NOTD: Miss Sporty Metallic Crystal/E.L.F. Twinkle

Hey my Darlings. I hope you have had a fab Bank Holiday weekend. I know the return to work hurts, but it's less days till the weekend :)

Today's post is a Nail Of The Day. I was feeling the need for a bit of sparkle. I think it might be because the subject of Christmas keeps leaving peoples lips. So firstly I applied Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Nail Polish in Metallic Crystal. This retails on for £1.99 Link :)

This polish is meant to dry in one minute without streaking and it does exactly that. I love this colour and think it looks especially great on cool toned skin. I think gold or bronze polish's look better on darker toned skin, but I always say you don't know till you try.

I wanted to add just a touch more sparkle by using my E.L.F. Nail Polish in Twinkle. I love the multi-coloured speckles in this clear polish. I know the difference is only very subtle over this Miss Sporty nail polish, but I love the combination. You can buy this on for £1.50 Link :) 

Do you have any favourite Miss Sporty or E.L.F. nail polish's? What sparkly combinations do you wear together?

Love to you all

Massive Make-up Haul: NYX, Jordana & L.A. Colors

Hey there lovelies. No Sunday blues as there is a Bank Holiday tomorrow. It's the little things that make me happy :) Being paid early would have made me even happier, but you can't have it all I guess. In today's post I want to show you my massive haul from and I will start off with some lip products.


Jordana Lipsticks in Left-Right: Malibu (032), Raspberry (046) & Perfect Pink (167). $1.30 each in the sale


Left-Right As Above

I have never tried anything from the Jordana range before. For the price I had to give them a go. These lipsticks have a really nice fruity smell with each of them. Malibu is my favourite shade of the three.

Jordana Incolor LipShine Glaze Brush On Gloss' in Top: Pink Grapefruit (01) & Bottom: Candy (08). $1.99 each in the sale

Swatches As Above

These LipShine's are twist up pens. A lot like concealer/highlighter pens with the brush at the end. I particularly like the look of Pink Grapefruit. Candy is a bit more watery for some reason?

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils in Top-Bottom: Vixen (702), Brown (716) & Burgundy (715). $2.99 each in the sale

Swatches As Above

These pencils are so creamy and smooth. The middle one says the shade is Brown on the actual pencil, but on my order and on the website it says Pink Brown. As you can see it's not dark at all, so Pink Brown it must be? Vixen and Burgundy are very similar in colour, but I think I prefer Vixen as it is a more deep red shade as opposed to Burgundy which is a slightly more brown red shade.

NYX Megashine in Maroon. $3.75 in the sale

Swatch As Above

This is a fantastic blood red gloss. I don't own anything like this so it will be great to try. I think it will go great over the NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils in Vixen and Burgundy. I think it would also be great when worn with the nail polish that I did a Nail Of The Day post on yesterday Nails Inc. Victoria

NYX Black Label Lipstick in Chocolate Mousse (192). $4.99 in the sale


Swatch As Above

This is quite an unusual colour. It's a glistening copper brown. I am not quite sure what kind of make-up I will wear with this lipstick, but it will be fun experimenting. On my order and on the website it said this shade was Chocolate, but when it arrived it is named Chocolate Mousse?

I already had this NYX Round Lipstick in Fire as I bought it at IMATS London in January. I knew I had to buy even more shades of these lipsticks after trying this. The consistency is just so smooth and creamy. This colour is so vibrant. A real punchy red. I love it. So here are the NYX Round Lipsticks that I recently purchased.

