Natalie. Please go and check out her great blog everyone in the link above.

Love to you all
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