Thank you for my lovely presents :)

Hi there Beauty Addicts. I have finally found some time today to sit down and fully appreciate my Christmas presents. We were so busy over Christmas like most people, but it was so worth it as we got to spend time with the people we love. If like me you like to have a little nosey at the gifts that people receive for Christmas then here are the photos of mine and our very first Christmas tree in our new home :)

Presents from friends

Presents from my Fella's family

Presents from Mum. The pink candles may have been from a friend, but I can't remember, whoops!

A joint present to us both from my fella's Mum. His Dad gave us money too.

My fella bought me this. I received a sample of this in my May GlossyBox and promised myself to keep it in mind for my man to buy it for me for Xmas. I'm so happy :) We usually buy each other lots and lots of presents, but we are buying a sofa for hour new home so we said that would be our huge present to each other.

I love all of my presents of course. There is honestly not one that I don't like, but I couldn't help prancing around in my living with these studded beauties on while taking my photos. I feel like Lady Ga Ga in them. They are so cool and comfy too.

Tree & Base ~ B&Q

Lights ~ From a friend

Gold Chain & Red Glitter Snowflakes ~ HomeBase

Gold/Bronze Baubles ~ House Of Fraser

Star Tree Topper & Thread For Snowflakes ~ Hobby Craft

Thank you so much to everyone for all of my gifts. I appreciate every single one. I hope all of you got everything you could possibly wish for and more, including some special time with the ones you love.

Let's hope the New Year brings each and every one of you luck, love and happiness.

Did you get all you hoped for this Christmas? Why not share your cherished gifts in the comments below.

Love to you all

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