Hi lovelies. I hope you have all been well. Recently I was given the opportunity to try out a product from FLO ACCESSORIES. This jewellery and accessory brand have a variety of interesting products within their collection including atomisers, LED purse mirrors, make-up bags and organisers, nail care and other items perfect for those who want compact accessories for travel or just to keep every day in their handbag.

This 18 inch stainless steel necklace is a beautiful design that would go with pretty much any outfit. It is not however just a gorgeous piece of jewellery. The capsules shown in the packet above are what you spray with your chosen perfume. Then pop it into the pendant and wear it around your neck without the need to spray your body and/or clothes.

I love the necklace and the idea behind it, but I will be honest and say that even with my strongly scented perfume I found that it was not noticeable to me that I was wearing any. I even sprayed the capsule again and asked my boyfriend if he could smell perfume on me. He said he could barely smell any and that was only when I showed him the pendant and explained how it worked.

I think it's a great concept, but for me I get a better effect by spraying perfume on myself.

There is still a great selection of other pendants and accessories on the FLO ACCESSORIES site so I think they are worth checking out.

Have you ever tried interesting fashion/beauty accessories like this? Let me know which ones and how they worked for you in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi loves and Happy Thursday! I have been off this week, but pretty busy so it's just flying by. What are you all up to this week?

I have been sent a fragrance to review for you from the brand L'ERBOLARIO. They are an Italian plant based beauty brand who have released the fresh floral and dark green fragrance range Narciso Sublime. Narcissus flowers bloom before all other flowers letting us know spring has arrived.

'A soft, yet intense note of the Narcissus flower. A strong and highly feminine fragrance.'

'A poem of flavours, which communicates with the sweetly feminine soul.'

This is highly scented, but is soft with it's obviously floral and vintage fragrance. I say vintage as it has that powdery, soapy essence to it. I would definitely describe it as a spring fragrance. I can smell a little of the peach, but the floral heart notes are what really stand out.

I was previously sent some samples to introduce me to this brand, but unfortunately the scent of them is not really my sort of thing. I enjoy many types of fragrance such as fresh, fruity, sweet and woody types so when I saw that they have a new range I thought I would try this perfume in case it was really very different.

Even though this product is not my cup of tea I know that my Mum would love it and so I will be passing it on to her.

I would not say that I am put off by other products from this brand entirely because the products I have tried so far have just not suited my taste fragrance wise. They have such a vast range which you can check out in their catalogue here or perhaps pop in store to check out their products in person.

L’Erbolario store at 106A Upper Street, London, N1.

Also there are many other products in the Narciso Sublime range including a bath foam, body cream, smoothing body oil, cream talc, perfumed soap and a perfumed candle.

Let me know if this range appeals to you. Also, have you already tried this brand and found a range or products that you love?

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi everyone and welcome to Beautiful Addictions today. Recently I had the opportunity to try out the service from CHROMA STATIONERY

They offer no fuss notebooks in a variety of 20 colours which are named. There are 3 styles that can be customised to your preference. Each notebook can be embossed in either gold or silver in your chosen font and size. You can also choose lined, plain or grid pages inside depending on the notebook you choose. They will also work with you if you have an image in mind that you would like embossed. For further details check out the FAQ!

I chose the NEBRASKA PERFECT BOUND NOTEBOOK (SHADE DORIS) with lined pages. I also opted for gold text with simple wording so that I can keep this handy notebook for when inspiration strikes in my mind for blog ideas.

I hadn't realised when choosing my notebook that the colours are there to trigger emotions reminding you of people, places and memories. I had been thinking of my Gran that day who used to look gorgeous in a blouse of a very similar shade and she also had a friend named Doris. Coincidence or not I am happy with this fluke as I will think of her every time I write in it.

So check out CHROMA STATIONERY if like me you are addicted to making notes and lists. Possibly you may have someone in mind to give a personalised present to?

Let me know your favourite style and shade with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Ello ello beauties. This is my final post for today as I have been on a bit of roll reviewing all of my empties. This post includes body washes and a massage oil.

I received this product in a gift set for my birthday here. The pink beads in this shower gel are not harsh at all and instead the mixture turns into a lovely sliky soft foaming gel. My skin felt lovely after using this and the scent is beautifully floral in a very light way.

I received this product in the SWEET TREATS GLOSSYBOX. The ginger lemongrass and orange essential oils in this product really awakens the senses, but also relaxes you at the same time. It's great at nourishing and softening the skin. It can be used in the bath or shower, but I shared it with my boyfriend as a back massgae oil and it worked great at putting me into a relaxed trance.