 NYX Round Lipsticks in Left-Right: Circe, Rea, Frosted Flakes, Taupe & Iris. $1.99 in the sale

NYX Round Lipsticks in Left-Right: Fig, Power, Harmonica, Narcissus & Tea Rose. Harmonica, Narcissus & Tea Rose. $1.99 each in the sale. Fig & Power £3.96 each in the sale

Top Row: NYX Round Lipsticks in Left-Right: Circe, Rea, Frosted Flakes, Taupe & Iris

 Bottom Row: NYX Round Lipsticks in Left-Right: Fig, Power, Harmonica, Narcissus & Tea Rose

The bottom row are a lot more wearable colours, but I love the variety here. I am really looking forward to trying out Circe, Frosted Flakes, Iris, Fig, Narcissus and Tea Rose. Such gorgeous shades. Power was not available at so I purchased this from along with Fig to make the added delivery worthwhile.

NYX Round Lipsticks in Left-Right: Almost Black, Pandora, Medusa & Egg Plant. $1.99 each in the sale

Swatches As Above

These are what I would like to call my devilish shades. I think that Almost Black and Egg Plant will be quite hard to wear alone, but I think they would be fab bases under perhaps something like the NYX Megashine in Maroon.

Free Cherry Culture Lip Balm in Bubble Gum

This came free with my order from As the name suggests it smells of bubble gum. I love a freebie and always need lip balm so this was cool. Now on to some products for the eyes and face.

Left-Right: L.A. Colors Shimmering Loose Eyeshadow in Melon Sorbet for $2.75 in the sale. Jordana Color Effects Bright Powder Eye shadows in Yellow (04), Blue (02) & Green (03). All eye shadows were $2.99 each

Swatches As Above

I have been on the lookout for a melon pigment as I thought it might be a nice alternative to the usual highlight shades which are usually more silvery or golden. I think this would look especially nice with a tan. The brush in this pot was all out of shape, but for the price I am not too bothered by it. I know this product is meant for the eyes, but I think it will still work well on the face. I am really disappointed with the eye shades Yellow and Blue. They are quite chalky with low pigmentation, but the Green is quite nice. It's a little bit smoother and a lovely green with gold flecks in it.

Left-Right: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Milk (604) & Cottage Cheese (608). $2.99 each in the sale. NYX Slim Eye Pencils in Dark Brown (903) & Black Brown (931). $1.75 each in the sale. NYX Sharpener $3.25 in the sale

Swatches As Above

I have been wanting to try these two NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils for a while. I think they will be great bases for eye colours, especially the more matte shade Milk. These NYX Slim Eye Pencils are so smooth. I think they will be fab eyeliners and I may even try the Dark Brown shade on my eyebrows. My pencil sharpener that I have been using for years is rubbish so I hope this fairs better. I would have preferred a flip top lid as the lid just pops off.

NYX Single Eyeshadow's Top Row, Left-Right: Sweet Pink (Frosty), Princess Pink (Frosty), Hot Green (Glitter/Frosty), Tropical (Frosty/Shimmer) & Deep Purple (Shimmer)

NYX Single Eyeshadow's Bottom Row, Left-Right: Spring Flower (Shimmer), Eggplant (Metallic), Blue Marine (Matte), Morocco (Frosty/Shimmer) & Kiss In Casablanca (Metallic)

Swatches As Above

I am particularly excited about shades Sweet Pink, Princess Pink, Tropical & Kiss In Casablanca. Tropical is not as pigmented as I had hoped, but I think it's still a nice shade. I am really unimpressed by Hot Green. I expected a vivid green shade, but as you can see it is barely visible. The bottom row looks like there could be some fallout.

NYX Single Eyeshadow's Top Row, Left-Right: Platinum Pink (Frosty/Sheer), Dallas (Matte), Atlantic (Matte), Frosted Ocean (Frosty) & Odyssey (Shimmer)

NYX Single Eyeshadow's Bottom Row, Left-Right: Rock (Shimmer), Deep Charcoal (Metallic), Sensual (Glitter), Charcoal Brown (Matte) & Hawaiian Coffee (Matte)


Swatches As Above

Platinum Pink, Atlantic, Frosted Ocean and Deep Charcoal are my favourites from these swatches. Deep Charcoal is very smooth and almost creamy. I love the Frosted Ocean shade, but I think there will be a lot of fallout with this. Dallas hardly shows up at all so it's a bit disappointing.

