Glam Bunny FOTD: Featuring StarGazer Eye Tattoos

Hiya Everyone. Happy Easter Sunday to you. I hope are enjoying the weekend so far. Today I have some interesting eye products to show you that were sent to me for free to review by Kat from Touch Media.

StarGazer Sexy Eyes Temporary Eye Tattoos in Left: Flourish & Right: Flames

I have been meaning to try out some eye tattoos as I was intrigued to see how well they work. They bring so much drama to the eyes so they seemed right up my street.

These looked a bit large for my eyes and I thought they might be a little fiddly to apply so I just used part of one set. I used the smaller section from the set Flames on the right to add a firey wing to my eyes.

My skin was clean. Free from oils and make-up. Make sure that yours is the same when applying these or they may not adhere to the skin properly.

I cut around the design carefully with some small, sharp scissors cutting off as much excess as possible so that they would be easier to apply. 

I removed the clear protector and placed the design facing downwards against where I wanted it on my eye.

With a damp cloth I pressed firmly against the tattoo ensuring it had wet through the whole design.

I could see the paper sliding away and some of the design appearing on my skin. I was worried that I may break or smudge the design so after about 30 seconds I removed the paper gently.

I used the damp cloth to gently press against the tattoo to make sure it sat nicely on the skin.

I have to say it came out perfectly with no smudging or splits in the design. I then applied the other eye tattoo in the same way, trying to match it at the same angle as the other eye, but in reverse.

I then applied my make-up being careful to use smaller brushes around the eye area.


Other products used in the FOTD post are:

Pure BB Cream (Light)

Helen É Cosmetics Miracle Concealer*

Helen É Cosmetics Powder Blush (Candylicious)*

E.L.F. Studio Translucent Matifying Powder

E.L.F. Studio Cool Bronzer (Two Darkest Brown Shades)

Vera Valenti L'ombre a Paupiere Margarita Palette (Cream Shade)

NYX Cosmetics Winter In Moscow Palette (Black Shade)

No7 Exceptional Definition Nutrient Enriched Mascara (Black)

HD Brows Brow Beater

Fearne Glossy Lips (No Name, But Pink Shade)

E.L.F. Studio Mist & Set

*These Helen É Cosmetics products were both PR samples that I reviewed in a FOTN post here

I wanted the tattoos to be the main focus of the make-up and so I made the rest of the make-up quite simple. I went over the whole of the eyes with a cream shade, using a small angle brush around the tattoos. I used a black shade to define the crease and line the eyes so that the tattoos would join to it nicely. I went over the tattoos with this black shade just a little to deepen it a bit more and so it matched the eye lining. I did not apply any product other than clear mascara to my brows to keep the eye tattoos the focus.

The tattoos were removed easily with make-up remover on a cotton pad pressed against the eye for about 10 seconds. You can also use baby oil, but be careful not to get it in your eyes.

I like to blog while wearing the make-up look I am writing about and while doing so I wear my glasses. To show you these tattoos also look great with glasses I just had to show you this photo.

These come in 6 designs at £4.00 per set, Link. They all look great. I would like to try the design Four Eyeliners. I think you could cut that one also to use with one or two flicks at a time if like me you have smaller eyes.

Have you tried using temporary eye tattoos? Which ones are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


Tropic Face Smooth Brightening Polish

Hi there my little Easter bunnies. How has your Saturday been so far? I have had such a bad head since last night that it's making me feel sickly so I thought what better way to distract myself than blogging :)

Today I have a skincare product to review for you. This product was sent to me for free to try out and let you know my thoughts.

This is the Tropic Face Smooth Brightening Polish. This is Tropic's best selling face product with 100% natural ingredients which include:

Acai Berry ~  The strongest known antioxidant containing vitamins, omegas and minerals to visibly boost skin vitality.

Organic Rice Flower ~ Helps in reducing skin redness and pore size as well as treating blemishes, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Sugar Cane ~ Contains natural alpha hydroxy acids that gently exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin promoting a brighter complexion.

Sweet Almond ~ Contains powerful monounsaturated acids that promote skin elasticity. Softens and soothes the skin without clogging pores.

Vitamin E ~ A powerful antioxidant essential in maintaining youthful, nourished & healthy skin.

