Hi Everyone and Happy December to you all. I hope you are all full of festive cheer.

Now onto the purpose of your visit. I was sent over some Nivea products to test and review for you so here are my thoughts :)

This wonderful Nivea and British fashion designer collaboration adds a little flair and style to your dressing table. This product does what it says on the tin literally providing all day protection without leaving clothes yellow stained and without white marks.

I use this anti-perspirant deodorant after each shower because I enjoy the fresh feeling and assurance it gives me to feel ready for the day or night ahead. I'm not sure if I would feel quite as fresh not applying it again for 48 hours.

This product has a combination of Coenzyme Q10 (a natural component of your skin that reduces with age) and the powerful antioxidant of vitamin C to combat fresh and tired skin around the eyes giving a smoother and firmer appearance.

This product did leave my skin feeling smooth around my eyes, but thankfully (touches wood) I don't suffer too badly with dark circles or wrinkles around the eye area. It seems like it could however be a great eye cream for those of you who are struggling with such issues.

A fast absorbing, moisturising 48 hour smooth skin product infused with Nivea's Deep Moisture Serum and Sea Minerals.

Now I tell you no lies when I say that this has to be my most favourite body lotion I have EVER used. I love Nivea skincare anyway, but this product is one that I plan on sticking with forever. It has such a silky serum texture that is not sticky at all and yes it absorbs really quickly. The scent is lovely and refreshing too. I usually hate applying body lotion because it feels cold in winter and sticky in the summer. I hate that I can't put my clothes on for ages after applying it. Not with this product though. I actually look forward to applying it daily. Sometimes if I have been in a rush I have forgotten to smooth some over my body, but the moisture really does seem to last if a miss a day so the 48 hour promise that this product claims appears to be true. This is actually a larger bottle that I purchased myself after finishing off the other one sent to me. This one comes with a pump which made me love it even more. The pump makes application so much quicker and easier. This is a star product for sure!

Do leave comments below if you try out any of these products so that others can learn from your experience of using them.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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