Hi everyone. I know it's Monday, but chin up cherubs. I have two products to talk about today for your nails.


I was given a few pots of these nail polish remover wipes one year at Xmas and I had forgotten I had them. Rediscovering these beauties has made nail polish removal less of a task. They are so quick to use compared to tipping polish remover onto a cotton pad and I do use less pads even with bold reds that I find spread everywhere when removing. These wipes do not stop the polish spreading, but the formula which feels like it has a slightly oil base means this method is easy, quick and almost conditioning. I find the scent of them quite addictive too. The handy pot they come in would be perfect for travel as they are a 2 in 1 compact product with no spillage disasters. I could not tell you if these are still available, but if they are I would definitely recommend.

I usually use the Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray if I am not painting on a top coat, but I was in Poundland one day and thought for £1.00 this would be worth a try. First off let me say that although not totally unpleasant the scent of this product is pretty potent. The mist from the spray spreads quite a bit too so either be near a window or go outside to use this. So does it work? My nails are less tacky than before using it, but not completely dry. This spray says it's suitable for most types of nail varnish so I am not sure what types they are? I have used this on many brands, but the result is always the same. Within a day or two the chipping starts. Although generally speaking I think most varnish top coats will make your polish last longer than a nail drying spray, but I definitely would recommend the Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray over this. I have reviewed that product here.

If you have any favourite nail polish top coats, bases, setting sprays or anything else then let me know with reasons why in the comments below. Also if you have any tips for yellow stained nails let me know that too as I always wear a base coat or leave my nails without any polish at all for weeks on end and they are still yellow :(

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi all and welcome. With the change of seasons it's hard to know what to wear most of the time and if you are like me you love snuggly winter knits, but hate the cold weather. I have found a couple of items on the LILY LULU site that are great for this time of year.

A perfect cover up that comes in one size so as it gets colder there is still room to add more layers underneath due to it's oversized style. The faux leather piping is a nice addition. I would also tie different belts around this when I wanted a more fitted look.

I love, love, love the ripped vintage style of these denim beauties. They are a nice length as I hate wearing short shorts. I would wear them with tights and boots, a tee and actually the jacket above.

What are your favourite fashion seasons? Let me know your tips for transitioning into the new season with your favourite style pieces.

Images not my own.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi beauties. I hope you are having a great Sunday so far. I recently received my limited edition Karen Millen London Skyline GlossyBox which is a beautiful design. So here are my first impressions.

This product contains hair-like particles to give the appearance of fuller, thicker looking brows with it's quick dry gel formula. Remove excess from the brush and apply in short upward strokes. Use the tip to mould into shape. Dries to a natural finish in 60 seconds. Also available in a light/medium shade.

I haven't opened this yet as I am near to finishing off another product for my brows and don't want this to dry out. I have never used a product with hair-like fibres on my brows so this will be interesting to try. Apparantly Binky Felstead from Made In Chelsea is a fan.

A lightweight oil to pamper and care for all hair types. Leaving hair shiny, nourished and supple. Apply before blow drying to sections of the hair avoiding the roots.

I like the scent of this product. It feels really nice rubbing it into my hands so I am sure it will feel just as nourishing on my hair. This bottle came with a pump dispenser.

A gently exfoliating product to target dark spots, soften and brighten the skin. Apply a small amount to a damp face, neck or body. Massage in for 1-2 minutes. Leave on for another 1-2 minutes then rinse off. Use up to twice a week.

There are 2 samples of this in my GlossyBox so I guess enough for two uses. I have never used a peel only regular exfoliating products to remove dead skin cells and dirt so I will hopefully see even better results.

With anti-oxidant ingredients to boost collagen in the delicate under eye area. Hydrating dry areas by restoring lost moisture and activating blood circulation. Apply a small amount under the eyes. Gently massage around the orbital bone with the applicator until eye bags and puffiness are reduced in under 3 minutes. Can be refrigerated for a cooling effect. Apply day and night to reduce the appearance of bags, dark eye circles and improve skin tone.

There was no applicator with this product so I will just use my fingers. Hopefully this will work well as a part of my skincare regime.

Paint one coat on for a smooth matte finish.

I like how the bottle has a matte almost frosted look to match it's description. The lid on my bottle seems to stick out a little at the bottom edge as if it's a bit too big. Usually my Nails Inc. polishes have been flush with the line of the bottle. The lid also feels a little more cheaply made and is slightly chipped on the edge which is not good for a polish that costs £12.00. Other than these packaging flaws I hope the matte effect works well on top of my nail polishes.