Camomile ~ Effective on sensitive skins as it contains skin healing & anti-inflammatory properties as well as reducing skin puffiness.

Golden Jojoba ~ A soft, liquid wax that cleans clogged pores & restores the skin's natural pH balance.

Sweet Orange ~ Sweet, fresh and tangy. Also an antiseptic.

Lemon ~ Refreshing, bright and uplifting.


Scoop out the product with a spatula and use wet hands to gently massage onto dry skin in circular and upward motions for 1 minute, focusing on areas around the nose, chin and forehead. Avoid the eye area. Rinse off with warm water and splash your face with cold water to close pores. Pat dry and follow with Tropic Skin Revive if needed. Use 2-3 times a week. Sensitive skins should wet the face first before application and work the product in as above.

The lid for this pot unscrews easily, but the seal on the actual pot itself is quite tough to break through. I managed to pierce my nail through it which went into the product so an easy peel tab may be a good idea on this as some people may have difficulty. I would also suggest opening it on a flat surface.  

I didn't bother using a spatula to scoop this out of it's container as quite simply I didn't have one. Instead I  scooped it out with my hands. It did leave a mess down the side of my bath due to it's runny mixture, but it's easily washed away. It might be nice to have a spatula provided with the product as it is suggested for use. Even a squeezy tube I think would be better.

I wanted to try this without wetting my face for the first use so I began massaging it in as directed, but found it a bit uncomfortable so thought I might be better wetting my face on my next use. The granules in it are not large, but there are lots of them to provide that exfoliation and polish.

Wetting my face first worked much better for me and I really enjoyed the product much more. The scent is so fresh and uplifting. I have the product sitting next to me now while I blog away. I really like the combination of the orange and lemon. It reminds me that summer is coming. 

When I massaged this in it felt like it was removing all the dirt and uneven texture on my face and neck. When washing the product off I felt like I had a new layer of skin, no kidding. It leaves a kind of smooth veil that is not greasy, but more like a balm.

Because my skin is obviously on the more sensitive side when it comes to using this product I will only use this twice a week.     

I can seriously see why this is a best seller for Tropic and at the moment this is reduced in price from £15.00 down to £12.00 for 100ml, Link. A little goes a long way with this product so for skin care lovers this is great value. Well done to Tropic's founder and Apprentice finalist Susan Ma as well as investor Lord Alan Sugar.

As well as the website in the link above you can also find out more about Tropic and it's products on Twitter @TropicSkinCare and on Facebook

Have you tried any Tropic Skin Care products? Which ones do you like/dislike and why? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all  


Find Products Cheaper With Stuffster

Hey Everyone and Happy Good Friday. I hope you are all well and looking forward to the Easter break. Today I have a post which I think will intrigue a lot of you.

I recently discovered a website called and began following them on Twitter @stuffstercom. Now every time I find items online that I want I add them to my Stufflist. So let me explain. Stuffster is a website that allows you to make up Stuffboards which are basically wish lists of any categories you like. They initially have some made up, but you can title your own. So far I only have items in Fashion and Jewellery.

Your Stufflist shows everything from all categories.

To sign up is free. Stuffster will guide you through on how to add the +STUFF button to your bookmarks. Here is a video explaining it all.

Once you are all signed up it's then time to look for prospective purchases.

So I found this onesie on I clicked on my +STUFF button and this box pops up on the right.

I then selected my Fashion list from the drop down menu and my target price at the bottom. So far I have been going a penny less than the current price as I have been informed that I will receive an alert when it reaches my target price or below. Stuffster also track the current retail price and you can view the current price through your Stufflist, but it will not alert you if it has not reached your target price. The newsletters do however show you the tracking price. I then click the red button 'Add to My Stufflist'.

The box then lets me know it has been added to my Stufflist and I can then opt to tell my friends if I wish via the options given. The red button now allows me to 'Go to My Stufflist' if I wish or I can just close the box with the cross in the top right corner and continue shopping.

The settings on Stuffster for your account are very simple to use. You can decide how frequently you want news and updates, add a profile photo, a bio and a website link. They also have their own blog.

I think this website has a great concept because lets face it why miss out on items that reduce in price that you really want. I would love to shop all day every day online, but I don't have that luxury or enough money so I will let the Stuffster ninja do the work for me. Not only do Stuffster let you know if your item has reduced in price on the website you found it they also let you know if they find it cheaper anywhere else as they search for your goods 24/7.