NYX Single Eyeshadow's Top Row, Left-Right: Root Beer (Shimmer), Gypsy (Shimmer), Walnut (Metallic), Asphalt (Sheer/Metallic) & Champagne (Metallic)

NYX Single Eyeshadow's Bottom Row, Left-Right: Skin Tight (Shimmer), Black Sparkle (Shimmer) & Black (Matte). NYX Powder Blush in Pinched

Swatches As Above

I think Root Beer will be a fab crease colour. Champagne is a gorgeous everyday colour which I think would also be a great inner corner highlight. Black Sparkle comes up a quite green/grey shade as opposed to black. I still like it though. The Black is a great matte shade. Skin Tight is barely visible. The Pinched blusher is amazing. It's a very pinky/peach shade with a golden luminosity.

All of the NYX Single Eyeshadow's were $3.75 in the sale. The NYX Powder Blush in Pinched was $4.50 in the sale.

So in total my order from came to $215.54 with shipping. It was cheaper than buying from However did not have the NYX Round Lipstick in Power so I ordered it from along with Fig to make the order worthwhile. This came to £12.42 with delivery as they had a 20% off sale.

I am so pleased with this massive haul. Well done if you made it to the end of this post. I hope you find these swatches helpful.

What are your favourite NYX products? Are there any other products from you think I should check out?

Love to you all

Nail Of The Day: Nails Inc. Victoria

Hi you gorgeous loves. I don't know about you, but the weather has been so weird here. Brilliant sunshine one minute then pouring rain the next. Oh well that's Bank Holiday weekends for you. So now on to today's post. 

Nails Inc. Victoria

Today's Nail Of The Day is a fabulous shade from Nails Inc. named Victoria. There is no way that I couldn't love it by the name alone right, haa haa. This is a fantastically blood red shade. It may look a bit chocolaty here, but trust me it is a great vampy red. 

I actually received this with a copy of Glamour Magazine a couple of years ago. In fact I have two as they sent me the same shade again when they had the same free gift a year later. Another shade would have been cool to try, but I guess they thought I may like it because of the name?

Are you into vampy shades like this? Do you have any Nails Inc. favourites?

Love to you all

Lips Of The Day: Estée Lauder

Bank Holiday weekend. Woooooooo hoooooooo. I am skint and have no plans, but I get an extra day off work so that's good. I hope you gorgeous people are out to have some fun though. Today's post includes two lip products which I bought the other day from Estée Lauder at Debenhams.

 LEFT: Pure Color (A0) Vanilla Truffle Lasting Creme

RIGHT: Pure Color (27) Pink Kiss Shimmer 

Pure Color (A0) Vanilla Truffle Lasting Creme

Pure Color (27) Pink Kiss Shimmer


Here Are Both Products Worn Together

I have never bought products from Estée Lauder before other than my Double Wear Light Foundation, but I have to say I will be going back for more. The lipstick is so creamy and smooth. I think it will be the perfect nude when combined with a smokey eye. This shade can look a little bit concealerish so beware and try before you buy. This retails at £18.50. The lip gloss is a gorgeous, shimmery shade that I think would suit pretty much anyone. This retails at £16.00. I love the lipstick, but with the lip gloss over the top it is definitely more wearable. 

What are your favourite lip combinations? Are there other Estée Lauder products worth trying?

Love to you all

Superdrug Haul/NOTD

Hi my Hunnies. It's Monday BOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Bring on the weekend. I thought it might be nice to show you some of my recent Superdrug purchases. I actually bought these items on about three occasions so I thought I would compound it into one lovely haul. I am going to start off with the nail products I picked up.