A cocktail of 20 anti-aging power plants for younger looking skin. In just 2 weeks the product is meant to reduce lines and wrinkles. With continued use it will help to lift, plump up and firm the skin. Apply AM and PM to cleansed skin.

This sounds great so lets hope it works. I have never tried any Origins products so I am glad to be able to sample this brand.

For more information on the UK GlossyBox click here and for the US GlossyBox click here.

Let me know in the comments below your favourite products from this months GlossyBox with reasons why.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi all and welcome to this post which is all about good gut health. Not the usual type of post from me I admit, but I am very interested in finding ways to improve my digestion and gut health as I have been an IBS sufferer all my life.

I met Chris James who is a well respected and sought after teacher of yoga and meditation as well as nutrition and health enthusiast at THE ANTI-AGEING HEALTH & BEAUTY SHOW back in May. Chris is a fantastically glowing person both in personality and appearance. He just oozes health from his very core so I knew this was someone I wanted to know better as he obviously knows his stuff. Chris informed be about lots of his quality ingredient products as well as the 12 Day Cleanse program. I was given the opportunity to try out 2 of Chris' vegan food supplements from his range which I took continuously for 30 days.

With premium ingredients for the bowel to optimise gut health and support digestive function. Enhancing nutrition absorption as well as immune function. Beauty that begins in the gut.

Gorgeous greens is a unique blend of chlorophyll rich green foods which can help strengthen the immune system, restore PH balance and and help with bowel regularity. Gorgeous Greens also helps defuse free radicals and support skin to fight ageing. Maintaining a balance of acidity versus alkalinity for the mind and body to function optimally.

Both supplements are free from wheat, yeast, starch, gluten, lactose, soy, added colourings, sweeteners and preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians.

I took one of each capsule a day after breakfast and one of each after dinner for 30 days. 

So I am going to be honest and say that I ate very healthily for the about the first two weeks and then not as healthy, but not all bad for the two weeks after. I was on holiday leave, had some celebrations to enjoy and got really busy. I know making time to be healthy or healthier is your own responsibility so no excuses here, but it was quite interesting to see how the supplements worked when eating and drinking healthy and nutritious foods versus the naughty and devilish.

On day 2 coincidence I think as I had no other days like this I was awoken at about 5am with a stirring in my tummy. A quick panicked leap from my bed led to lets just say an emptied bowel. Sorry if this is TMI, but this post is about bowel health, regularity and digestive function. I felt pretty unwell for about a day with a couple more rushed loo trips and an awful feeling in my tummy. I hadn't eaten anything unhealthy or different in the days prior so I can't blame my diet, but I don't feel I can blame these products either as in a day I was back to normal with no other days like this within the 30 days.

I would say that these supplements did help with normal regularity of my bowel function. I would go every day which can sometimes be unusual for me. I can go anything from not going for a week to 7 times a day while eating and drinking in the same way. There are certain foods that will bind me up such as bread, pasta and rice so I know when I have had too much. During my naughty eating phase I was perhaps just a little less frequent in bowel movement with extra bloating and trapped wind, but it was still better than I usually am without the supplements.

I think these supplements are a great addition to a healthy style of living. Most of us won't stick to purity (myself included) 24/7 when it comes to food and drink, but I think knowing your own body is a big part of knowing what you need and what your limits are. I know that I can't scoff pizza, bread and other such foods every day like my friends and family, but sometimes I let the little devil on my shoulder convince me. 

I have previously tried an elimination diet where I cut out all yeast, wheat, sugar and dairy. I gradually introduced certain foods back into my diet to see how my body liked them. I would say I felt healthier from this type of diet, but I still suffered with IBS symptoms daily. I am by no means as pure and saintly as this now, but I do my best to eat healthily at lunch and breakfast and cook meals from scratch most of the time.

I am glad that I got the opportunity to try out these products as better bowel function was definitely achieved!

Let me know your tips and tricks for better bowel health and digestive function in the comments below. Especially if you desire a better lifestyle free from IBS woes.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi everyone. I am back again today with a hair care review from a brand that is new to me FAITH IN NATURE


Both products are suitable for all hair types with certified organic ingredients, cruelty free and vegan friendly. Pomegranate and Rooibos are natural antioxidants packed with nutrients that are great for cleansing your hair and skin. I chose this shampoo which was also kindly sent to me with a matching conditioner because I like the idea of something cleansing and natural to really nourish my hair and scalp. 

The scent of these products is natural and refreshing, but not in a peppermint zingy kind of way. 