I have only recently signed up, but I will let you know when I receive an alert and make my first purchase. 

Have you signed up to Stuffster already? If so, has it helped you find something for a cheaper price? Will you be signing up to this FREE website to search for your bargains? Let me know in the comments below.

This is a sponsored review, but all opinions are my own.

Love to you all

99 Calories Or Less Crisps

Hi Everyone. How are we all today? I thought I would just pop on this quick post to share with you a very light snack that I enjoy from time to time. It is both cheap and low calorie.

99p Stores Tayto Advantage Oven Baked Whisps

3 x French Onion, 99 calories per 21g pack. Contain milk, soya, sugar and sweetener.

3 x Texan Grill, 98 calories per 21g pack. Contain milk, wheat, barley, gluten and soya.

These taste really good. They are shaped like pasta shells and are nice and crunchy. The packs have quite a lot of crisps in so they are filling too.

I think these are great for when you just have to have a packet of crisps.

What are your favourite low calorie snacks? Do you have any healthy home made suggestions? Feel free to add your comments below.

Love to you all


NOTD: Nails Inc. Bruton Street Nail Polish

Hey Everybody. How are you all doing today in this wet weather? I have been to work and am now in the snug and warm thank goodness. Today I have a NOTD post for you.

I painted on one coat of my Rimmel base coat followed by two coats of Nails Inc. Bruton Street Nail Polish which I received in my GlossyBox this month. One coat would suffice with this nail polish as it covered the nails without streaking. This was however more gloopy and thick than I recall other Nails Inc. polishes to be. The shade itself is described as a dusky pink nude and I would have to agree. It looks a little grey mauve is some lighting. I took this photo at my Mum's as I painted our nails with it on Mother's Day (her birthday). We both love the colour and for my Mum to say that who never wears polish is a pretty big thing. I still don't like Nails Inc. Nail Polish lids though because I find them too hard to keep hold of due to the shape and texture. I sealed the manicure with my Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray.

You can pick up this nail polish for £11.00 for 10ml in Boots.

Are you a fan of Nails Inc. Nail Polishes or do you find them hard to control also because of the lid? Do you have any favourite Nails Inc. shades? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


Facial Skincare: Balance Me And Soap & Glory

Hello lovelies. I hope you are doing great as always. Today I wanted to do a mini review of two facial skincare products I have tried out recently. 

Left: balance Me. daily essentials cleanse and smooth face balm, £4.00 for 15ml or £20.00 for 125ml

I received this product in my April JolieBox last year where you can see my first impressions. This product is aimed at normal to dry/sensitive skins. I have used this with and without a muslin cloth in the shower. I do love the scent of it. It's very natural and soothing. There are fine granules of oatmeal in it, so nothing harsh at all. This is a 100% natural oil-based cleansing balm. It feels nice to apply and I think sensitive skins may appreciate this because it feels comfortable on the skin. I would however say that it comes out average in the cleansing balms I have tried out so far. It has lasted for many uses though.

Right: Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating Face Serum, £16.00 for 46ml or $28.99

I am a fan already of Soap & Glory products so I thought why not give this serum a try. This product is an Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible Award Winner. It is said to help re-energise tired skin, smooth surface imperfections, refine pores, recalibrate uneven skin tone, brighten, tone and tighten, while acting as a light-medium nightly moisturiser.

I like the pump design of this product as just enough serum is dispensed out and the packaging itself I find very appealing as it looks youthful like the product portrays itself to be. This bottle has lasted ages and I do like how it feels on my skin, but then I like the texture of pretty much all serums. It's creamy and smooth and feels light. It does give my skin a nice glow, but once my make-up is applied that gets covered up so I only really get the benefit of that when I am at home with no make-up on. Because of it's brightening effect it does make me feel glowy and rejuvenated, if not a little more youthful. It does feel smooth on my skin however I wouldn't say it smooths over imperfections. My skin tone and pores do not look dramatically different and I don't feel any toning or tightening effect. Again I think this is a nice product as in it's an average out of the face serums I have tested. 

