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Hi there gorgeous Beauty Addicts. I hope you are all doing good. Today is my first day back at work after two weeks off for the festive season. Did you have much time off or were you back into work mode straight away?

Just before Xmas I bought some things from E.L.F. (eyeslipsface.co.uk) as I needed to replace some products and wanted to take advantage of such a good discount so here is what I picked up.

Left: Studio Translucent Matte Powder £3.75, Link

This product looks lightly pigmented, but it does go on clear. I don't use the sponge it comes with. Instead I use a large powder brush and sweep it over my face after foundation and concealer to set it. This is a great product for those on the go. The compact is very slim and clicks shut so you know it's secure. It is not hard to open like some compacts can be. The mirror is so handy too. I use this every day as part of my make-up routine unless I am using the product to the right.

Right: Studio High Definition Powder (Translucent) £6.00, Link

I prefer the effect that this product gives, but it can be a little messy to open and close. Thankfully the powder particles are translucent so you are not left with coloured pigment all over the area where you apply your make-up. When I apply this I tip the container upside down, shake it side to side, tip it the right way up, open it and use the same powder brush that I use for the above product in the same way. I have tried the sponge, but it doesn't sweep over my make-up as I would like. I think this product is amazing. It really gives you a soft focus effect. I think it would look great on anyone as it just gives a softer look to the skin and makes my base make-up look a little more flawless. This now also comes in Colour Shimmer. A nude skin-tone shade and Colour Corrective Yellow which describes itself. I did think about getting the Colour Shimmer shade, but I am waiting for reviews on it as I don't know if I want a colour powder. The Colour Corrective Yellow shade I am unsure on. I believe yellow correctors are meant to tone down redness and even out skin-tones, but please correct me if I am wrong. I guess if you suffer with rosacea or have quite blemished skin then it may work well, but again I am waiting to see reviews on this.

Left: Studio Brush Shampoo £3.75, Link

I have already previously reviewed this product here so I won't harp on about it. Mine had run out so I had to replace it.

Right: Studio Powder Brush £3.75, Link

I still have one of these and it cleans up really well, but the top feels a bit loose so in case it comes off I thought I may as well get another while the sale was on. This brush is fantastic at applying my foundation. It is made from synthetic fibre and the brush hairs fan out into a flat top. They have movement, but are still quite dense. I apply my foundation section by section. I put my foundation on the back of my hand and dab the brush into just a little product for each part of my face. I then stipple the product on and voila I get a nice even finish. Sometimes I add more product to areas that are a little more red. 

Right: Studio Makeup Mist & Set £3.75, Link

I have already bought this product a few times, but I haven't used it for quite a while as I was waiting to order more things. I previously reviewed this product here.

Left: Studio Bronzer (Cool) £3.75, Link

I have always wanted to try this bronzer, but because I have so many already I felt too guilty to buy another. Because this was reduced to 50% off though I felt like it was okay to try. 

Swatches Described In Photo As In Palette

I think this is a nice palette to have. These matte shades I think are perfect as they are not to dark a bronzer for my pale skin tone. I wanted to get this palette also because I think it will double up as a great eyeshadow palette. Perfect for travellers and so compact with again a good sized mirror.

Top: Mineral Eye Liner (Black) £3.00, Link

I had to replace my previous one of these as I was rushing one day and twisted up too far before applying it. Needless to say it snapped off. It was my fault so I can't blame the product at all otherwise I wouldn't have bought another one. I also have this in the shades Coffee, Midnight & Ash. There is another shade called Metallic Purple too. I think this is such great value. It goes on very smoothly to create a thin or thick line. A great product for those who are new to using eye liner or just not that confident with it.

Bottom: Studio Matte Lip Color (Rich Red) £3.75, Link 

I already have this product in the shades Coral, Tea Rose & Praline I believe. There are other shades of Natural and Nearly Nude, but I thought I would go for something bold. I have yet to try this shade, but the ones I already have from this range are so easy to throw on for an every day look. This shade I will need to take more care when applying though or I will look like a clown.

 Top: Mineral Eye Liner (Black)

Bottom: Studio Matte Lip Color (Rich Red)

The lip color looks more fuchsia pink than red to me, but it is still a very nice bold shade.

All prices shown in this post so far have been the full price. For this haul with my 50% off discount including delivery I only paid £18.70 which I think is blooming brilliant for 8 products.

So that's everything cherubs. I hope these reviews were helpful. Did you take part in this 50% off sale? What are your E.L.F. likes/dislikes and why? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all



  1. I have the corrective yellow one, have done since it came out but still haven't reached for it. I am going to have to dig it out and leave it out so I can remember to try it!

    1. Great give it a go. Hopefully you can let me know how you get on with it x

  2. You got some fab goodies hun. I wish I had stocked up on the HD powder as I love it (and yes it is extremely messy hehe) but I am skint so being good for a while and not spending.



    Em’s Mixed Bag


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