The shampoo I applied to wet hair massaging it in to remove product build up and applied again to clean my scalp followed by rinsing. I always do this two step process to ensure my hair and scalp are clean and free from product. I then applied the conditioner from mid lengths to ends, leaving it on for a few minutes while I exfoliate, wash, shave or whatever in the shower for a deeper treatment followed my rinsing.

I found this shampoo to be quite strengthening and thickening. It adds density to the hair strands which suprised me as when washing my hair felt so squeaky clean I thought it would end up perhaps flatter without product. The conditioner worked well as a partner to the shampoo.

I would recommend the shampoo to those who want a thickening, cleansing and strengthening shampoo. The conditioner is nice if you want a matching set perhaps for scent, but I would say it's not as essential as the shampoo.

These products are very affordable in these 400ml sizes I have, but they are also available in massive 5 litre options.

I found it very difficult choosing which product I wanted to try from the shampoo range as there are so many fantastic options for different hair types.

As well as hair care FAITH IN NATURE also have lots of products for body care, skin care, baby care, home care and gifts.

Have you tried products from FAITH IN NATURE? Let me know your favourites or which ones you want to try in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi lovelies and Happy Saturday! Apologies for not blogging much last week, but life took over and now I am catching up with myself thank goodness.

Today I have a haul to show you from a brand that I frequently shop at everything5pounds.

The quality and fit of this top is fantastic. The material is not flimsy and thin. It has a lovely structure that is very comfortable and smooths over the body. The peplum feature kicks out at the right place and is very flattering. The chain is detachable so you could add your own to change it up. I bought this in a size 10/medium.

These again have a slight thickness to them giving a quality feel. The piping, faux zip pockets and cuff bottom details add that little something more for a legging/trouser hybrid that can be worn casually or more formal. I would actually pair them with the top above. The zips are slightly unaligned which is perhaps why they are available for £5, but I don't actually mind that and see this as an added feature. Unfortunately these are no longer available in black, but you can buy them in a gorgeous mint shade. If I were to buy another pair I may size down as they are just a little big. It depends how you would like to wear them. I bought a size 10/medium.


I love the monochrome tribal print of these trousers and the ruched gather at the bottom of the legs. They have small pockets either side. These are an easy trouser to wear for work and play. They will go well with black or white tops, footwear and accessories. I bought these in a size 10. I am sorry that they are no longer available, but I will link here the trousers & leggings section so that you can check out some other fab designs.

everything5pounds update their site daily with new pieces. If you sign up to their free newsletter you can be updated on their new stock. For affordable great finds like these I make sure I check out the site every day.

Let me know your favourite pieces from this post in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi there beauties. It's been a manic week, but I am here today to share with you the many fabulous brands I met at the Bloggers Love Gifting Lounge on Monday as a celebration of London Fashion Week.

Louise from Love Lola Designs hand paints these gorgeous personalised bags herself. I love them all, but the double compartment chain style (top) is my favourite. As well as many bag styles and sizes Louise also creates fabulous designs on cups, candles, cushions and much more. Great for gifts, especially with Xmas looming or just to treat yourself :)

I don't fake tan too often as I always fear I will get it wrong ending up in obvious streaks and smelling like biscuits or curry as my boyfriend says. I was gifted with the Montana Tan 1 Hour Mousse. I do find waiting for fake tans to develop a bit of a chore so I will hopefully fall in love with this product. I am planning on testing it out next week so keep an eye out for a review soon.

Before attending this event I fell in love with these Fur Pom Pom Bobble Hats. The pom poms are interchangeable which is such a great idea to mix and match with your outfit. The Floral Crowns are so beautiful. Perfect for bold femininity.

Fancy blinging up your shoes, clothing, fashion accessories, car keys or just about anything else with Swarovski Crystals? AJ Boutique will customise to suit your personal style or to gift someone special with a unique design. I love the sparkle detail on these booties.

With handbag styles I dare you not to fall in love with and a charming jewellery range. You can view my two posts where I feature Nadia Minkoff earrings in an OOTD and where I first met the brand here.

The jewels at Dress Me Betty had me very excited. They are perfect for dressing up any plain outfit giving it a beautiful edge. I was very lucky to be gifted with the Panache pendant (bottom left).

Suave 101 are an urban London brand with a clothing range mix of t shirts, vests, polos, sweatshirts, headwear and accessories. With options including beautifully printed designs as well the monochrome Suave 101 logo designs above this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to styling options. Suave 101 offer a customising service. Choose your style of tee or vest to work with adding material and/or zip embellishments for your own unique piece. Although probably assumed to be a menswear brand there was a lot of interest at the event from the ladies. I know I would be able to style up their tees easily. It was lovely to meet Jack C.E.O. of the brand.