What are your favourite facial skincare products? Any from balance Me. or Soap & Glory? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


2 Product Reviews

Hellooooooooooo. How you doing then my loves? Today I have two product reviews for you and here they are :)

 Left: 17 Clear Definition Mascara, £4.69 for 8ml

I have been using this mascara for years to tame my brows. It keeps them in place without leaving any noticeable residue or flaking. It looks a little mucky because of different brow products I have used prior to applying this, but trust me it's clear. The writing has rubbed off a bit, but that is because I seriously have had this a long time. I can't even think how long. It's definitely a product you get your money's worth out of. I have repurchased this many times.

Right: Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar Top Coat, £12.00 for 10g

I received this product in my November GlossyBox. As a top coat this worked well and dried pretty quickly. It claims to be touch dry in 45 seconds. It does dry extremely well, but I wouldn't say it was completely dry in that time. It does give a nice glossy finish to the nails. As with all Nails Inc. polishes I do get frustrated by the glossy rounded lids as they tend to slip from my hands while I am painting my nails. I know this is a sample size, but the brush was quite small so it took a little more work to fully coat each nail. I used about two thirds of this product before it began to go gloopy. Overall a pretty good top coat, but I wouldn't buy it because I don't like the lid.

Do you have any favourite brow and/or 17 products? How do you find Nails Inc. polishes and do you have any favourite shades? Which top coats do you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


Thanks Mum :)

Hello cherubs. How are you all? I am good and really chuffed with something I just have to show you.

My Mum gave this to me on Mother's Day which is so sweet of her and means the world to me. I will treasure this as my Mum and I have a great relationship. She really is wonderful and special to me. 

Have you anyone special in your life that you like to spend time with? Do you make gestures large or small that show you care? If so, what kind of things do you do? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


NOTD: St Patrick's Day Inspired

Hello Beautifuls. I have just a wee post for you today to get into the spirit of St Patrick's Day.

I painted one coat of my Rimmel base coat followed by two coats of this Barry M Nail Paint in the shade Spring Green (290). This goes on smoothly and has a lovely finish. Statement nails without a lot of effort. Unfortunately this is not showing up exact in colour in this photo. It's more of a deeper green with an almost blue undertone. It is still very bold though. I tried to photo edit the colour, but I just couldn't get it to show the true shade sorry. Here is a link where you can buy this for £2.75. I finished off this manicure with my Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray.

Are you celebrating St Patrick's Day today? If so, how? Do you have any favourite Barry M Nail Paint shades? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

Bathroom Bodycare

Hi Everyone. Are you feeling happy today? I hope you are. I have a few products to tell you about that I have been using in the bathroom so here we go :)

Left: Morrisons Shave Gel, 200ml

For those of you that are new to my blog I usually do my weekly shop in Morrisons and sometimes pick up beauty products along the way. They have great everyday basics and this is my latest product of the bunch I have tried. This is suitable for sensitive skin and dermatologically tested. The product itself is a green gel that lathers into a nice creamy texture perfect to prep the skin for shaving. I think this was about £1.00 so it's great value. The only thing is try not to push down too much on the dispenser as too much product comes out and gets wasted. Other than that it's great and one that I already have repurchased. It contains aloe and has a subtle, clean scent.

Centre: Superdrug Essentials 10 Disposable Twin Blade Razors (One Shown Only), 99p

These have a fixed head and a lubricant strip which I hadn't noticed until writing this review if I'm honest. These are absolutely brilliant and fantastic value. They give a great close shave, but they are sharp and I have nicked myself a couple of times from not being careful so that's my fault. I have already repurchased these and will do so again.

Right: Simple Kind To Skin Invigorating Shower Gel, £2.09 for 250ml

I received this product as a Xmas gift. There is no perfume or colour in this product. The Simple products I have previously used are as the name suggests simple. They never seem to have much of an odour or harsh feeling so are probably used most by sensitive skins. I like the smell of the mint in this, but when I actually used it I didn't notice the mint fragrance much in the shower. When using the end of the product it was pretty hard to get it all out and I do hate product waste so perhaps the packaging is something they could look into.

So that's my reviews for today. What are your favourite shaving products? Do you like Morrisons basics? Do you have any Simple product favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


Follow Me :)

Hey Everyone. I hope that you are all well this Friday. I am sure that many of you will have heard that Google Reader is being axed. Because of this a lot of people, mainly bloggers are concerned that they will lose readers and will be unable to follow a lot of blogs that they like to read as not everyone includes other options to follow.

