London's Fashion Night Out Fail

Hey there Beauty Addicts. I hope you are having a fun and gorgeous weekend. I worked some overtime today. At the moment I have no desire to leave the house tomorrow as I am just fed up with being cold already. I hope you are keeping warm.

Today's post is about a little trip I had to Shoreditch on Tuesday evening. I was invited along to London's Fashion Night Out. From what I had seen online it seemed like it could be an exciting time. I was looking forward to meeting new and upcoming brands and having a stroll around quite a few stalls. Sounds great right. Read on ....

The weather was rubbish, but I ventured out anyway in the name of fashion and blogging. I had trouble getting money out of the ATM's up there, but eventually I found one that let me get some cash out.

I arrived at Studio 54 with the excitement of not knowing how the evening was going to go. There were a few people blocking the doorway that looked very concerned and in full discussion. I asked if I could go through and they let me in. There were suitcases filled with goods and just a few stalls around. I got talking to a few people that were lovely, but they were full of disappointment as was I. The venue had been booked to fill too many stalls and too many guests. Stall holders could not get all of if any of their stock out. There were a few more stalls downstairs, but after a while I just left. It felt too cramped to be able to peruse the goods in a relaxed atmosphere and I was obviously expecting there to be more stalls. The girl who had organised the evening had run off just before I had arrived. From what was being said she had overwhelmed herself by overbooking. We were told the venue would be open 5-10pm, but it wasn't going to be open that late. The door was closed on people waiting outside while all of this was explained.

I did meet Georgia from who was really nice. She had a couple of maxi skirts that were very simple and a pretty good length to go with so many things. There were two shades of Black and Blue which I liked and I wish I'd picked them up, but because of how the evening went I left them behind with regret. Here is a link to the skirt that comes in other shades of Mustard, White and Light Pink for £20.00 each.

I have seen on the website that there is a great pair of Suede Heels (Kelly) for £30.00 that I can imagine with so many things. I really wish Georgia luck with her brand. I hope I get to see more of her range at another event.

Have you attended any of the Fashion Night Out events? Was it a great time or a fail like mine? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

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