An amazing collection from Tinkilove.

Unfortunately I missed the 2nd catwalk show as the evening ran behind a little and I had to leave.

So who else did I meet on the night?

Ever bought that great dress for an event and failed to notice until the photos of you in your outfit were up that you have VPL! Well fear no more ladies as Shibue Couture have the answer to your concerns. With options such as strapless panties, cover ups, lift ups and much more you may just want to leave your dress at home ;) I have No Line Strapless Panties to try as well as a couple of the Peel and Toss Strapless Panties. So naughty, yet so practical.

Rush Hair & Beauty have an amazing site full of products to fulfil your hair and beauty needs. I was kindly gifted with two volumising products.

The name speaks for itself, but Optimus PM are certainly a team I want to know better. With a very impressive client list and an enticing affiliate programme I am definitely interested in working with them. They were also kind enough to gift me with beauty products too.

Beautiful quality printed scarves which are aptly named. I think my favourite is the design Wild Yonder.

Beautifully crafted leather handbags with a floral theme. My two favourites were the patent croc Cataleya which is perfect for transporting your laptop and other business essentials and the Alyssum which is a classic everyday bag.

Unfortunately I did not get to speak with this brand, but I can tell you that they offer a customising service adorning your chosen items with crystal gems for that unique style. Whether it be shoes, headbands, phone cases and more Dolly's Bling Shop will make your pieces gem-tastic.

It was pretty busy around this brand. Fuffy's Fantasies offer customised bras and bikinis to girls that want to show off their top assets ;)

With the quote 'Fake it till you make it' Glam Drawer are a fashion brand for girls who want to really accentuate their curves. With fashion for girls with confidence in their silhouette head to Glam Drawer.

With many fashion brands all under one roof House of Trendella have fantastic style options. It was so hard to get to them through the crowd of girls, but I managed it in the end. My favourite piece from what was left on their rack was the HoT Basics Green Sequin Open Back Bodycon Dress which would be fantastic at an event, especially under lights to make you glow.

With a wide variety of fashion clothing and accessories that are unique one off pieces so only you can have them! Focused on helping you find items to suit your style and size Kisses From Coco are there for you.

I met the lovely Stacey from Lash Magnifique. Specialising in semi-permanent eyelash extensions that are bonded on with a medical adhesive. They can last up to 2 months depending on your natural lash growth/shed cycle. Giving you the look of instantly lifted lashes without the need to apply mascara. Stacey was so sweet offering me the chance to have these lashes applied as well as gifting me with a yummy cupcake :)

With fashion forward catwalk inspired pieces. Novo London have seriously sexy items that should be on the radar of girls who want to dress to impress with sleek sophistication.

For sexy, sassy fashion head over to Rhomes Boutique. With a fantastic range of on trend and celebrity inspired pieces that are affordable too.

Sophisticated European style is brought to you by Sabella Collection. With chic, sexy figure enhancing pieces beautifully wrapped and presented in the signature Sabella boxes to make you feel special.

With a stunning 100% silk scarf collection you can drape yourself in luxury. My favourite scarf from collection one is the Olga. A wildly vibrant style.

I have met this brand before at a few Bloggers Love events and I am definitely a fan. With a wide range of bang on trend affordable fashion.

I have previously featured Valour & Valkyrie in an outfit post and at another Bloggers Love event here. With pieces to flatter and enhance they have something to offer for everyone.

I had a fantastic chat with fashionable accountant MD Carol Hanson as well as style & confidence coach Chelle Shoet. They both really understand that clothes and accessories are not all that is needed to make a great outfit. Confidence to know that you are wearing the best style and shape to enhance your figure whether you be an apple, pear, hourglass, strawberry triangle or athletic is key. They truly want to ensure that you feel at home when shopping at Want Her Dress so that you will come back knowing that what you order online is right for you. I know I have stopped myself ordering online before as I can't always be bothered with returns if the items are not right for me. Knowing that Want Her Dress are keen to prevent this with their fantastic tips on dressing for your shape gives me hope for the future of online shopping.

Sockie Bijoux introduced me to a very different type of product. Not socks, shoes or stockings. I think of them as lingerie for your feet. Although I am not sure I would wear them alone I think I will try wearing the cross design pair I was gifted with to emphasise some shoes.

Sorry if I missed out any brands, but it was hard to get around everyone at the event.

I hope you liked this post. Let me know your brand favourites including any pieces in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi lovelies. I have one post left to share with you today. This time a skincare review.