I personally prefer to follow blogs on Bloglovin' and via email. This is so much easier for me as I get email alerts telling me when someone has posted so I never miss any.

If you would like to follow my blog on Bloglovin' or email then please do or you may just miss out on further posts.

You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram which is @vickyayles

Please leave me your follow options in the comments below as I really don't want to unfollow blogs that I like to read. Also I may discover some new ones :)

Love to you all

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil

Hello my friendly readers. I hope today has brought a smile to your face in some way. I have a product to talk about today that I received in my July GlossyBox.

This is meant to be a multi-usage product for the face, body and hair, but I must admit I only used this as a massage oil. I really like the scent. It's warm and inviting. Where it is described as dry oil I expected it to sink into the skin very quickly, but it doesn't straight away. It's actually great for massage as you are obviously working the product into the skin so after 10 minutes of having this massaged into your back which is how I used it with my fella it made the skin feel nicely moisturised and smooth with a relaxed scent.

You can pick this up from for £11.33 for 50ml or £18.86 for 100ml. You can also pick it up from for $30.00 for 50ml.

Have you got any favourite massage oils that you like to use? Or any favourite Nuxe products? Let me know in the comments below and why you like them.

Love to you all

March 2013 City Chic GlossyBox

Hello my loves. I have worked some overtime today and feel a bit knackered, but it was a nice surprise to come home and find my GlossyBox waiting for me. It always makes me smile. This month's box contains hard-working, multi-tasking, heavy-duty products that give a high-maintenance look with minimum time, money and effort.

The GlossyBox Little Black Book Of Style

GlossyBox shares it's pick of some of the capital's best fashion and beauty destinations. There are some cool stickers inside too.

Bottom Left: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Fragrance Free, £18.00 for 30ml or £25.00 for 50ml

This skincare classic works efficiently to sooth roughness, redness and minor skin irritations. This award winning cream has also been praised by make-up artists and beauty editors for many years now and no self respecting model would be without this cult product in their make-up bag. First created in 1930 by Elizabeth Arden to soothe skin, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant became an instant and overwhelming success. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant also aids in the temporary relief of chapped lips, smoothes rough spots on your knees, feet and elbows and softens tough, hard cuticles and hangnails. Dermatologist, clinically and allergy tested. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is suitable for all skin types. A little goes a long way with this intensive moisturiser, so enjoy it sparingly.

I will keep this product for particularly dry areas and minor skin irritations, but I did buy this for myself once before in a full size tube when it was very hyped up. I never replaced my tube because I don't really like the scent of this product which considering it's meant to be fragrance free is a little bizarre? It has a balmy texture.

Bottom Centre: Nails Inc. Bruton Street Nail Polish, £11.00 for 10ml

Bruton Street nail polish is a dusky pink nude shade. Bruton Street is ideal for a sophisticated, everyday look. Apply 2 coats after Kensington Caviar Base Coat, followed by one coat of Kensington Caviar Top Coat.

I really like the look of this polish and will apply it to mine and Mum's nails tomorrow as it's Mother's Day/Mum's birthday and I said I would do Mum's nails for her.

Bottom Right: L'Occitane En Provence Immortelle Precious Cream, £43.00 for 50ml

Ideal for normal to dry skin, the Immortelle Precious is a rich, smooth moisturiser which visibly corrects deep wrinkles and improves firmness.

The combination of organic immortelle and organic immortelle cell extracts offers:

Smoother skin: Immortelle stimulates collagen production, which helps fill in deep wrinkles and restructure the epidermis for smoother skin.

Firmer skin: The support network of the skin is reinforced. 
Younger skin: Micro-circulation is boosted to stimulate cell renewal. Skin is protected from free radicals.

The epidermis is re-invigorated, soft and comfortable. Skin is smoother and firmer, its youthfulness is prolonged. Non comedogenic. Tolerance dermatologically tested. 

It has a seal on it that I don't want to break until I start using it as I am trying and testing out other skincare at the moment, but I will let you know how I get on with this when I try it.

