Cheap & Low Calorie Meal

Hey there you gorgeous bunch. Happy Friday to you all. Today I want to show you these noodles that I picked up from 99p Stores. I eat them at work for lunch as an alternative to sandwiches.

99P Stores Golden Sunrise Instant Noodles

Left: Beef & Tomato, 70g Serving: 3.43g fat, 78.4 calories, 0g sugars and 1.58g salt

Centre: Roast Chicken, 70g Serving: 3.43g fat, 78.4 calories, 0g sugars and 1.63g salt

Right: Spicy Curry, 70g Serving: 3.5g fat, 77 calories, 0g sugars and 1.58g salt

These all contain gluten for those who want to know.

I would love to able to have a delicious sandwich every day, but I get way too bloated with my IBS. Plus the fillings I would have would probably be more bad than good so I always try look for alternatives for lunches, especially something easy to take to work.

I think these noodles are absolutely brilliant as they are so low in calories and filling enough so that I am not left hungry and I am not bloated. They taste really good. Inside each pot are the noodles and the flavouring so there are no pieces of meat, vegetables etc. None of them are too strong in taste, but they are likewise not plain at all. They say to add hot water to the polystyrene pot they come in for 3 minutes and eat with the plastic fork provided. I prefer to break up the noodles in the sealed pack that's inside the pot and empty the noodles into my own bowl, pour over some boiled water to just cover the noodles and add the sachet flavouring. I then stir with the fork provided and place in the microwave for 2 minutes. I stir again and microwave for a further 2 minutes and ta da, fantastic tasting noodles. I will warn you though that the fork does bend with the heat so I use my own metal fork to eat the noodles. For approx 50p per meal as they come as 2 for 99p I think these are great value.

What ideas do you have for lunches? Do you have IBS and have any great meal or snack ideas? If so, please leave your suggestions below.

Love to you all


  1. I always wondered if these actually tasted of anything. I'd of never thought to take them to work either so thanks for sharing.

  2. Love these, but can't find them in any 99p stores, they must of stopped selling them. Have you found them any where else?

    1. Nowhere else I know has them. My local 99p Store still stocks them, sorry.


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