balance Me. Super Moisturising Body Wash

Hi there my loves. How are you all? I have another product to review for you which was sent to me for free by balance Me.


 This product is free from sulphates so that you will feel fresh and clean whilst treating your body to an intensive moisture hit. The richest and thickest of the balance Me. washes, so a little goes a long way. For head to toe moisturising without any effort, add a cap full to your bath water for a naturally foaming, truly soothing skin soak.

My thoughts:

Hands down I love this product. I have to say that first as there is nothing bad about it. The scent I just can't get enough of. I feel like I am in a spa when I shower with this. A very pampering product which is a real treat for my body. Relaxing, calming, soothing and heavenly are all words that spring to mind. I also reviewed the Super Moisturising Hand Cream from this range too and as you will see in my review I fell in love with that product also because of the scent. I find it very therapeutic which is why I enjoy that the products in this range linger on the skin for hours and hours.

Aside from the gorgeous aroma the body wash itself is a gel like formula that glides over the body leaving you with very moisturised skin. I think this is mainly because of the shea butter.

I tried this in the bath last night and OMG talk about aromatic. The whole bathroom filled with the aroma of this product. I think it would actually be great for those with a cold too as the scent feels like you are breathing something in to make you feel clearer. No joke!

For information on the balance Me. Debenhams launch check out this link!

Which are your favourite body washes from balance Me. ? Do you have a favourite balance Me. range? Let me know with your reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all


Mini Haul: 99p Store Fashion & Make-Up

Hi there sweeties. How are you on what is another beautifully sunny day? It's like the weather is teasing us I swear. Today I popped up to town for an appointment and I resisted a shopping spree. With my travelcard in hand I jumped back on the train asap to avoid temptation as unfortunately I am saving really hard so shopping is not an option.

I do occasionally like to find mini treats in the pound shops though so that I pretty much keep those urges at bay. Here I have 2 products that I picked up in the 99p Store.

Top: Brown Plastic Sunglasses with UV 400 protection

I love how these are oversized. Great for hiding under when eye make-up is a no no because you are feeling lazy. Plus you will look oh so stylish.

Bottom: Maybelline WhiteStay UV Whitening Foundation Snow White

I picked this up in the hope of lightening some foundation and bb creams that I already have that are too dark for me as I hate wasting products. I have been on the look out for the white foundation that Barry M do for ages, but I have never seen it in store.

I had no idea that this product appears to have these factors to it:
  • Instantly lightens your skin tone upon application.
  • SPF18 UV filters combines the dual step of sunscreen & foundation.
  • Brightens skin instantly, creates a flawless finish and conceals pores.
  • Suitable for day & night wear.
  • Favoured by celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna and Ashwari Rai.
This product is not exactly what I was after, but I am still glad that I picked it up. If you would like a full review on how I find this product works as it seems very interesting to me then please let me know in the comments below.

For £1.98 I am really pleased that I found these two products. Which bargains have you been picking up in the 99p Stores lately? let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

balance Me. Rose Otto Hand Cream

Hey hey there beauties. How are you on this fabulously sunny day? I have been running a few errands this morning and although I have lots to do I still wanted to blog for you lovelies. Today I will be reviewing a product that was sent to me for free to review.


Combining the best elements of the balance Me. multi-award winning super moisturising hand cream with their most cherished rose essential oil blend. This product has the lightest of textures and is perfect for dry, delicate and sensitive hands. Deeply smoothing and moisturising dry hands with its emollient blend. Providing soothing, plumping and super smoothing effects. This emollient blend can also be used on other areas of the body such as heels, feet and elbows.

My thoughts:

This hand cream I could imagine sitting well with someone who loves vintage. The rose scent and the soft pink packaging all add to that powder room feel. It would sit beautifully on dressing tables of all ages. It is quite a clean, soap like scent. If you like rose scents you will no doubt love this product. This comes in a flip top tube which is easy to open, yet secure.

I fully admit that although I do not find the scent as appealing as the balance Me. Super Moisturising Hand Cream I don't find it unpleasant. I don't usually like many rose scented products, but this is quite softly scented.

This does leave a silky feeling on the hands. I lathered on quite a bit on my first use which was definitely too much and made them feel a bit oily. Around a pea sized amount should smooth over both of your hands nicely.

I do think that this product would also work really well if you have particularly dry areas on your body too.

For information on the balance Me. launch at Debenhams check out this post! 

Have you tried out any of the balance Me. hand creams? Which are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all  

Wish List: Missguided Sweet Deal Fresh Fashion Basics

Hi there poppets. It's good to know you are here on this gloomy wet day which I hope to make brighter for you :)

For those of you that don't already know Missguided have brought out a sweet deal range of some basic pieces that you could mix and match. You could also wear just one piece and change the way it looks by accessorising or adding some print or texture. I personally love some of the tartan and leather pieces that many brands are bringing out at the moment. Grunge never seems to be out of fashion.

Here is a link to the entire range with prices starting at £2.99. To see my wish list pieces keep on reading :)


I think this would be great to wear with maxi skirts and sandals for a daytime look or for the office this would be perfect with a trouser/short suit and heels.

This is a great piece to wear with jeans for an easy throw on look. Perfect to wear in a bar with hooped earrings and ankle boots.