This came in the gift set Mum bought me for Xmas. I really enjoyed the zesty scent of this body wash. It's a great reviver for the senses with fresh green mandarin, sicilian lemon and sweet orange peel oils. It certainly did put a smile on my face every day ;)

So let me in on your current favourite body washes and massage oils in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hey there loves. I have a couple of body exfoliator reviews in this post so I will crack on and let you know my thoughts.

I received this from my Mum at Xmas in the massive Soap & Glory gift box. Straight off the bat I have to say I love this product. The scent is just incredible. So citrus and sweet. I love scattering my products around the bath ready for use after my soak so this resting near the top of my head while I bathe is just heavenly. This scent in a candle would sell out fast I'm sure. The scrub itself is made up with main ingredients of brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains. Not only does it slough away dead skin it also moisturises deeply because of the oil at the same time. I would definitely use this again. I really want to try out other products in the sugar crush range now.

My tube looks different to the new packaging linked above, but I think the product is the same. This was sent to me with a magazine subscription ages ago. I found this a little harsh on my face as the granules are on the larger side so I decided to use it on my body and voila it was a great body scrub. So just remember lovelies. There is usually another way to use beauty products if you don't want to waste your pennies!

Let me know your favourite body scrubs in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hi sweeties and welcome to my blog. I have 3 random product reviews for you in this post and here they are.

I received this product for Xmas. I always thought Pearl Drops was a tooth polish brand designed for smokers. I remember my Mum using it loads when I was a kid. It doesn't appear to be now and I thought I would try this anyway. The product has a lovely refreshing minty taste that leaves you feeling fresh, but without that zing that can be a little too intense in some products. I found the packaging a bit annoying as it's hard to squeeze the perfect amount out sometimes and there is probably some product still in there as you can't roll it up like squeezy tube toothpastes. I didn't notice any whitening after using this, but I do think the product itself is refreshing and smooth which makes it enjoyable to brush with. I am not sure if it has been re-named, but I have linked a similar product above.

I received this in a GlossyBox. Once a week or as needed massage a small amount on the lip area and remove with a damp cotton pad for exfoliated lips. This is a cream formulation with granules. It has quite a nice scent, but unfortunately it was too harsh for my lips. I ended up with very sore red lips. My friend loves it though and I am very sensitive on my lips which I find hard to keep soft and supple most of the time. I may try using this as a face exfoliator instead.


This handwash from the 99p Store has such a lovely neutral yet calming and uplifting scent. Very pure and natural. It's a great moisturising handwash that is a total bargain and I would repurchase it. Here are two other handwashes from this range I have reviewed in coconut and silke soft. There is also a yummy chocolate orange one too as well as a gorgeous milk & honey.

Have you discovered any toothpastes that actually whiten? What's your favourite lip exfoliator for sensitive lips? Also let me know your favourite handwash in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


Hey lovelies and Happy Easter weekend to you all. I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend and of course nibbling on some chocolate :)

Today I have four face products to review for you so I will get straight into it.

I received these pads for Xmas and I have to say they were very handy because of their size and shape. They are perfect for removing eye make-up. I have linked above to slightly different ones from Wilko as I can't find these, but I am sure they are pretty much the same.

These face cloths were lovely to use. They have a textured type of cloth for a very gentle exfoliation making removing dirt and make-up a little easier. They smell amazing. I think it must be the peach and goji berry extracts. These came in the bumper gift box that I received for Xmas.

I was given a couple of samples of this at The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show and let me tell you a little of this product goes a long way. You only need a pea sized amount each time. This exfoliating face gel is so easy and satisfying to use. Simply massage into a dry face and neck with fingers for about 1 minute and rinse off with water. As you exfoliate you will see the dead skin rolling up into little beads. I tend to soak a flannel in warm water and wipe it over my skin to remove any residue. Your skin does not feel sore afterwards as it's so mild. It is also meant to be great for blackhead sufferers and those prone to blemishes. I used this twice a week. Each time my skin felt clean, fresh, more radiant and so soft. I think this is a prefect product for sensitive skin.

I received this product as a pr sample for a previous blog post shown here. This is a lovely lightweight moisturiser that smooths into the skin easily giving a really soft and supple texture to the skin. It is meant to be for combination skin. Mine is pretty much just dry, but it worked perfectly for me.

So that's my face product reviews. I hope you found something here useful. Let me know your current favourite face products in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx
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