Top: Tresemme Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray, £4.69 for 500ml 

This spray won’t give you a helmet head but will hold your style through wind and rain. This fantastic hairspray refuses to let frizz take root, thanks to its humidity-resistant formula that keeps flyaways smooth for 24 hours. As an added bonus it's water-free formula goes on dry, giving hair grip and control without stickiness for frizz-free hold. 

I have already tried some Tresemme hairspray's which I have liked so I am pretty sure that if it's of the same standard this one will be good too. It has that typical hairspray old school scent.

Centre: Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Lip Blush (Cranberry), £12.00 for 2.5g

A moisturising lip stain that tints your lips with just the right amount of juicy colour and hydrates like a balm. Apply liberally, purse and let the silky lightweight texture melt onto your lips.

Bonus : Made with beeswax and ceresin wax for a sheer, smooth application.

The information I have says this is a multi-tasker, but there is nothing to say that it is also made for the cheeks as well as the lips. I presume it's meant for both as it's a Lip Blush? Also there is no shade name on the product, but I presume this is the shade Cranberry because there are only two shades in the link above and this looks like it. This is a twist up crayon that feels like it could twist up easily if it was in my bag/make-up bag because the bottom is a little loose and I prefer a click shut lid to prevent mess too.

This feels like a very smooth and moisturising product, although I have only swatched it on my hand. I would say this is more of a strawberry shade than cranberry. It does have a sheer finish, but is also buildable. I look forward to giving this a go. I think it's a great shade for spring/summer.

Overall the lip stain and nail polish are the stand out products of this box for me. I love trying out new skincare too so I hope the L'Occitane product will work well. 

For more information on GlossyBox UK click here and for GlossyBox US click here

Which products did you receive in this month's GlossyBox and what are your initial impressions? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


Cheap & Low Calorie Meal

Hey there you gorgeous bunch. Happy Friday to you all. Today I want to show you these noodles that I picked up from 99p Stores. I eat them at work for lunch as an alternative to sandwiches.

99P Stores Golden Sunrise Instant Noodles

Left: Beef & Tomato, 70g Serving: 3.43g fat, 78.4 calories, 0g sugars and 1.58g salt

Centre: Roast Chicken, 70g Serving: 3.43g fat, 78.4 calories, 0g sugars and 1.63g salt

Right: Spicy Curry, 70g Serving: 3.5g fat, 77 calories, 0g sugars and 1.58g salt

These all contain gluten for those who want to know.

I would love to able to have a delicious sandwich every day, but I get way too bloated with my IBS. Plus the fillings I would have would probably be more bad than good so I always try look for alternatives for lunches, especially something easy to take to work.

I think these noodles are absolutely brilliant as they are so low in calories and filling enough so that I am not left hungry and I am not bloated. They taste really good. Inside each pot are the noodles and the flavouring so there are no pieces of meat, vegetables etc. None of them are too strong in taste, but they are likewise not plain at all. They say to add hot water to the polystyrene pot they come in for 3 minutes and eat with the plastic fork provided. I prefer to break up the noodles in the sealed pack that's inside the pot and empty the noodles into my own bowl, pour over some boiled water to just cover the noodles and add the sachet flavouring. I then stir with the fork provided and place in the microwave for 2 minutes. I stir again and microwave for a further 2 minutes and ta da, fantastic tasting noodles. I will warn you though that the fork does bend with the heat so I use my own metal fork to eat the noodles. For approx 50p per meal as they come as 2 for 99p I think these are great value.

What ideas do you have for lunches? Do you have IBS and have any great meal or snack ideas? If so, please leave your suggestions below.

Love to you all

NOTD: O.P.I. Nail Lacquer That's Berry Daring

Hi lovelies. I hope you are good today. I have a fantastic nail shade to show you that I currently have on my nails.

Firstly I applied one coat of my Rimmel base coat followed by two coats of this O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in the shade That's Berry Daring. This is such a gorgeous hot pink with cool undertones to it that make it look almost fuschia pink. It also has a little micro shimmer in there. This is a bold shade yet it still holds class. You can buy this here for £8.95 with free UK delivery or for $7.19 here. This has a lovely finish and I am so glad that I re-discovered it amongst my polishes. I sealed the look with my nail drying spray.

What are your favourite O.P.I. shades? Or do you you have a favourite berry shade from another brand? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

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