Hi beauties. I picked up some pieces from one of my favourite stores recently as I had some Xmas vouchers so here they are :)

These black trousers have a D ring buckle which is very on trend at the moment and a wrap over element to conceal the zip. I plan on wearing them with fitted tops tucked in. They have a very smart casual vibe. I got these in a size 12 as they are slightly higher waisted than styles I usually go for and because I have a short middle I found that going up a size meant they fit slightly better. They are also a great length for me which makes a nice change being a shorter gal. Such great value for the price!

This grey marl knitted dress is a great length on me too. I did pick this up in an XS as it does come up quite oversized. I really struggled this year to find knitted maxi dresses that weren't bodycon or super expensive so I had to snap this one up. It's a shame they only have one shade, but hey ho. The material is a lovely soft knit, but I will have to wear long sleeves under it as it will be a bit itchy on my skin. I'm a sensitive girl don't you know ;) This will be great to add belts to and layer over leggings, shirts etc .....

If any of you have spotted bargain knitted maxi dresses that you think I might like please let me know in the comments below.

Images not my own.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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