Use to remove dirt and make-up including waterproof mascara. Leaves skin cleansed, toned and hydrated. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

These were really good at removing dirt and make-up. My skin did feel cleansed and hydrated after use. The quality of these wipes are quite thick yet very malleable. I don't generally use waterproof mascara so I could not say how it would work for that. These had a lovely scent too.

For all skin types to cleanse, remove make-up and refresh the skin in one step.

These wipes worked just as well for me removing dirt and make-up thoroughly. They are very hydrating, cleansing and perhaps more refreshing. They have a real 'pick me up' scent. They are the same great quality as the wipes above.

To see my face wipe review for sensitive skin types from Nivea click here where there is also a further link to the refreshing and fragrance free wipes.

To purchase the Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes see here and for the Pure & Natural Refreshing Cleansing Wipes see here.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know your Nivea favourites with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi everyone. I have another make-up item that was sent to me to review for you which I absolutely love.

Claiming to be the secret to healthy-looking, flawless skin. With light reflecting particles for a gorgeous, healthy glow. Offering a medium coverage while evening out skin tone and correcting imperfections. Skincare benefits include a hydrating formula to replenish the skin's natural moisture balance. The result is a luminous skin finish creating a 'lit from within glow'.

The coverage of this foundation I would say is medium/full as it's easily very buildable. I used my fingers to apply it without any patchiness. The result was a flawless finish without the need to apply as much concealer as I usually do. 

It does not feel heavy on the skin for this type of coverage and lasts really well throughout the day. It did not cake up on my dry areas, but there was a a very slight fade of product on my chin at the end of the day. Hardly noticeable to be honest though. 

The finish of this foundation I would certainly describe as flawless. It does look more natural on the skin than others that give this kind of coverage. More healthy, but not obviously luminous or highlighted. If a dewy foundation is what you are after this probably isn't for you. 

I do love the swirled look of the foundation (see above photo) as you can see how much you have left in the tube which is great. The pump works really well dispensing an easy to control amount of product. The pump part of the tube does look and feel a little cheap and plasticy, but as this would not affect how the product works this would not put me off purchasing it.

I would recommend this foundation for all skin types as I think it would last well on oily skin and not cling to dry areas. 

The shade warm almond was a little dark for me, but surprisingly not as much as I thought and instead gave me a healthy look. I would pick up the shade Light Ivory in the future I think. This foundation comes in 6 shades which is a shame as I am sure more people would try this foundation if there were more hues. 

Currently at a reduced price HERE!

I hope you found this review helpful. Let me know your favourite Max Factor foundations in the comments below with reasons why.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi there you beauties. Happy Friday to you all. I hope you are all smiling for the weekend :) I have been playing with make-up all week so I already have a smile on my face. I was sent an eyeliner to review for you and here it is.

Designed for precision and ease of use with a super stay formula to create eyeliner looks to suit your style.

I have been using this eyeliner pretty much every day this week and let me tell you from the first time using it I was surprised at how much it excited me. 

I have been using eyeliner felt pens for quite some time, but this eyeliner made application so easy. The pen is a perfect size to hold between fingers. It really did feel like I could just swoop it along my lash line without any mistakes.

Quick tip: Rest your pinkie finger on your cheek for a steady hand to apply eyeliner!

It is very precise and although quite black when I tested it on my hand at first it does not look as black on my eyes.

The tapered nib of the pen has bent just a little at the end (see middle photo) after using it a few times so that's a bit frustrating, but I have still managed to create the above line with it today.

This is super long lasting liner as I applied it in the week for work at about 6am and removed it around 7pm most days. It still looked perfect without any smudging, fading or patchiness.

This product also comes in shades of Blue Velvet and Twilight Purple. Perfect for Halloween eyes if you want a dramatic look.

Have you tried any NV COLOUR COSMETICS products yet? If yes, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also tell me your wish list products if they are a new brand to you.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hey for the last time today! I haven't shopped in Mango for ages so I had a look over their website and wanted to share my favourite pieces with you.

A bang on trend shape with lace detailing and adjustable straps. Also available in strawberry.

With snap button fastenings and the option of rolling the sleeves up or down this is a very versatile piece that will also be great for layering in the A/W seasons.

Features a zip back fastening and inner lining. Perfect when worn casually as above or dressed up for the evening.

This flattering v-neck knit would suit most body shapes and comes in 5 shades. My favourites are forest green (above), black and dark grey. Also great for layering over leggings on colder days.

Have you picked up any bargains in Mango lately? Let me know in the comments below.

Images not my own.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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