L-R: Beauty UK Shatter Polish in Night Fever (No 6) £2.99, Rimmel London Stronger Try Harder Double Duty Base Coat £4.59 & Barry M Nail Paint in Spring Green (290) £2.99

I wanted to try out the shatter polish so I gave it a go with a nail polish that I had already. It is the shade Chocolate from retailing at £1.50. I love the effect of crackle polishes. I also used the base coat here. It was a thick enough consistency for a good base and dried quickly so I was able to apply polish straight away. I love Barry M Nail Paints so I know the Spring Green will be a great polish. Now on to the lip products.

Beauty UK Lip Lusts in L-R: Office Chic (No 11), Office Chic (No 11) & St Tropez (No 1)

Beauty UK Lip Lusts in L-R: Office Chic (No 11) & St Tropez (No 1)

Blended Out As Above

These were on a 3 for 2 offer. I bought two of the same colour as I really like the shade Office Chic so I got one free :) These are usually £2.99 each so I got 3 for £5.98. I love the consistency and the fantastic glitter particles.

Make Up Academy Lipgloss in Tube 2 £1.00

Swatch As Above 

Blended Out As Above

I saw this great lip gloss and straight away thought of the Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss In Explode that I missed out on in the July GlossyBox which retails at £13.00 Link :)

I admit that I haven't seen this Illamsqua lipgloss up close and personal, but I think this may give a similar effect when you want to add a nice sheer colour over the top of your lipstick or if you just want to wear it alone for something more subtle. From looking at swatches online I believe that the Illamasqua lipgloss is maybe more on the paler side with slightly less shimmer, but I still think that this MUA lip gloss could give you a very similar effect for £12.00 less.

I am a little gutted though as when I saw the MUA lip gloss the tester was this colour, but all the ones to buy were a more vivid pink shade with the same tube number. I asked the assistant at Superdrug to see if she could help, but we came to the conclusion that they had changed the shade? I then tried my local high street and the same thing, but they did have this last tube hidden in their make-up drawer. I was so happy :) Here is the Superdrug website for you to see the new colour of this shade Link :)

Accessorize With-Love Primer £9.00

This product claims to help even out skin tone while reducing shine. Also, improving foundation application and helping in minimising skin imperfections. It also claims that make-up lasts longer and skin is left feeling velvety smooth all day.  

I have been using my Clarins Beauty Flash Balm for a good couple of years now and I do love it, but like anyone I am always striving to help my skin and make-up look their best so I thought it might be nice to try this face primer from Accessorize. I last bought my Beauty Flash Balm from for £20.99. 

I was testing out make-up the other day in Superdrug and came across this Accessorize face primer. It has a kind of gel formula which feels very smooth. It is also clear, unlike the Beauty Flash Balm which looks like a palish tinted moisturiser. I really hope that I will fall in love with this as it will save me £11.99 every time I need a new face primer. Here is my review of the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm if you haven't seen it already Link :)

400ml Garnier Summerbody Moisturising Lotions Sun-Kissed Look in the Deep shade on offer for £3.50 each

I have never used a gradual tanner before, but for £3.50 each I really couldn't help buying two. I really need to get some colour in me. They have an apricot scent which smells lovely.

Simple Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser £3.03

I have been using this for about a week and I really like it. I really like the gel like formula. It takes my make-up off much better than make-up wipes when I don't have time for a thorough cleanse. I just pop it onto cotton pads and smooth my make-up away.

Superdrug Body Sprays in L-R: Flirty, Seduction & Crush

I bought these body sprays on a 3 for 2 offer. They are usually 99p each, but I only paid £1.98 for 3, Yay :) I will try and describe the scents to you as best I can.

I would say this is a day to night scent. it's fresh and fruity, but with musky undertones. I think there may be a hint of satsuma in there.

I would definitely say this is an evening scent. It has a much deeper, heavier, muskier aroma to it than Flirty.

This I would wear during the day. It's soft and fresh. A very clean scent.

I am really happy with all of my bargains and the points that I have collected on my Superdrug Beautycard. Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?

Love to you all

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