I of course love this in black too. This is a fantastic first date dress. Just the right amount on show with that flirty, girly feel. I love the boots the girl is wearing in the photo. I would add a long chain and a biker jacket to wear with this dress.

I don't have the longest pins so dresses like this are great for us shorter girls as they add a peep of sexiness without showing off the legs completely. The fact that the top of the dress is not revealing at all I think adds to this feature. The belt and boots are great accessories in this photo. A deep red lip is all that I would add to this look.

This is a brilliant dress for when you just can't be bothered to decide what to wear. A beanie, a satchel and some lace up ankle boots would complete the look for me. The colour is great for the autumn/winter season too.

This is the same style of dress shown in another shade range. The colour is just bam! Because the colour is so bold you don't actually need to go mad with accessories. I could see this work with a black waistcoat undone, black pumps and some friendship bracelets.


I have seen this style of skirt around, but this is the cheapest price I have seen it for. This is quite a versatile piece as you could wear it more to the side or the front of the thigh to vary the look. Like the maxi dress with the splits above it is sexy not trashy.

This has a cute school/college girl vibe about it. I like how they have paired it with a cropped t-shirt. I have loads of those already from Primark. I would wear an open slouchy cardi and tough ankle boots with this. Also some large hoops earrings and bold lipstick. I would also like this in black, but for some reason the link to the black pleated skater skirt is a regular skater skirt?


This is a great piece to pair with so many outfits. Lunch with the girls or a dinner date would suit. It would look great with jeans, a white t-shirt, strappy sandals and a statement necklace. Black would be my first choice as it goes with everything, but the plum shade is pretty fab too. Perfect for transitioning into the autumn/winter seasons.

I know black again, but again it goes with so much. I would however buy the other shades of white and navy too. These are perfect for work and then whatever afterwards. A long chain necklace would amp this up instantly.

I really like cut out detailing at the moment. It adds a feature and is sexy on the shoulders while keeping you modest. This red shade is gorgeous. I think leather skinnies would look even better with this top so that the shoulders are the reveal.

I also like the black in this style obviously :)

Missguided also have 10% off all orders at the moment too!

Have you taken part in Missguided's sweet deals yet? If yes, what did you think? If no, will you be? Let me know with your picks and link any outfit blog posts featuring your sweet deals in the comments below.

Love to you all


Up And Coming Fashion Brands

Hi guys and welcome back or hello if it's your first visit to Beautiful Addictions. Today I have an exciting post to introduce you to up and coming fashion brands. Last night I attended an event at The Penthouse London which was organised by Bloggers Love. I won't ramble on anymore as there are so many good things to show you.

Cupcakes were placed on tables for guests to enjoy. There was also the opportunity to be pampered with a manicure or a smokey eye look.

I managed to take one of these Yuko hair treatments before I left, but I missed out on the goodie bags as I thought they were giving them out at the end and there was none left :(

Before it got hectic. This is the area where the 10 fashion brands had some of their pieces on display ready for guests to peruse and purchase.

I really like the semi-circle clutch bags. The pleating is a lovely detail.

Meena Bhambra MD

These earrings have a real aztec/tribal vibe. Love them.

A fantastic piece. I would wear this with jeans and a white t-shirt. has such a great collection and at really affordable prices.

I can't believe this peace sign necklace was only £4. So cool for that summer vibe.

These sunglasses are brilliant. I really like that cross chain necklace too.

More cool shades with that 60's edge.

Wear these with a plain LBD and you go from simple to simply stunning.

Check out for some real bargains. They have some amazing jewellery, accessories, vintage and items for the home. I love their beautiful prints.

The shoppers are apparently very popular, but I love the pink printed clutch at the front.

Jasmine D'Cruz

Jasmine hand prints every single piece herself. Each item has it's own unique print so no two pieces are the same. I asked Jasmine what her favourite style of print is and she said architecture. You can view her products on

Loving the red Chanel clutch. is the place to sell the items you simply don't wear anymore. Primarily pieces that are sold are designer, but some luxury high street items also sell.

This dress with spiked stud detailing on the shoulders caught my eye immediately in this collection.

Fab structured detail around the bust with snake print.

This snapback is blingtastic.

A fab array of pieces.

Catherine Drain from

There are fantastic items from this range. I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Are you a Barbie girl?

Crystal Amaze customise shoes, clothes, swimwear and accessories.

Futuristic leather.

How amazing is this jacket.

I absolutely fell in love with this dress. It's got everything. Bright, floral and print. are a fabulous fashion brand that's pieces look so unique and great quality. Check out their lookbook for inspired products.

Influenced by the 90's which is a very popular style right now fashion brand have wonderful creations such as these pieces. Their collection comprises of menswear and womenswear.

Ferne from TOWIE doing a little shopping.

Lauren Goodger (former TOWIE cast member) from Laurens Way also attended.

 Now for the catwalk show .......

Such a cute detailed top.



Hell yeah you work it girl.

Such an amazing look.

Loving the lights on the shoes.

A photographer showed some guests his moves.

And that concludes a wonderful night. Thanks so much to Bloggers Love for inviting me along. I hope that you find at least one or two brands from this event that you like as I think there are some really exciting pieces that I am glad I got to share with you.

Love to you all

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